Cardi B Throwing $400K Party for Baby Kulture's 1st Birthday! | E! News

cardi Bees baby culture she is one year old now if you missed it they celebrated at midnight with balloons and some cake to the things midnight with the little one messing up late you could see here the video culture got all cleaned up Carly's still had a little frosting on her face from what we've heard this is just the beginning Erin yeah it is it's my life first child so we got to go big with it I'm spending about four hundred thousand that's because this is a first birthday party and next birthday party I'm doing is gonna be my backyard and cookie pies it's gonna be beautiful man it's gonna be nice and fun very kid-friendly car TV and offset are going all out for cultures big day the invitation suggests the party is animal-themed and it's going down in New York City is Sunday this is my friend's birthday party so it's gotta be like very special culture has been jet-setting since birth taking private planes and when she's on the ground she's strolling in these custom wills from designer Jeremy Scott price tag 1,700 bucks this pink truck isn't bad either sacrifice of heaven and this little angel has a wardrobe to match Jimmy Fallon spoiled her from day one gifting culture with her first leopard coat and Reebok Saint cardi two pairs of blinged out sneakers so they could match cultures jewelry collection includes this personalized bracelet reportedly worth 6 G's and this $100,000 diamond-encrusted chain from designer Aliante my baby hey new cultures crimp was designed by custom furniture maker capiche but the ultimate perk for any hip-hop baby is getting in on a family business not only do culture sit on Daddy's lap while he sat on a throne for his father of four album cover but mom gave her a shout-out in her hit song money but nothing in this world that I like more than called hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep you pop-culture

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  1. I wish I could be at this birthday party but I am so far away BTW the happy birthday kulture have a great time

  2. Baby 😍
    Kulture 😘😍is adorable👑queen
    Happy ☺birthday 🎂sweetie 😘
    Proud Parents, Mr and Mrs Offset 😎😍

  3. 400k for a birthday part the level of stupidity out the roof I don’t care if your 1 or 37 you should even use over 100 on BP

  4. Cardi B is not a fool and would never let someone scam her out of 40k, let alone 400k for a party… this is so insulting. NEXT.

  5. Like Cardi..But Cute little baby will not remember the pary being that she is so young.. Regardless of how lavish it is..but she will have photos of how nice it was…When She's five or older she will..Something Simple with just family and Close Friends is nice too..

  6. Happy BIRTHDAY kulture we have almost the same BIRTHDAY kulture 😂 my BIRTHDAY was July 8 i just turned 11 a few days ago🤯😂

  7. Why on Earth would anyone spend that kind of money on a child's first birthday? Let's face it the kid is never even gonna remember it! If famous people have that much money to throw away like that why not donate it to a charity or something? Famous people are dumb!

  8. Happy birthday beautiful babygirl but thats way to much money to spend for a 1 year old save for collage funds are if your rap game go broke thats why so many millionares go broke for a little baby maybe 1 thousand SM9

  9. Hey cardi B that baby is smart I can look in her eyes and see she's a thinker and she know how to talk believe it she said I'll stay she said that

  10. The likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos etc who own Billions don't even spend like that while the poor who own some countable dollars want to spend carelessly. Education is good!

  11. Happy birthday Kulture can't believe that you're already one, and that we on the same day… Okuur shmamish girl!

  12. I just find it crazy how white people are reporting on female rap now. It's sad people like Lil Kim didn't get to see this era of celebration but instead got nothing but hate… This one main reason why Lil Kim needs to be honored cause it's not fair to show love now when y'all could have been showing love back then..

  13. Cardib if you’re reading this, spend your money wisely. A rap career can be very short especially if you have numerous legal troubles, your popularity and image is way bigger than your music.

  14. That is just sad. That is more money than I will make in my lifetime and she just throws it away like it's toilet paper.

  15. God can you bless kulture and Cardi b and offset and her siblings if she has some and bless all her family amen

  16. Comment down below how many people in your classroom or in your world have lied about being Cardi B‘s son or daughter 1 like from me so far

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