Cancer**July 2019** (2 of 2)

she comes out let her let her let her come out for a new beginning a new beginning this comes in with a new beginning it's gonna be refreshing and you're gonna start to see it you're gonna start to see the change right away it's gonna happen right away it's not something that's gonna take too long and they're reminding you to balance this out balance this out balance this out don't deceive yourself look at it for what it is and adjust adjust where it needs to be balancing this out and adjust your emotions with what you want to actually happen you know to your desires in your hopes you need to adjust it and when you do go into adjustment and you actually you actually create the balance the Sun comes through to bestow so many so many with so many wishes sitsit to get to shed blessings over to bless your wishes and your desires to bring more rays of sunshine to bring more abundance to bring more abundance to the six of cups to what once was or to this to this this feeling that you want to recreate it gets to be created anew the feeling I'm not saying the person or the situation that feeling that emotion that you we say that the emotion that you get that love that pure love it starts to renew itself you have the three of swords the five of cups and the seven of wands don't think that you're gonna lose everything you're not gonna lose everything things are just shifting and they're changing there's an adjustment in this there's an adjustment in this this all creates an adjustment what once was that you're crying over that you're hurt over your standing in your belief your standing your ground I need to adjust myself I need to get this right I need to make sure that there's balance and you're doing it that's exactly what you're doing and what you're doing is actually creating the ten of cups your wish fulfillment this can all happen you can have this you are here you're receiving the intuition you're receiving it it's coming toward you and it's coming to you very quickly this is not something this is coming and accelerated motions I mentioned that earlier because the tribe is your milk and honey where's milk and honey your tribe your tribe is your milk and honey honey it's looking honey honey cancer july 2019 please sometimes we need to in order to nourish this we need to go into the moon the Empress is waiting she's ready because she's gonna create a whole new beginning and it's coming quickly it's coming coming quickly towards you it's gonna be abundant and there's gonna be triumphant success surrender to the divine exchange the gifts with the tribe and create milk and honey it's coming until it's you july 2019 i hope you enjoyed your read i got caught up in the emotion but cancer don't get don't get tempted adjust ok july 2019 cancer

Michael Martin

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