Cancer July 2019 ~Stop & Go~

hello cancer this is the Empress tea and welcome to my channel welcome back to whoever is returning thank you so much for liking subscribing and sharing my videos I'm super grateful and thankful for all of you guys and I send you loving blessings this video is for the month of july 2019 or at any time that you decide to click on this video oh please remember our general readings of these are not meant to resonate with everyone you know what I'm Shane I don't know why I see that a tarot card right there um cancer but let me tell you something I laid out your cards okay and they were upside down here for about two days and I could not bring myself to doing the reading and tonight I was like you know what stop playing cancer needs to get their reading so I didn't want to lay the cards out again too so that I could get cold defeat so I'm just doing it I'm just winging it the Emperor the world card the ten of Pentacles I was gonna say the ten of cups you might as well have ten of cups um the Emperor I'm just I'm sorry cancer I'm just like oh no you know energy is heavy this month for the month of July you are bossy you are bossy you give not advice people are seeking you for advice and business opportunities we have some travel we also have cycles completing ending a new cycle and ending an old cycle and starting a new cycle in the month of July with the world card focusing on happy home focusing on the stability in your home building growing and starting a new phase of course with the world card you know the Emperor is constable but you know at the end of the day he know what he's talking about so you already know he knows what he's talking about the after-school my clarifiers can you clarify the emperor for me why is he here and what are he's trying to tell me oh he's trying to tell me to hold on cuz there's gonna be at our moment and he saw was so funny the tower car was at the bottom of the deck with my right um wait taro and I was like I'm just gonna put that back and the universe is like oh no he's just gonna bring them back out and a different in a different place I don't try to run from me so I feel like these new cycles also pertain to major life changes so don't be too stubborn cancer don't be too stubborn because I mean it's coming you like it or not there's gonna be a change you know what I'm saying reevaluation like I said ending old cycles and starting new ones you know everything must come to an end as it is in life and we'll always be things have to end for other things to begin but this is positive beginnings so that's good positive with your stability positive within your relationships or um structure in the home building so definitely exciting for July for cancer the six of Wands so of course you're gonna be recognized you're gonna get accolades you're gonna get congratulations and you know people look up to you people admire what you do people want to be like you you know what I'm saying people want to have what you have and you know but with the world card you know you could tell those people like listen there's some for you there so for me there's stuff for all of us everybody gotta bring in their little grain of salt to make it work so you pop it in July cancer all that hard work is going to be rewarded hermit mode with the ten of tentacles what does that make me feel like I hear private I hear keep your money keep your money plans keep your your home whatever it is that you're building whatever it is that like whatever type of money you stacking up or whatever you talk about with your spouse that is like a plan for the future or whatever it is I in the month of July I prefer for you to keep it you know on the wraps to yourself keep it in between you guys moving in silence letting these changes take place in the month of July and moving in silence let's go somebody popped down here up the world card again a job well done joy contentment and gratitude the path towards enlightenment you see I told you it was a positive thing that was going on the tower moment is coming for sure for sure because it tried like I said I'd try to pop out and I didn't let it and then it came back out so that means it's met hmm to come off for you and I don't feel when I pull the card I don't feel like it's a destruction because it doesn't look like a destruction but I feel what the Emperor is just like something that you were so stubborn with or something that you need to happen wants to happen with the man to happen is going to happen a big change that's just gonna change everything around and bring you much more success and like I said accolades a job well done you know you're going to reap you're going to reap what you have sold cancer in the month of July we got a in flow of abundance a promising business venture important documents and contracts so like I said I felt I heard the word building so I feel like I don't know if it's like you're building a house oh you want to build the house so you have to sign a contract but I feel like it's the stability of the home so it's something that you have to sign off for you know that's gonna bring you business but it's also gonna bring you a new sense of stability with the ACE of with the ACE of earth dies like the Ace of Wands so Ace of Wands is always like a good business venture like basically like let's say in your mind if you're thinking about doing something with your partner that you've kept quiet and this card comes out if you're wondering if that will be successful by all means it will hear a ton of fire too much work accept help from others life is out of balance stress-related health concerns like I said the Emperor he's pretty stubborn so sometimes he doesn't listen to the word stop you know so tariffs fire is 10 of Wands meaning I'm sorry the ace of earth is the ace of Pentacles and the 10 of fire is the 10 of Wands so that's like somebody carrying so much dick so much weight so many different responsibilities ideas plans all these things like on your back all at once that's why the Emperor is there because you know the Emperor he's the boss he's the boss man he's the one that tells you what how to invest your money you know things like that so he got a lot going on oh no cancer like it's been hard for me to do this reading I don't understand why but I feel like this energy of stress for a water missing an opportunity discontentment of boredom open your eyes to the possibilities with the world card so it's like you're waiting for something to happen you're waiting for something to come together and you're like getting restless you're getting restless you're getting like oh my god I'm so tired but remember the tower moment is coming that means that a big change is gonna take place the world card is here twice so that means that that cycle or that thing that you've been waiting for or that thing that you've been working on or that idea that you've been developing or that business plan that you've been building on or you know if you're building a house if you're you know whatever it is that you got going on cancer in the month of July you know is making you a little bored but you know the cards are like keep keep keep a positive mindset to the possibilities you do have um achievements that you will be completing well oh my god say word just flew out recognition and reward again this is like this is pretty much like the same card you see how everybody is like yeah yeah yeah also the game to the game right in this card way I got it I got a do it up close okay come on focus for me camera focus okay so you see the people on the bottom and they're like little compared to you they looking up to you because you all my whores are you coming through at all with all them dumb achievements like yeah boy I did that I got this I did this I got that and then you have the recognition and reward card right there like he looks like he's so acceptance accepting this recognition because he feels like he worked for it he feels like he went through this friggin ton of fire to get to this you know to get to this to get to this point why does computer keeps turning off did I tell you to turn off my god sorry cancer so yeah so like I said this guy he looks like he's like finally lord have mercy in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen with the number three in the divine number thank you and then you got the number three again here with the world card cuz two plus one is three so to me that is a divine number in the name of the son the father and the Holy Spirit that's what that number means to me new beginnings you see oh I was about to just stop this video and just record it over because of all the stuff but no this is like synchronizing for me very much so so you got that new beginning you got that zero so I mean we already said that we already said that but you know my car's got to come through and come from it comfort new beginnings untested waters something that you have never done before something that you don't know how it's gonna work out but you're gonna go for it anyway and so you should cancer so you should you should go ahead first because this shall be successful the waiting game the number two so you might be waiting on a partner with the number two feel like you're going in circles definitely growing something though so that confirms my ten of cups well I don't wanna keep saying ten of cups ten of Pentacles so yeah with the ten of Pentacles is like a partner so the number two tells me okay you're waiting on a partner in the month of July let's give you some abundance cards because you got inflow of abundance coming in so we want to know what other steps you can take to manifest this abundance that is coming in abundant mindset focus on your priorities which I feel like you're already doing I just feel like you're putting unnecessary stress on yourself because of the stubborn nature you know because it's like you know you know what to do like you know what's expected you know what you're planning you know what you want you know you know what I'm saying and you see and you know it and is in your mind silently you want that stability you want to reach those goals you want to start that new beginning that's gonna bring you closer to in my image and complete stability in the household block out distractions anything that's distracting you anything that you're overdoing that's not good for you raise or promotion congratulation of increase of abundance flow awaits you this is a result of your positive focus and willingness to take action based on your divine divine guidance keep up the good work cancer take divinely guided steps so basically when when I see that I I feel like take the things that you know that in your heart now will other people tell you but the things that are in your heart that you know that are right because you know we all have a little voice in our heads that speaks to us do you know what I'm saying but sometimes when we are surrounded by other people other people that admire us and want to be like us and wanna have the swag in the sauce you know what I'm saying I'm saying it's like I'm a cancer but you know I'm on your bone right now so we flowing with this um yeah so sometimes we're surrounded by people that admire us and want to be like us sometimes their opinions kind of rub off on us but the cards are like no sir no sir no sir no ma'am you go with your gut feeling well what you feel what makes your little heart tingle that's true goalless because that's always God talking to us whenever we you know hear that voice get that gut feeling is always just God telling you it's like a it's like our GPS you know we have a GPS inside of us let go of guilt when you allow your light to shine brightly you inspire others forgive yourself for what you think you've done or not done and trust that God loves you unconditionally for who you are learn and grow from past mistakes instead of berating yourself for them so I was just talking about our sir Jesus Christ here he forgives you cancer he forgives you it's okay you don't have to worry you don't have to feel bad you have to be guilty of you know the tower moment it's okay it's gonna happen you can't stop it so cut it out if you're mad at yourself for something in July you know God is like my child it's okay just let it flow let it flow let it flow no more complaining complaints or affirmation of victimhood which is not true which is never true spirituality take back your god-given power by affirming that you have abundance of choices and freedom with your increased confidence and assertiveness watch your positive affirmations blossom into reality so I feel like cancer you're gonna have some little unexpected turns in the month of July you know you're gonna feel a little restless like oh Lord when's she's gonna freakin happen already can we just give this popping but you know we must have patience we must let the universe work its magic because we want things the universe listens so sometimes you know he got a break son for you to get something new you know I'm saying like for example you have this brand-new well you have this old raggedy phone and you want a new phone and this is just an example I'm just being corny um you want a new phone and then the universe is like okay you want a new phone so let's break the old one so you could get a new one you know so it and then you're like oh yeah the ones of that phone broke oh now I could get a new one cuz I just always wanted a new phone like I said I'm just being corny it was just an example what I'm saying this that has to happen for other to happen so well we see these things happening we just gotta let it flow you know I'm saying and having our minds this is for my greatest good this is for a better future you know this is for a stronger foundation this is for stronger me this is for me resetting myself starting from zero dropping all this weight off of me because I know that God has my back and I'm waiting and all this is just gonna come together and it's just gonna flow and then I'm gonna realize why everything happened etc etc etc it's like making work for you you know what I'm saying instead of letting work you oh look at that cancer he just is not leaving you're reading man huh we angels bring you gifts from your Creator open your arms to receive and I feel like such a strong presence heal anything that is unbalanced in the month of July cancer but I feel like everything is in a heal itself and you just let it flow you know and for the last confirmation card of course we get divine order everything is how it needs to be right now look past the illusion and see the underlining order so pretty much it keeps repeating itself so I'm not gonna keep pulling cards for the month of July cancer let it flow let the universe do his work you prepare yourself for everything to go according to plan but not according to your mind it's gonna go according to plan but not to your plan nevertheless there's gonna be cycles ending cycles beginning and you're gonna be satisfied with it you know it's not all the way easy because you know you're kind of running in circles a little bit but it's gonna work out because the ending result is you know the ace of earth which is the ace of Pentacles and that is you know increase of abundance you're gonna get recognized and rewarded everything that's gonna happen to you in the month of July is gonna be for your greater good and you are going to be um a new person I feel like for the month of August you're gonna see things in a whole different perspective and you know but let me know in the comment section tell me what's going on here where are these cycles beginning and ending what is all the stress that you have on you all these responsibilities if the tower moment has already happened let me know it could be I feel like it's a it could be a material or it could be a material or spiritual tower moment and why do i why am I keep pulling cards okay I'm not putting more cars alright cancer I want to thank you so much for dimming with my wonkiness because I'm telling you it was hard for me to do this reading I don't know why I don't know if there's like a lot of procrastination in your life right now um but also like that waiting game that really felt like definitely wanting to play with how your reading came about because I swear I was just like waiting like no I'll do it later no no I'll do it later like that and I will walk past the cards and be like I gotta do cancer is reading I gotta do cancers reading but then I wouldn't get to it so I'm so glad that I got to it cuz I couldn't move on without doing it because you know I have you guys in order wait did my this computer is just acting crazy I don't know if it's recording or not however if it is I just wanna let you know cancer that if you're feeling my vibes please subscribe and click on that bell to get notifications or when I will be putting up when I put up new videos I'm gonna try to start doing like pick a card readings and stuff like that because I feel like people gravitate to that and it's pretty exciting for me and for everybody else you know so if you would like a personal reading please email me at the empress org at if you would like to donate to my channel i'll include my cash up at my paypal in the description box cancer i wish you all the best for the month of july let me know in the description box how this resonated for you click a like' if it resonated for you and you don't want to leave just so I know that you know if I'm popping or not so have a great one cancer I love you guys and I'll see you in August maybe sooner who knows have an amazing month bye

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