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– [Ryan] You peed your pants once. – Oh my gosh, . – We’ve all peed our pants. I kind of have to be close with my family just because I live with them right now. I’m a very like family oriented person, that’s something that
they always taught me, was just love everyone
that you came up with. – I definitely would describe
myself as an introvert. I feel like people get
the wrong idea and think that introversion is the
same thing as being shy, I’m also shy so that does
not apply to me whatsoever. But, introverted people
aren’t necessarily shy, they’re more so just need that alone time and they can’t get back into
socializing with other people. – Your name is Taylor
and this is your story. You are 22 years old. For work you are a bartender. You grew up in Los Angeles. Your culture of ethnic
background is African American. – The truth is my name is Asia. I am 21 years old. For work I am currently unemployed. I grew up in Texas. And my ethnic background
is African American. Your name is Michael
and this is your story. You are 23 years old. For work you work in an office. You grew up in Washington and your cultural background is white. – So the truth is my name is Ryan. I am 23 years old. For work I am a comedian. I grew up in Los Angeles. And I am white. The surprise was Washington. Why Washington? What, am I giving off that vibe? – I just feel like people in Washington are normal people. – Okay. – You seem normal. – Thank you for that. I appreciate that. You weren’t surprised that I
thought you were a bartender? – That was surprising. – I get that vibe where you’re just like. – That’s funny. Because I’m hella introverted. So that probably wouldn’t work out. Right now I would say I am
looking for more so a friendship. I have not put the time
or energy into getting to know someone and that’s
why I think I’m single. My last relationship was
around two and a half years. I don’t think I would have had as much fun these past two years of college
if I were in a relationship. – I always look for in a girl, ambition, someone who can make me laugh. Someone who’s gonna kind of
be a little bit adventurous, gonna want to go on a hike. If it’s like a small cliff,
jump off a cliff with me. someone who maybe in
our 80s we don’t end up at the same restaurant every week, it’s like let’s try a new
diner or something like that. – You would not want
your date to always pay because it’s nice to reciprocate. Your first kiss was at a
park with a friend of yours. Something you’ve never told anyone is you frequently read The Onion. – So I would not want
my date to always pay because I’m the man and I
believe chivalry is still alive. My first kiss was at a party with a girl playing truth or dare. Something I never told anyone before that was hard, I’m a
pretty open book, honestly. You would not want your date to always pay because you’re a strong woman. You first kiss was at a movie, with your boyfriend. Something you’ve never told anyone is you peed your pants once. – Oh my gosh. – We’ve all peed our pants. – I would not always want my date to pay because I think we’re equals. My first kiss was at school with a friend. Something I’ve never told anyone is that I don’t like Indian food. The peeing the pants one was like, that was very funny to me. I didn’t write that down on this paper by any means but that for sure
happened in middle school. – And you just never told anyone. Just like I have to go to the bathroom. We’ve all done it, I’ve just
had to tell people about it. – I’m definitely improving
on my introversion. So there’ll be times where I need my space and I can’t talk to anyone
when I’m in my space. That’s definitely
something that I feel like someone else could help me work on. I’m really big on
communicating with my partners in terms of what I want and what I expect and I also want to know what they expect, so I can see if I’m even
able to meet those standards. – I think that it’s
important to have someone who can be real with me
about my insecurities and be able to like say,
listen, if you don’t get your ass off the couch
you’re not gonna get a job it’s just you know that kind of stuff. But she’s always gonna support me. Which is a weirdly enough,
a relationship I have with my mom right now, it needs to go. The most important person in
your life is your siblings. Your five step life plan
is to get employed now, you mentioned you are
unemployed, have fun, be your own boss, get
married and have a family. Stability in a relationship
is very important to you because I feel like you want
to be the rock for somebody. – So the most important
person in my life is my mom. My five step plan in life is
to graduate from undergrad, graduate from law school,
work in a law firm, open a bed and breakfast
and then travel to six out of the seven continents. Stability is very important
to me in a relationship just to maintain that
quality baseline of life. The most important person in your life is your younger siblings. Your five step life plan,
graduating from college, building your passion, making
a box office comedy hit, settling down and then
living outside of California. Flexibility in a relationship
is very important to you because you feel its
important to be able to adapt to life’s changes. – So the most important
person in my life is my mom. – Right. – My five step plan is to enjoy my 20s, gain mediocre or up success,
meet a girl sometime in my 30s, have a family. Flexibility is more important to me just because I never know
where life is going to take me and I just think that
being able to be flexible and adapt is way more important. You mentioned that you want
to graduate from law school but then you want to open
up a bed and breakfast. – Yes I do. – So why would you want
to go to law school but then do business? I wouldn’t be surprised that
you want to go to law school to be a lawyer. but you want to open up a business. – I just want to satisfy my need to work in the legal field in
the first part of my life and then the bed and breakfast is more so that’s what I want to do after. – Where would your ideal
bed and breakfast be? – Daytona Beach, Florida
and no where else. – [Ryan] No where else. – Absolutely not. – Oddly specific. You wouldn’t have a chain
of bed and breakfasts? – If they could all be next to each other. – In Daytona Beach, Florida. So when I first saw you I said
that I would not date you. – [Asia] Mmhmm. – And I think you’re really
cool but unfortunately now after talking I
still would not date you. – When I first saw you I said
that I would not date you and then after talking for a little bit I said I would not date you still. – So we’re on the same page. Personally I’m way too
much of an extrovert I never want to force a person
that I’m in a relationship with to be something that they’re not and unfortunately like I’m a night owl, just seems like you’re a lot more reserved and I wouldn’t want to
pull you out of something that was like and put you
in an uncomfortable place, that’s my own personal, but you’re really, really cool, pretty much, there was a lot of the same answers. – Mmhmm. – I feel like I’m breaking
up with you, I’m so sorry. So sorry, it’s not you,
it’s me, I promise. – I wouldn’t date anyone
based off of looks so it would have been the
same answer regardless of who was sitting here. – I mean, pretty much the
same I honestly feel as well you have to get to know someone and so I didn’t just want to
throw myself out there. I’m not that easy Asia. – I respect it. On my side of it, just
moving forward after my last relationship I would just prefer to build a friendship
first rather than just like go straight into dating. – Right. – [Asia] Immediately. – What do we shake hands? Pal. Cool. – Awesome. It was uncomfortable to
try and read him at first. I wasn’t sure where to look, like do I look at my clipboard, do I look at him are we like
having an intimate conversation right now or just interviewing each other? But once we got into the other questions it wasn’t really that stressful. – It’s weird, I wish most
dates where you could control the dialogue but I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to make
assumptions about people in that sense but it was fun, good time. ♪ Soul Pancake. ♪

Michael Martin

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  1. The interesting thing is, that they all talk about themselves when they trying to find out who is the other person. I like the man in this piece, but I think he is also introvert.

  2. Looking at the thumbnail I could not tell who was the introvert, but I really liked her. She came off as smart and educated, and she seems to know what she wants. The guy to me looks hispanic not white.

  3. Introvert is something they say you can't change as that's how the brain is wired. They don't need as much stimulant before they want alone time while extroverts need a ton of stimulant before they want to relax. She should work on her shyness but she seems confident enough so why would she change.

  4. She's actually really pretty. I took time to look at her face and she has great cheekbones and an innocence of cuteness with her look. I absolutely dislike the hairstyle though, it's what's messing up her perceived outter beauty. Plus her hairline is further back than it should be.YET I truly believe, introvert or NOT, had she held a better posture, put more effort in her attire, she would have been very flattering in appearance. Plus she has a very girly vibe through her laughter. She's NOT ugly. Anyone that says she is, screenshot her and put a wig on her and visualize for yourself that she simply needs a new hairstyle that flatters her face better.

  5. Since when is white a cultural background? I'm a first generation polish American and even though I'm white especially with growing up in a town where there were no immigrant families…. I was an odd person out growing up…huge difference. I guess white American would make more sense?? Even then different parts of America had different cultures and micro cultures regardless of skin color. 🤷🏼‍♀️💖

  6. I am a social butterfly but I am more attracted to introverts because they are not phony for the most part.

  7. This is my first TELL MY STORY …. I don't understand why people say that this is a dry video or the worst TMS, lol, now i want to see the other videos to see why people have this impression.

    Anyways both of them are NOT looking for a relationship NOW so it didn't surprise me they are really picky on who they choose if they ever choose anyone.

  8. as an introvert, I could not imagine being with a very extroverted person. I'd literally state (on a profile for instance) if you are very sociable then we are not compatible.

  9. 2:25 people in washington are normal people
    whats up with the other people living in other cities?🤔 (i dont live in america)

  10. There can be quiet extroverts and social introverts.
    I asked my boyfriend what he thought about where he and I, as individuals, fit on the introvert/extrovert thing, and whether we're the same. He said, "What a random question for this time of night." I'm very amused.
    I feel like the video title is a bit of a misnomer, because it's not asking if they can be in successful relationships, but whether these specific people can. It's more specific than it is broad, and the title, to me, sounded broad and philosophical, with a very simple answer–of course they can! Of course they do!
    I still don't know where my boyfriend and I fall in this one area.

  11. Afro and White will never ever get along! Seriously than how about mixed babies. This is for all Asian Mentality people who've been watching this show.

  12. Anyone else notice how quickly these white dudes brand black women with stereotypes; eating chicken, strong black woman, forced African accent. Ok its only been two videos but I haven’t seen either woman stereotype the white dudes in any way.

  13. I don't care what anyone says he is not an extrovert atleast not on this clip man's definitely put out shy vybz 😅😂😂🤣🤣

  14. I found it kind of annoying how her only topic of conversation in the interviews was being an introvert, like can you make her talk about anything else please?

  15. "you're too introverted for me.. and I don't want to change you" is pure B.S. He just wasn't attracted to her from the get go.. and he did say he doesn't want to settle down until his 30s.. Hell, she is just looking for friendship too. lol

    They both weren't feeling each other

  16. He’s a really weird cat , borderline creepy / arrogant . She’s bad af and he was intimidated by her

  17. ethnic background "white" or "black" makes it a bit too obvious in this video imo! Should involve more guesswork…"black" is an entire continent and so is white !

  18. Idky everyone in the comment section is saying they didn’t like this episode I actually did lol.

    Ps/ love her laugh

  19. Finish law school to run a B&B. 🙄 quit wasting money and plummeting yourself into debt and figure out what you actually want to do.

  20. You can read that body language and tell from first sight neither was into the other at all. Sometimes it just don’t click

  21. They even look disappointed in the thumbnail…..

    Stop 👏🏻 pairing 👏🏻 people 👏🏻 who 👏🏻 aren’t 👏🏻 going 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 vibe 👏🏻.

    Is a successful love story so much to ask for?!😭

  22. He looked hurt when she said she wouldn't date him😂 somebody tell this guy he's not all that

  23. She seems really boring and lame. She needs to be single for life. A shy feminist bald head chick with masculine energy

  24. No, honey…shy people are naturally introverts and introverts are naturally shy. One does not exist without the other. Shy, introverted people can be friendly, but will be quiet around new people because they are self-conscious and unsure of what to say (or do) in social situations. When we get comfortable after some time has passed and we know a person better, the shyness will lessen, but the need to be alone at times will always be there.

  25. So awkward that I know this but I know those jeans she's wearing are beach bum from Fashion Nova. Her tattoo is so cute and I love her haircut.

  26. im noticing this interracial agenda wit black woman and white men they are trying to push this relationships hard but dumbass black woman will never know because all they want is a white man to cherish them smh.

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