Can Indians Marry a Foreigner? (with subs)

Hey guys! This is Addy Raj! And today i would be talking about something that i get all the time and that is If Indians can marry a Filipina? so… As you guys know Indians are a little bit conservative but when it comes to marriage i am sure that you guys have heard that most of the Indians get arrange marriage but of course its 2018 and times are changing so the answer to that question in short is yes and no it depends on your family because to understand it on a deeper level you have to understand about our caste system so what is caste system? caste system is very similar to religion like for example christians , buddhists Hindus out of all religions , India is primarily dominated by Hinduism and in Hinduism there is a lot of sub categories so… Traditionally it is not allowed to marry someone who belongs to a different religion but its not just religion because even if you are Hindu there are sub categories in sub categories it goes like Brahmins Brahmins are like the Royal Bloods the teachers, the priests then there is Kshatriyas the ones who are like the warriors the Rajputs the soldiers Then there is Vaishyas the Businessman the people who do trade And then at the bottom there is Scheduled class people who are like the Untouchables the sweepers the cleaners the maids so this is something that used to exist maybe long time back but until today there is an effect because even if now people dont really care too much about it but since your great grand grand grand grand… grand parents used to do those jobs the effect still the effect of the past generation comes until today why? because if your great great great grand parents were poor of course its hard even if you are super skilled , super talented its gonna be hard to overcome that type of poverty right? so that means… okay wait i need to comprehend my thoughts so meaning if you were a Royal blood in the past its not impossible for you to be kinda poor today but same for someone who is scheduled caste its harder to come out of that state which means that it affects your living conditions it affects your education and not not just education and living conditions but its not allowed to marry someone who is not the same caste so a Brahmin can not marry someone who is Rajput A Rajput can not marry someone who is Buddhist and that makes it really complicated and hard to marry someone you love which is good and bad at the same time because like i said we have the arrange marriage system in arrange marriage there is plus and there is minus Why? because i just noticed this here in the Philippines there are people who are 40 already… but until now they are still single but there are not many people in India who are old already but dont have a partner why? because everyone gets to have a partner no matter how… ugly… no matter how what your background is what your profession is how you look you still manage to get someone who is gonna Commit to being your partner and being your support system for the rest of your life so you dont.. Die alone!… so in that way arrange marriage is is kinda good but when it comes to of course you know young people who are in love and they wanna marry someone they love and then the parents dont allow so thats where it goes bad but i just want you guys to to understand because of our caste system its kinda hard for almost all indians to marry someone who is a foreigner but the good thing is that if you meet an indian who is not living in India chances are that that person is from a modern family because of course if the family actually allowed their son or daughter to go abroad and live and create a life they are much more open minded compared to the ones who are actually living in india so it increases the probability of the family being mordern and modern families i would say maybe around 2% of the indians are gonna be actually okay with letting their son or daughter marry someone who is a foreigner or a different caste but majority will still not be okay with it and when i say not okay it means that the indian who is marrying someone who is from a different religion or caste should be prepared to you know let go of their family to choose the girl or boy over the family and the whole system well i am always up for you know… “True Love” i guess do what makes you happy and… the only thing i can say is that times are changing and india is becoming more and more modern and in the coming years i would say more indians would be marrying someone who is not the same caste not the same country thats all!

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  1. Wow galing galing Naman addy…natawa ako dun sa 40yrs.old single pa din hindi niya pa nahanap forever niya addy 😂😂 pati yung ,,everyone get a partner no matter how pangit you are …deretso na tagalog mo addy😍😂

  2. Oo tska addy mostly indians at the young age, nagbi- bussiness na prepare na talaga sila para sa future kahit nagaaral pa lang sila and actually this vids reminds me of someone from my past. 🤣 hindu din sya napagusapan din namin na hindi nya pwedeng talikuran at ibahin yung religion nya (pero hindi yun ang dahilan kung bakit kami nagbreak it was because of his "mother") Hahaha awts bumabalik pero moved on na ako. 🤣 He was studyin here in ama makati med sya, kaso jinudge ako ng mama niya 🙂 Pinaghiwalay kmi kaya ayon hahahahaha jusko naalala ko tuloy sya 🤗
    Ps: ang gwapooo mo sa gupit mo addy 😍

  3. Good Thing He Chose Me Over His Parents Kaso Napaka Sama Ko Naman . Kya Sabe Ko Di Nya Kailangan Pumili . Nag Aaral Pa Kasi Sya Eh . Ang Kagandahan Lang . Hindi Rin Nag Mamadali Yung Parents Nya About Marriage Kasi Ang Gusto Nila Eh As In Maka Graduate Muna Ung Anak nila . Pero in fairness Sa Mga Indian . Pag Love tlaga nila . 100 percent Pure . Proud to have him kahit na we both know na Magkakaroon kami nang Problema in The Future

  4. Pag puso na ang nag sabi hirap pigilan 😂

    Kaya gawin mo kung anong gusto mo at sa tingin mo wala kang tinatapakang tao. Push mo lang yan 😀😂

  5. kaya lang kasi addy na kakatakot mag asawa ng india o bngla basta mga arabu nakakatakot,, or mag kaiba ang india?

  6. Meaning pinapahalagahan pa rin ng India ang tradition no matter what. Okay naman yun kaso yun naman ang culture talaga ng India pero yun nga may restrictions kahit mayaman ka man oh mahirap.

  7. The thing and the reality is, it's quite impossible for Indians to marry a foreign girl, we know that. How about you, Addy? Would you going to follow your heart or would you be into arranged marriage, once your family asked for it?

  8. i dont belive in dis i know so many ind whos happily married now wid their phil wife. they just need to stand and fight for their love . and live happily ever after ❤ pwe

  9. are you half indian and half filipino?
    Im married to an indian from Punjab.
    But we are currently based in Singapore.
    Luckily for me his parents are very open minded.
    They have accepted me right away to their family from the first day we met.
    But there are still people in India who still follow traditions strictly, particularly parents who dictates their sons/daughters whom to marry(arrange marriage). So still it depends. 😊
    But it's not impossible. I've known a lot in India who married foreigners like Filipinas. So ladies. Huwag mawalan ng pag-asa😂

  10. Ang bf ko is a Hindu and I'm so thankful because his family very nice and very supportive Hindi prublem sa kanila Ang religion 🙂🙂

  11. You forgot each caste belongs to different ethnicity like I am kesharwani we are tribe which migrated from Iraq region and fairer then other castes.

  12. Hahaha may kaibigan akong indian sinasabi nya talaga sakin always wag daw ako ma inlove sa isang indian ,sinabi nya lahat sakin kong bakit.

  13. Which class you belongs bro,
    May be the kshatriya, rajput class.
    Well i don't know about you untill mu pjilipino friends told about you.
    But now i can say you are doing a tremendous job. Keep it up bro, india prouds on you. And at last jai rajputana.

  14. No matter how "panget " you are 😂 . Sad pag di natuloy ang love marriage. Once I get married to Indian, I'll be one of those who will change the tradition for the next generation.

  15. Okay i have a problem on that me and sikh bf her auntie is not good 😓😢 hope we both fight for it we both love each other

  16. Hmm…. I grew up in Punjab for a lots of my life but I l live in Ontario …. My parents don't care if I marry someone or not…. They don't even care if I just become a player and have random sex instead of loving someone lol… Basically and eventually, what I do with my life is what I do completely.. They just care about one thing in my life and that is that I am more than capable to earn money…. That's all! . They don't have any involvement in my personal life… so I can't relate to what this guy says….

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