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– Oh my god. This goes in me, but this goes on me. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – I don't think we would, I don't think we would use this. (quirky music) – [Interviewer] Hi, what's your name? – Hey, I'm Jessie. – Hi. – [Interviewer] What's your name? – Helena. – Sarah. – My name's Chris. – [Interviewer] How long
have you guys been together? – We have been married for 11
years, been together for 12. – We've been together for
a little over four months. – [Interviewer] How is
your guy's sex life? – It's good. – Pretty lazy, I ain't gonna lie. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
but how often per week? – A couple times per week. – Four times a week. – Probably at least once a day. – [Interviewer] Do you guys own any toys? – We do not. – [Interviewer] Do you guys do sex toys? – No man, no, yeah we don't. – No, he thinks that they are contrived. – [Interviewer] I'm gonna
bring out some toys, and you're gonna tell me if you would like to introduce them to your sex life. – Okay, bring it on. – Whoa, this is heavy. – Very industrial. (buzzing) – Oh, alrighty. (laughing) We're parents, and we're tired a lot, so this would be fantastic
when we're feeling lazy. – I doubt that we would use this one. It's aggressive. – Look at this, this is amazing. – No creativity with this. I would just like use it to
push buttons that I can't reach. – I'd use this on her. It's not introducing
this whole new dimension to our sex life, this is
just a penetration simulator. – Yes for me using this on him. I'd try anything on him. But this, on me? Not gonna happen. – [Interviewer] It's a vibrator. – She might like this. – [Interviewer] Do you think
your partner masturbates? – I would say my fiance
masturbates at least two, three times a week. – Not a lot. Twice a month? – [Interviewer] Do you
think he masturbates? – Yeah, he does. Like sometimes he has
like a morning routine, he just likes to get it done. – She thinks she catches me all the time, oh you bring your laptop to the bathroom? Not always just porn man, I
look at boring stuff and shit, lot of secrets we're giving here today. – [Interviewer] It's a butt
plug with a fidget spinner on the end. – Nice. It's like a fan. – [Interviewer] Who would that be for? – For her, I don't really
like things around my butt, I don't know why, it's
just kinda something I haven't gotten into. – I mean, I've tried putting my finger, but he's like whoa, whoa, whoa. – I feel like Jessie's been
wanting to try butt plugs. He's been throwing the word
plug in random sentences lately, I think he's given me a clue. – There's no way you
actually think that this is a gateway into butt play do you? This is like the final frontier of it. Because it means you're so
bored of whatever is happening with a regular butt dude, that she'd need the most primitive form
of human distraction. – Oh my goodness, it's a strap on. We have never talked about this before. – If we've been having
a lot of sex in one day, and he's tired, and I
still wanna be pleased, I would have him put this on for me. – Ahh, no. – I like the feel of this. This feels so fashion
to me, that I would just just wear this part. – I think that if she
would be able to use this with a third party, I
would love to participate, and however necessary. Not necessarily on the
receiving end though. – [Interviewer] Okay, so
that goes over your head, both straps. – Wait, what? – Oh my god, this goes in
me, but this goes on me. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Oh fuck. – She'll say yes, because
she likes it when I, I'm eating her out, but I'm
also just like doing that. – [Interviewer] How often
do you go down on her? – Most of the time we have sex. – [Interviewer] Who do
you think is better? – I am. – Definitely him. I like to look up every once in a while, and say how am I doing? Just to check in, 'cause
I'm not that good. – Wow, this is nice. Different speeds. Especially the nights when he's working, or he's traveling and
I wanna please myself, this would be perfect. – She might have more fun
with this one than with me. – I like this. – I don't hate it, it's a
lot, it's kinda intimidating. – Wow, it's a lot. – If this has a success
that's better than his penis, I don't think he would let it happen. I feel like he would be like, no, you don't get to be that
pleased, only stay with me. – Oh, the legendary penis pump. (laughing) – He would enjoy this a lot. – [Interviewer] Why? – He loves hand jobs and blow jobs. – I would actually, yes. I don't really have a
good reason, curiosity. – [Interviewer] Will your
girlfriend say your penis is adequate enough? – Yeah, I think she says it
would be adequate enough, she calls it her glass slipper, so. – [Interviewer] Is it adequate? – It's my glass slipper. – Oh, this is cute. I feel like I'd hand a baby this toy. – Ah, I don't know what
this is, what is it? – [Interviewer] Anal beads. – This is anal beads? Dude, okay. – [Interviewer] Have you
done butt stuff with her? – Yeah, with this past
trip we went to Vegas, in the heat of the moment,
she got super into it, and that was a real turning
point in our relationship I think. – I would go until something broke. Like until something was injured. 'cause I like to try new things. Feel like he'd go this far, and
then he'd start complaining. – Hi. – What did you choose out of this. – I just can't believe you
had to hold all those things. – Yeah, I would. (laughing) – [Interviewer] Do you guys
think you agreed on everything? – I feel like we were
probably pretty close. – Yeah, we gotta be close. – How much did you talk about how much I like butt stuff, huh? – A lot. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] Looks like 50 50 with agreements and disagreements. – Wow. – [Interviewer] Disagreement. – Really? – Why are you surprised? – Did you turn it on? – Yeah I did. – Okay, well, um. (laughing) That's why. – So you said yes? – Yeah, it does the work for you. – Oh, so you're being a lazy asshole. (laughing) – I can't believe you said yes to this. – I said yes. – Look how heavy it is. – I think it's the
motion, we don't use stuff that's like motorized. – [Interviewer] You
guys disagreed on that. – That shit's aggressive as fuck. Look at this, this is
stabbing motion, without. – But the thing is, you
don't need to do all that, you could just like set it
there, and let it make it happen. – Let it stab you? That's pretty aggressive. – No, like on the clit. – Really? I said that you might be into that. – I was wondering if
that would be something you would (laughing) I would put it on for you. – Okay. – I would, if you wanted to try. – We've never talked about that before. – I know. – Hmm.
– Yeah. Might have to explore it. – Might be interested in that. – Alrighty then. – Oh my god, this one was so fun babe. – I hate you. I knew that you would like this. – Wanna know why I said yes? – 'Cause you have ADHD. – Okay, no. – [Interviewer] Agreement. – Yes, I was thinking
when you're traveling. – Okay, I thought you
might start enjoying that a little bit more than me. (laughing) – [Interviewer] So you
guys get to take that home. You both agreed on that. – Oh this is my favorite. – I knew you would want this one. – I want to get this for the house, even if we don't use it,
I just wanna have it, be like just for fun. – It's very ornamental. – [Interviewer] Here's one you agreed on. – Oh yes. – I'm really excited about that. – Coming home with this. – [Interviewer] You guys, so that's it, you've won that, that's yours. – Bamn. – Do you think I should masturbate more? – You should.
– Okay. – With this.
– I think I should too. (laughing) – I recommend this thing. – But you would like it
'cause there's levels babe. – I know.
– We could start right here. – You do know me, yeah.
– We could start right here. And then, I knew you
were too much of a pussy to go all the way. But I said I would go if it caused pain. I want to rupture something
before I say back out. – You wanna rupture something? – And we're ring people.

Michael Martin

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  2. The chic at the end is so fucking beautiful. True beauty. Proof that you dont need no plastic surgery like those other girls.

  3. CHIN DILDO! the best headgear i've ever seen was a chin dildo paired with a foam packers cheesehead. if only she'd been wearing a tshirt that read "everything's better with cheddar," i'd have died. truly.

  4. Am I the only one who is concerned that the couple's think almost completely different about sex or sex toys… Get on the same page guys… TALK to each other.

  5. fam i hope they are no kids with fake profiles that are underage and watching this shit… fck sike man on topic this shit is for a people with small dicks

  6. Seriously! There are parents and their kids are gonna sea this when they grow up and their gonna know the sex toys that they used now.

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