Calling Nokia … for a couple of weeks

Michael Martin

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  1. @qwertti well human persons needs proofs. he cant just say in his film that "oh they are not 100% sure bout this and that" (=_=) seriously ? u are making a documentary & audience aint wanna hear you say shit (sorry for the foul language) and besides DID YOU watch the FILM, and his VLog? well then i recommend it for you my friend, i am not trying to defend him, i just cant really stay still after i read your comment. u know what, use ur common sense &
    "kill the king 1st to take d kingdom down!"

  2. No I'am not. No ties whatsoever besides owning an old Nokia phone.
    It just sounds that only selected part of the story is being told and only one company is being picked up even thought there are hundreds of companies that are in the same position, and most of them probably care even less about fixing the issue.

  3. According to a respected Finnish daily, Mr. Isosomppi a director at Nokia answered to your first call. He said that he offered you facts about the issue (they are not 100% sure about the source of the ore, but they are as sure as they can be with the modern methods available), but you wanted only video, which led to the impression that you had already made your mind about blaming Nokia and nothing else mattered.

    Sounds like quite an one-sided way of "finding out the truth".

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