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So, when I did finally realize that I
wanted to marry Jessica, the first step is obviously to ask her father. A very
very daunting task, for anyone that’s pretty nerve-racking. The story is great,
we were at you know their kind of Clubhouse at the Country Club and had to
sit down with him and talk to him and very easy guy to talk to, went through
all the logistics behind it and what I thought and what my future was kind of
thinking and what I wanted and if Jessica wanted, he thought, that you know
did Jessica want to marry me and then the process after that was just
designing something for someone as special as Jessica. You know you can go
about in multiple ways and when you find somebody like that and you have
ideas in your head how you want it to go. You’re kind of looking for something
that is going to live up to those kind of expectations, and those kind of
desires, and kind of your thoughts. I wasn’t thinking custom in the
beginning, I had no idea what I wanted, there’s multiple options, especially
living in a city, you have multiple jewelers that you can go to, the internet, that you can kind of lean on and get ideas, and family and friends,
people that have been through the process, to kind of engage with them and
see what they like, see what they think. And then as you start to hone in and
zero in on what you want you’ll find that some options aren’t going to be
able to provide the kind of details that you want.
You’re gonna go to different jewelry stores, you’re gonna look at different
things, different designs, and you’ll start to find that when you go to these
stores they’re all kind of similar, they’re all one design that they might
mass-produce and thousands of people might have that ring. And when you start
to look at the custom process you realize that you’re zeroing in on
something that’s gonna be specially built for you, and that no one else is
gonna have, It’s not going to be the same. And so that was really kind of a point
that was important. So the whole process of getting engaged is nerve-racking, there’s a lot of pieces that need to be put in, and you know, when you’re looking
to build a ring, that whole process with Abby is already taken care of so it takes
that whole weight off your shoulders and you can focus on other things that you
want to focus on, whether it be inviting the family there or sitting in a sauna
and asking the father for her hand. You’re able to put your energy to other
things and that the thing that matters the most
is already taken care of, it it’s gonna be perfect. So the ring is amazing. I wanted
to incorporate mountains because we grew up together in the mountains, We did
everything there. Skiing, hiking, camping, and Jess played soccer her whole life and
that made her who she is. It gave her the drive, gave her her kind of outlook
on life, her schedule, all that stuff so she had important numbers. The number 15
and that was really big for me to incorporate into that and then when she
played at University of Indiana her number was four, so that was another big
number and so I wanted to incorporate that kind of thing into it so when she’s
always looking down she knows that’s where she came from and then she can
look at the mountains and know that’s where we met and we grew into a couple.
And then I wanted to incorporate my grandmother’s stones. I thought that would
be really neat, and so Abby was able to take all of those things and put them
into an amazing ring, something exactly what Jessica wanted and you just knew by
the look on her face as soon as she saw it, yes, you’re caught up in the moment,
yes, all of that, but when they’re looking down at their hand for the whole entire
night and two years later they’re still showing that finger to everyone, you know
that you made the right decision and that everything is just perfect, there’s
nothing you can change about it.

Michael Martin

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