Browsing Events and Space in the Virtual Event Management System (V-EMS)

Our Virtual Event Management System allows students, faculty, and staff to browse for scheduled events and available facilities and space. Currently, students will not be able to reserve space. Staff and faculty, who will be able to log into the system, can also request space for events or meetings. The system is also integrated with the Banner Scheduling module for classroom space. In this video, I’m going to focus on how you can browse to see what events are scheduled, and see what facilities and spaces are available. I’m going navigate to our Event Management System from the actual website address You will also receive information from your own school on how to access the system from your college’s website. The information I’m going to show you doesn’t require that you log in, so we’ll just click the “Browse” button. Let’s say you are on a committee that is trying to find a date for an orientation you’re organizing. You want to find a date that doesn’t conflict with previously scheduled events. I can click “Browse Events” and look at what’s already scheduled in Monthly or Weekly calendar views, or in list views. I use the “Filter” icon to the right to restrict results by date, or facilities. I click “Apply.” If I want to remove a filter I click “Reset.” I’m clicking an event on the “Monthly Calendar” tab. In the “Booking Details” box, I can add the booking to my personal calendar by clicking the icon in front of a selected date… ….or select all of the related bookings if it is a recurring event. I can also add it to social networking sites. Now I’ll click Browse Facilities:
This option shows information about rooms, setup options, and capacity. The default view is the By Room tab. You can also click By Setup Type. I’ll Filter to a particular Facility, Room Type, and Setup Type. Whenever you’re looking at Setup Type, the default set up for a room is always marked with an asterisk. Click the room name for details on each tab. The Room Details tab lists if time is required between bookings for setup and teardown from earlier meetings. Close Location Details box by clicking the “x.” To find a room with particular features, use Browse Space. I’m going to Filter to a specific date at Three Rivers. I want a classroom with a computer PC, Instructor Station, Projector, and Whiteboard. As you can see, several rooms result. One of them is already booked for the time I want, but the others are free. I expect about 40 people so I can check out the rooms that meet that capacity. You can also browse for events related to a specific group. However, the system will only display events for that particular group, scheduled on the current day. If you are a faculty or staff member and want to submit room reservations, please watch the other videos on the Event Management System.

Michael Martin

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