Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Amy Assigns Jobs to Everyone for Rosa’s Wedding (Episode Highlight)

– OK. First, the good news. I’ve generated a
detailed timeline broken down into 30 second
increments to keep us on track. The bad news–
we’re already 16.5 increments behind schedule. Oh, man. Terry feels overwhelmed. Good! Use it. Neil Armstrong was overwhelmed
when he walked on the moon, but you know what he did? He walked on the moon! Charles, you’re
in charge of food. I’ve been planning
a nuptial menu since the day I met Genevieve. Warning– it will be
delicious and highly erotic. Your menu is not
going to involve animal genitalia, is it? No, I was going
to make– not that. Terry, you’re on
hair and makeup. I’ve seen your little
girls’ pigtails, so I know you can do it. They actually prefer my
hair work to their mommy’s. I love their little heads. Terry, what’s going on, man? Oh, it’s just a matter
of time before I’m doing their hair at their weddings. It goes so fast. They’re still babies!

Michael Martin

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  1. I love how Terry proves you can be a muscly scary looking black guy and still be super sweet, it really helps break down stereotypes

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