Broadway Princess Party – San Jose Concert!! Thurs Dec 6th!

hey everybody I wanted to hop on camera quick and chat a little bit about a concert that I'm participating in I have the privilege of being a guest performer at the San Jose stop of the Broadway princess party for a little bit of backstory on the concert series Laura Osnes Susan Egan and Courtney Reed who all originated princess roles on Broadway have been traveling the u.s. along with their music director Ben rahula doing this really incredible concert called the Broadway princess party Laura was the original Cinderella on Broadway susan was the original Belle impeding the beast on Broadway as well as the voice of Meg in Disney's Hercules and Courtney was the original Jasmine in Aladdin on Broadway I was lucky enough to get to join this show in San Francisco back in July and it was the most magical experience I got to sing a whole new world with Courtney and then I saying part of your world and got to be the honorary mermaid or Merman but my favorite part was sitting back and watching these amazing performers sing the songs that they originated on stage and on screen if you're a big Disney or a Broadway fan like I am this concert is a really really amazing and magical experience on top of all that the December dates for the Broadway princess party tour are also being skewed towards the holidays as well so on top of Broadway and Disney and Princess there is Christmas which should make it extra fun and now for the details like I said I'll be performing at the San Jose stop which is Thursday December 6 there's a link to where you can get tickets down below in the description so please go check it out they have a couple different options for tickets there are VIP tickets that include meet and greets and there's general admission they'll also have a bunch of really cool merch that they're selling at the concert as well and I will also be there with my Christmas CD since it is the holidays so come say hello and be more than happy to sign one of these and if you aren't able to come to the San Jose show or if you're not in the area please go check out Broadway princess party comm and see if the tour is coming anywhere near you I promise it's a really really amazing show and it's really fun it's this cool hybrid of being a concert and a party that's very inclusive for the audience that's about it thank you so much for watching this and I will see you all very soon with more music

Michael Martin

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  1. Zomggg so excited for this concert! But where oh where can I buy your merch my friend? Da heck! Links please!! See you on San Jose!

  2. I hope u get the time to do a singing lesson video sommeday.
    would love to hear your tips and advice

    and yes – sweeney todd medley as others suggested. fully agree

  3. OMG SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Want to see you but too far😭😭😭
    Hope you have a magical day with beautiful princesses
    Much love from South Korea(yeah…so far…)💕

  4. Is that how you say Laura's last name? Also, congrats! Sorry I won't be able to see it but I'll share this with all my friends in the area!

  5. Nick! I'm so proud of you! I literally just closed a really emotional play that I was doing, and I was getting pretty down until I heard this. I wish I could go and support you in person. But know that I am supporting you from here in the comments section and from all the way across the country. Love you.

  6. Aww I wish I could come, but that’s right during finals week for Santa Clara University so I’ll be stuck in a fluid dynamics midterm that night :’(

  7. Wow nice video 😍😍💖💜 I love your cover part of the world- the little mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ ✨💖💜😍 check my cover too on my channel, thank you so much 😊

  8. Ideas of Song Covers for the Future:
    * Sweeney Todd Medley
    *Be More Chill Medley
    * Steven Universe Medley
    *Over The Garden Wall Medley
    *No Good Deed from Wicked
    *Heathers Candy Store
    *Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
    *Hamilton Burn
    *Mean Girl Medley
    *Little Shop of Horrors medley

  9. please be safe and my kids and i LOVE your videos <3 I have used your videos to show my boys that it's perfectly ok to be different and who they truly are <3

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