Britney Spears Clears the Air on Instagram: “Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Back Very Soon” | Billboard News

Britney Spears has a message for all her fans: don’t worry, she’ll be back very soon. On Tuesday, Brit took to Instagram to clear the air after #FreeBritney began trending on social media, along with a group of fans protesting for her release from a mental health facility on Monday in West Hollywood. In a no-nonsense selfie video, the singer addressed concerned fans… “Hi guys, just checking in with all of you who are concerned about me. All is well. My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I just needed time to deal.” Allegations made in a “special emergency episode” of the fan podcast ‘Britney’s Gram’ claiming the pop princess is being held against her will, left many fans questioning the real reason behind her hiatus. Back in March, Brit announced she had checked herself into a 30-day treatment program to cope with her father’s ailing health, and since then rumors have been swirling. Britney wrote, To stay up to date with this whole situation, keep it locked on Until next time, for Billboard News, I’m Jordyn Rolling.

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  1. We can't ever know because all of this comes down to having the conservatorship. If we could all focus on helping her get that removed. We wouldn't think all these things because she would be able to make life decisions again and get her children back. Have a cell phone, drive even…I mean we think these things because she's not able to make these decisions on her own so if they wanted her to she couldn't say a damn word about it and that's not fair she's still after all these years still having that in her life. Even if she did go in there on her own at least us as fans would feel better knowing it was her doing because she doesn't have the conservatorship anymore and we couldn't think these things if we wanted to. We only do now because we don't really know 100 percent for sure because of that. I know you'll probably say we'll that's not our place and blah blah but just as a human being…she deserves this being taken away and get her life back the way she wanted it. It's her right, just like all of us. ❤ let's at least help her get that conservatorship removed and everything else is what it is but this at least let's focus on helping her achieve that because this we do know. For years she's been trying and they will not let her. That right there says something, something is not right. This was supposed to go away back after the circus tour. She's threatened that her children will be taken away even that's horrible. So she's made attempts but they for some reason won't give it to her. It's not right, idk wat y'all think? 🤷‍♂️❤

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