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difficult feelings can be so
overwhelming that anyone can easily end up saying or doing something they later
regret and in the moment it can seem there is no other option because
everything happens so quickly so fast this is because most of us like the
skills needed to manage emotions effectively growing up you may not have
been able to name your feelings express them and learn how to deal with them
effectively and what happens here is that you then just carry this into
adulthood we still can’t easily name emotions
express them appropriately and deal with them effectively emotional difficulties
underpin many individual problems such as anxiety depression addiction dealing
with loss relationship issues trauma and the impact of abuse for example the big
question is can you learn to manage emotions more effectively the answer is
yes you can but like any other skill is going to take practice and effort
counseling and psychotherapy can help you to identify your particular
difficulties of our emotions and what specific skills could best help you
much research shows that those who use therapy to learn better life skills
become more effective individuals and handling emotions

Michael Martin

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