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oh yeah the dress she wanted doesn't exist because she wanted this that the other and she can't decides what she wants how the hell is Rita supposed to do it this is it Lucy you ready Lucy wanted a dress with straps to cover her shoulders and absolutely no ruffles so what will she make of the strapless ruffle dress Reese's chosen Oh what is that about this you okay it's too blingy yes sweetheart neck Oh try it you beautiful it might look different on you come on just try it um just try it yeah try it on they might change your mind it's tough isn't it cuz I've got to worry I just have to look slightly different surely I just know she's brokenhearted those look like you can imagine it with her hair yeah I feel like I'm wading through would know you're no whore once you've got your own self who's gonna be shorter it's not really as much as that that's gorgeous it looks nice the top of it looks lovely on you does obsession about a show yeah well it might look small compared to this thing you might I think it's different when you fear honest a look it looks lovely I see it now you want to tell this myth it's just it's just massive and if you know you've got bail he's done really well with the veil it's pretty yeah just go with the veil I think he's done god no I thought he would have done better I just wish that it wasn't so roughly in your face you're gonna be gorgeous on the day you look beautiful do ya could she wear their backups oh you know what that's just where I read it's tough it's done that's a lot can we go I've had enough it's everything she hated everything she didn't want a strapless she's got it she didn't want a big massive button she's got it it's just everything she didn't want oh my gosh oh hello beautiful please can you be ready to be collected at Tokyo on Sunday at 9th of August Oh bless all right so this is a bit more than laughs yeah let see me another week yeah it it's gonna feel tight but I expected him to like write me somewhat afferent well I think it's cute but that shabby little uh is like and I don't probably you know I come on my own enough I'll you know I could have said something bad it's just I'm not a fair curry action I don't like the letter we ready how about no I'm not no nobody but you I mean I would love to have a beautiful hot your care I mean I've merely missing you I can't wait to see you – I mean you are getting cut until I'm in but it's just so basic I've got to clean up we've got dumped a little oh you can tell him from me yeah I'm pissed off balls do your makeup ready for the wedding which includes face pink to one side be face they will look pretty pretty close to death happy you look beautiful so this from the Day of the Dead so we're dead and they're not the only ones oh you a lot of killed base as Nathan's day of the dead is coming to life that loves no easy I can't believe you've done that that was just a white mask when we see their genuinely cannot wear this has been the longest three weeks of my life when I'm stood at the top of the aisle if my little sue and I see air coming off everything in the world is gonna be good that's assuming she's down for the theme will you expecting this no no it's that same it's the Day of the Dead I just think it's super fun so to sit fit in with us and the theme of the wedding Nathan's asked me to give you something that I would like you to wear even more super-fun yeah what'll she make of Nathan's coffin centerpiece [Applause] but if Jenna wanted her wedding to be his and hers this one's more his and hers as the guests arrive they get their first glimpse at Nathan's grand day of the dead wedding I don't understand the Mexican hey seems a bit different but we'll see I realize that's exactly what I thought Tom oh my god okay oh do you like the look of it I'll try on and it might look lovely on each one of these dresses some things you have to be on you before you can appreciate it it's just extremely plain very plain that's why I'm sure they look much nicer I think it well I do think sort of do you know it's thinking about it I'm tiny not to do that today yeah well I knowed it like how much her mum would be hearing I'm seeing this moment and I've got that privilege in her place yeah it's just extremely pain of all the shape at the fun no I'm pushed in and I am and I don't like straps cuz I be restricted my just feel like I just want to get I'm off I know you're doing that in China don't fall off but you don't have to ten minutes I want to get it off I'm gonna get off me cuz I'm not I know it's hard straitjacket I do think if it's singing I just think it at / the dress does you just did for maybe that's the popular maybe I am too bloody Travie maybe I never know when I should wear something more classy as a maybe that's the problem with her hair tied up the girls tried to see what can be done anything else you don't get me it's your cuz I involves bling he was just thinking I don't like the fact she wears two Mantes I'm not getting her to Mantes that's what tom was thinking okay well Jenny money like Tara what I could tell I'd rather have a different dress auntie Lisa thinks that a sparkly necklace will turn Lottie around but is it going to be enough I just I would ring I'll just choose not to wear it's uncomfortable it's restrictive I don't like it it's plain its boring I'm gonna walk down the only people to go oh she's in a white dress this is where things you said you weren't gonna do if you did it like the dress I'm just thinking on jeans and bloody t-shirt and I'll just go Bob I'm sorry mate but anyway anything can be put on it if we complete the things for sec but nothing can be altered without Tom's approval could you save them it's way to playing sunshine okay way to playing visit that words it's basically playing sometime yeah laura has to break the news to Tom Allanson what will he make of the proposal just not very happy that it's really playing so that sounds really classy she's gonna be adding some sort of motifs and bling and stuff on it hey Tim can we do that or you would have been mostly move away from like you know the less classy sort of side of things with like 30 mom is in everything else going over it but if she wants to put a chav like bling and lights on it point fine that's fine you

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  1. I wonder how is it possible for a man to marry a woman without knowing anything about what she wants and what she likes? I mean the last guy wanted her to be classy but she says she isn't. Why are you trying to change her? The guy with the dead – really on your wedding? It doesn't need to be traditional and pink or so but death? And the other guy has chosen a nice dress but it is exactly the oposit of what she wants? Is it really that hard?

  2. Maybe I'm just a clueless man but …..I don't see the big problem with the dresses……are they really that ugly?

  3. Jesus Christ, these women are getting their shit paid for. The fact that they haven't talked specfics with their SO'S before going on the show is insane.

  4. Ungrateful women acting like petulant children. It’s all paid for and organised. They don’t lift a finger.

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