Bride-To-Be Tries To Cancel Disaster Wedding & Goes To KFC | Don't Tell The Bride

but as the bus approaches the wedding venue Saphir spots an all-too-familiar sign a joke I'm guessing it's still like being related go to another brewery just like at the head do yeah I pray yeah go for it be like a wedding not only I might have infirmary I thought okay well he started to it still brewery everything I've just been shared just make wonderful face I was actually to dinner proper hand I was expecting a properly dressed I was expecting like a proper wedding venue there may be a horse and cart waiting but it's not enough for Sophia I'm not running anywhere I'm wearing heels in a wedding dress I still got got changed I'm leaving babe sorry about leaving it's just all such a big joke come say hello why so he's upset because everything so far has been be related she feels nothing is for her I just want to go to the toilet and get some normal clothes and just go she's going to a toilet she's taking up wedding listen to it dude she's like one side sophia's agreed to go in but she's ditched her wedding dress it's the first time they've seen each other in three weeks but it's not the romantic reunion either of them imagined this summer school to come it's fair please talk Smith's here this is ridiculous as guests watch and wait Craig tries to salvage his wedding was too much baby shown on staff I'm sorry this up I up by going wrong I mean I wasn't doing anything again sure don't tell me you're sorry guys for the next bit ready break Ronnie's gonna make announcement I'm gonna weigh in sergeant in the sky forever animal yeah I mean you're not working for us today don't worry we are joined here you nice dinner tonight to celebrate the love and life the Craig and Sophia found in one another do you Craig takes the fear to be your wife Heidi do you Sofia take Craig to be your husband I do please may we have the ring I give you this ring I give you this ring as a symbol of our marriage as a symbol of merge the Maurya with his ring with body to hand the war that I have I go I am honey is the symbol of the sweetness you will find together in your married lives J having made these promises of love and commitment to one another it's my greatest pleasure to pronounce you all husband amor you [Applause] you

Michael Martin

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  1. To anyone who didn't know, they didn't legalize the wedding afterward and split after 8 years. Frankly, if you are going to plan a wedding but you aren't going to think about the bride at all, you probably don't need to get married.

  2. the groom should just teller to fuck off and marry someone younger and prettier if he wants to marry a trashy women. they are everywhere. why pick a bitchy old one.

  3. I have read a few of the wedding stories and do not understand the groom having the option of selecting the wedding dress and in one occasion planning the while wedding. Is that the way it goes today?

  4. The problem is a lot of men on this show want to use this opportunity to get back at women who make them do things they don’t want to do in weddings or make it all about themselves. The idiocy is that you’re punishing your bride to be for other bridezillas actions. They just think it’s one big themed party with the theme being anything but wedding and love related!

  5. He constantly said she was spoiled, hard to please etc, but after watching the full episode, I think she handled it as best she could. She even appreciated the dress simply because it wasn't the other one; some brides would want their dress perfect-she was just happy as she said not to be in the fancy dress one. He made the whole thing about him, and he didn't seem that sorry as he turned it on her and said it was due to her wanting it perfect; she just wanted something for her. He made out she was really fussy when she was simply stating nothing was for her, and she was right. The best man had no empathy for her either. Every mistake they made was somehow her fault. Eurgh. She seemed like a down to earth genuine person.

  6. This is so sad. Imagine putting your trust in someone who is supposed to know what the day means to you and they let you down like this.

  7. At least for my wedding I am consulting with what my partner wants with EVERYTHING. I'm even showing style of dresses I like and ask if he likes it. He is getting annoyed with the constant questions, but it is our wedding, his and mine. Not just mine. So i really dont care if he doesnt like too many questions and tell me many times, "what ever i like." But i dont care or listen, it is OUR wedding.

    That man need to know that too.

  8. Just watched the full episode and i think the bride took part in this show to test him and see how well he knew her…. she says it a few times in the beggining she says i dont want to marry someone who dosent know me well enough… She also said if the wedding is not to my liking i just won't turn up… He said its always her that plans everything the deco of the house ect and i think he took this chance to plan something he wanted for once!.. but he went too far and just did everything he wanted for the whole wedding and stag his best man kept saying she wont like this or that and the groom just said its fine its fine i think the groom thought that once she was there she would just accept it but she didnt… At the end of the show the groom says this was a bad idea and he seems realy upset. Never a good idea for any couple to let one or the other just plan a wedding is something you should plan together in my opinion

  9. If she wanted her wedding she should of got of her arse stopped watching Jeremy Kyle and loose women got a job and planned and paid for it herself

  10. I don't normally feel sorry for bride's as they decided to let the men sort it. But this time yes I really feel for her knowing she hates beer he really messed up. Maybe a little joke about beer but he went way to far. The best man was waste of time letting him do it .

  11. Any guy that goes on this show should take this as an opportunity to show the bride how much you really know about her.

  12. The groom knew she hated beer but he still based it around that, having it at a brewery and making her bridal party at it. Hell before the wedding dress she has on at the beginning, he had gotten her a beer maiden outfit to wear as her dress.

  13. For all the people who are flipping out at the couple relax its fake they do the worst things as possible for t.v purposes to receive money for there actual wedding.. calm down people they happily married and had the wedding of there dreams 😂

  14. I feel sorry for him she looked like she didn't even wanna marry him and her putting honey on his face is mean

  15. I don't understand these stupid girls who give the whole control over their WEDDING to the blokes. Jesus if you don't want them to fuck it up don't let them plan it.

  16. So so horrible what he did. But…. can someone please tell me the brand or name of the beautiful floral dress she's wearing!

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