Bride & Mum Are Devastated By Horror Themed Bloody Dress! | Don't Tell The Bride

it's the day before the wedding and along with mom Heather and her bridesmaids Becca is about to see the dress Jack has chosen and customized for her big day get my dress today as the most important thing I'm really really nervous and it's making me feel about weird her hump y'all have a seat here let's go hi hello there is affecting me all right after yesterday say I think FF noticed poorly pleased that the death is wrong it could be tantrums and Piersall excited the sick further ado or whore and we'll see your dress two important to the back after days so it's cool great yes okay oh my god oh my god by this early all over I'm gonna cry oh I'm fine well the front of the dress is a hit but she hasn't seen Jax handiwork yet close your eyes nice was your eyes and just initially the mind always like even doesn't only good for that okay Becca oh my God he's totally behind it's the day before Jax horror themed wedding and bride Becca has just found out he's customized the princess dress she's always dreamed of wearing or not Yuki no no horsey funny I can't do that basket or maybe you see it ballast over just to a nice day okay oh I feel so ever sighs sec what could have done this week you're going to see the back yeah Oh what oh my gosh once our eyes eyes why are you do this it's a one thing I want to see most of the change why why did you try to buy balloons okay the firm's beautiful precious quarters purchase to the surface I'm at the anger stage now on plastic as if I then want to be a golf covered in fake blood – oh my god is so nice Estrella I was also perfect at the final series long should you thought working on she's absolutely gorgeous well in Pakistan have absolutely no idea what Jack was like in putting hundreds on the dress no because either she wanted to be special wait wait wait and he's not does it for you I don't really understand why there's what he hadn't read all of the days like yeah Dido Navy black slaver not with something personal part of course she just wasted you

Michael Martin

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  1. I just don't understand one thing it's your day, your pick so why do you rely on someone's else choice….it's all made up to get public attention I guess.. "Terrible".

  2. After I cancelled the wedding,I'd kill him! How can the man who says he loves you,know so little about you. And if he says he knows you,then he obviously doesn't care. Kick him to the kerb. You will have a lifetime of him disappointing you.

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