BRIDE Low Max – Yellow Carbon Kevlar Real or Reps? Reclinable Racing Seats – Review & Specs

okay guys so today what we're gonna do is unboxing of a of the bright yellow carbon Kevlar racing seats these are a three-piece racing seat reclinable and already come with their own slides so these are actually from China there are no official bills we got them for a really good price on ebay and let's see what they look like in here so they all come nicely wrapped one sitting on top of the other if you look here you can actually see the sliders that it already comes with these are Universal slider of course so some make some models you're gonna have to actually drill holes onions in your floorboard of your car here's the yellow carbon Kevlar down here you'll see the actual bright seat sticker part number all that good stuff so it makes it a three-piece is that it comes with the velcro actual bride design so that actually is nice you can always take it off the clean it here's the third piece here also velcroed and you actually have the nice traditional bride logo running down the center here your actual where your racing seat belts come through also with the bride logo and then here you actually have a little small piece of suede very nice seats okay guys so I'm taking the time to go ahead and set the seats out I put them on a board so I don't scratch the sliders add resting bar tag up slide back and forth now these are a thinner racing seat so I'm 6:1 standing pretty tall and I fit in there kind of snug I'll show you that in a minute but on the shoulders we're looking at 21 inches the lower bottom back area you're looking at 11 inches here in the middle you're looking at 19 in the Builder leg and exiting the legs you have 14 so it's a very kind of snug fit which is good for a racing seat if you're a larger person it might be as a tight snug you know so here I'm gonna go ahead and sit in it it's a comfortable fit can't see it going in the long run if you have to go traveling but who travels in these kind of cars anyways rotating these actual triangle pieces that you see here that also has a nice bright name so to recline it back we turn them and then it recline forward of course you bring them up so I can see these in my car hitting really nice looking really good the yellow Kevlar is looking really nice it's got this nice fill you can tell that they're taking the time to put a real nice thick clear coat and buffed and waxed all this also on the sides under on the reclining metal here it's an actual metal nicely cutout painted with the bride logo here on the side Allen wrench screws and bolts with a nice blue wash very nice product red stitching these are going to look really good in the cars that we have so that's it if you want to see what else we got what how they look inside the car just follow if you want to see where we got them on what eBay site you know seller gave us a really good price on these just leave a comment below or hit me on an inbox and just keep following so you can see them installed in the cars thanks guys for watching

Michael Martin

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  1. Buyers beware!! I purchased these about 6 months ago and would strongly suggest to buy the real deal or something that is not a clone…they are good reps from the looks stand point but the quality is actually quite poor the fabric is not top quality you would find from the real Brides, I began to get a wear holes on the left side just from getting in and out of the car driving daily huge disappointment , the pads are not very secure and at times getting in/out of the car they detach super annoying! Also not very comfortable on long drives and the sliders at least for me didn't work at all very cheap. I'm not dissing on the video or trying to come off as negative just want to put this out there for potential buyers.

  2. Replica
    Bride stradia, gias don’t come with a triangular reclining knob.

    Not gonna lie these are pretty good reps…

  3. How they holding up man ? Do you have the link to which seller ? I’m planning on changing the seats on my evo x 15’

  4. I'm 6'4" and I'm a bit snug in the tC, how much does these seats lower you? If it were feasible I'd shave half the padding out of my seats so I could sit lower and see through the windows better.

  5. Was wondering if I would fit in the seats. I really want them but I’m super worried I won’t fit, cuz I’m a pretty large guy. Any advice?

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