Bride Cancels Wedding Over In-Law’s Demands | The View

Michael Martin

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  1. The Groom should have taken care of his mother and put a STOP to her demands for inviting additional people to the Wedding. I don't blame the Bride for cancelling the Wedding.

  2. I am put-off by the comments section. People need to stop bullying Meghan. Yes, I agree she acts like brat sometimes and she can be tone deaf but the other hosts aren’t that great either.

  3. Interference from the mother in-law and cancelling the wedding! Run away 🏃🏽‍♀️ from that family! 😂

  4. Silly girl, don't cancel the wedding. Cancel the mother-in-law's invitation. She can stay outside the wedding hall.

  5. Homosexuality is sexual perversion and nothing else. It shouldn't be legitimized by the sanctity of marriage.

  6. I understand how annoyed and angry that could make a bride..but I really don't understand how so many people are supporting her decision. Talk about dramatic! 😂 Cancelling your entire wedding because your mother in law wants to invite 65 extra people? That's ridiculous if you ask me. Either there's way more to the story or the bride is probably more of an issue than her mother in law is. Why on earth would a woman choose to hurt her husband in that way just to get back at his mom? And if the couple or the bride's parents are paying for the wedding, the issue could have been solved with a simple "I'm sorry, but no" and everyone could have moved on with their lives. I don't like overly dramatic, irrational people.

  7. I have a feeling Megs won't be getting so many invites after trashing all the weddings she's been attending.

  8. I disagree with Sunny. I'm marrying my husband not his parents, once we married my immediate family is him the rest become relatives; that's how my grandma always told us; otherwise you will have your parents or in laws getting into your marriage. or giving unsolicited advice.

  9. Just say no! I will invite who I want to invite to my wedding so that I am comfortable I'm not paying for 65 additional people and I'm going to enjoy my wedding. I'm not canceling possibly one of the greatest days of my life because of my mother-in-law gofh

  10. Smart lady! I had this exact scenario , many years of drama later.. she will try to be your sister wife ….am now happily divorced!

  11. The black lady on gofundme right now over her terroristic white in-laws should have canceled her wedding and walked away.

  12. I'm sorry but Meghan has that bragging tone I hate so much where it's just constantly bragging about everything it's annoying hearing her speak. Next. Can't watch with her on.

  13. Literally this exact same thing happened to me and when I ask for financial help she looked at me like I was crazy!! 1&1/2 yrs later and we are no longer married

  14. Since when don’t the bride and groom find out who their parents want to invite? I mean it’s not like it’s a weird request. It’s only weird if you are a clown

  15. I pretty much think megan McCain is one of the worst things to come from trump – she is as racist, selfish, demoralizing, insulting, ignorant, selfish, immoral and the most fucked up recipient of America’s hypocrisy center. It’s the center the hoses rich whites who think their opinion is relevant.

    We won’t be able to unsee these horrific mother fuckers instead they are to blame for somehow making America even more fucked-up than in it’s less cosmopolitan past…

  16. It's the bride and groom's party, celebrate with them or GTFO. Wouldn't even be an issue of money or space. I get extreme anxiety in front of huge groups so destroying our right of passage ceremony for the sake of my future MIL's social status would have been out of the question. She can renew her vows if she wants her own party.

  17. Bet the groom was like:

    Pheeew … there IS a God … wedding's off! Then he started dancing jig.

    (just teasin … dude better fight back with his bride, against his mother, if he don't want to lose his woman … his love. I Know I would)

  18. If the mother-in-law is paying for the whole wedding…. ok. Buuuuuut two moths away gee that’s short notice.

  19. She should have not cancel the wedding. Tell mama in law do u have the money,we dont have to room,I don't know these people. Things will be awkward for now on,but hey it not the mama in law wedding. She will get over it,if o well…..

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