Bridal Babe Workout! Tone It Up Wedding Series

hi everyone its Katrina and this is the bridal babe workout now whether you're getting married attending a wedding you're a bridesmaid mother bread or you're getting ready for that white honeymoon bikini this workout is perfect for you first of course is the first dance we're going to warm up way to put your palms board feet shoulder-width apart it is lean to the side the first stance is to get excited good warm-up the body we've had a lot of requests for this type of workout and I'm getting married so I could finally do it if you haven't seen the wedding series I'll put the information below nutrition plan a whole plan getting ready for your honeymoon tips workouts all of it to go below all right now feet a little closer together we need to roll your fingertips down your thighs your knees are in an athletic position come up and you're going to go to the chapel so bring your hands together warm up those shoulders roll down and come up when you do this workout make sure you tweet us at coated up and hashtag CIU bride says we love the feature you doing workout snap a photo all right now I want you to grab your weight they can either be 5 pounds up to 15 pounds whatever you're comfortable with okay we just want the last few reps to be really hard and burn all right feet shoulder-width apart we just squat back almost like you're sitting in a chair make sure you look down on your knees and they're in line if your ankles and not past your toes so you're bending at the hips so sit back up curl and twist stretch to the side what curl now this whole workout is a follow along and we're going to tone up the inner thighs the glutes the waistline the shoulders the triceps the biceps the upper chest right wear that dress meets your back the upper back and the lower abs all of it we're not going to leave anything left out now last one now that was just the icing on the cake now we're really gonna get into it we're gonna put put them both together as okay do I get to do is lunge back and just take a corset we're going to twist to the side working all throughout our core you should feel it all the way around good just four more for three and one now this is called the honeymooner alright so if you want your bottom up and work the entire back to the side and the booty this is the move that I want you to a few times robe demo down your leg and then come up and squeeze there you go your legs and your knees are soft athletic position neutral spine there's a natural curve in your lower back affair I'll break down your thighs feel stretching your hamstrings and then come right up now we're gonna add an upright row so here and then upright row working all parts of the shoulders creating that beautiful triangle tone for the dress but with the upright row I want your elbow pie and your risk-neutral right back all right now we're going to go down and I want you to row them Dumbo's working your upper back this builds that beautiful spoon in between the shoulder blades and then we're gonna tie the knot by squeezing our triceps down up tie the knot squeeze and back imagine my hand is in between your shoulder blade ten four more poor I just want you to row right here bro your palms are facing in now and you're working the mid best right about where that dress hit for that honeymoon bikini the dress all of it for back to the money motor roll it down upright row you got it three two and one grow and extend check three to four three two and one up stay there for three to all right now we're gonna make it toast and all these names are kind of funny alright now just raise your Dumbo forward and the opposite leg goes back working the booty and the front the shoulders as in core are and so are you behind the camera laughing is my brother your elbows to your waistline and a tricep pushup and then push back the booty it's another one of those honey water go down get the waistline and back up I want those elbows touching right here okay down you and watch one go back down into a plank on your forearm now we're gonna really work that waistline here I wanted just Rock side to side tapping each I need fashion and one alright now we're going to just do a pice I'm gonna come up back down into spine squeezing those lower abs tor okay let me know when you complete the bridal babe workout either let me know on Twitter at some of Instagram critic Katrina on Facebook or in the community I'll see you soon bye you

Michael Martin

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  1. love it , I can feel my heart rate up and even the lunges does not hurt my knees because does not go too deep. thank you 🙂

  2. I am getting married this December how much time it will take to tone up 😕 can u plz tell thank u for help grt video

  3. If one of you is getting pregnant you should make a fit mommy series! 😉 Before and after the baby. Would be great.
    Greetings from Germany!!

  4. My wedding will be next March<3 My dress has an open back, so the back exercises are a ton of help.:)

  5. oldie but goodie ;D Just finished this workout with 2015 total body tone up and I feel amazing!!

  6. Are you Fucking kidding me? You just want to show your self. But´s ok, your one of the hottes girl´s i´ve ever seen!!

  7. my wedding won't be happening in a long while but I'm bigger than usual with big arms (bigger than my husband's)so i want to start now… i want to wear a mermaid or trumpet dress… what would be the best workout for me?

  8. So short yet I feel like I accomplish a lot! Thanks! Starting to rotate through a few of your workouts weekly…this will be added. Even though it's 11 months to my wedding

  9. I'm getting married this August… TIU has been a lifesaver for me since I gave birth to our daughter this April so only have a few months to get in wedding shape. Love your workouts and the nutrition plan!

  10. This was great. I'm getting married in December so I hope this workout (along with the other TIU workouts) will help me look my best. Only a few months to go!

  11. I'm getting married in october. this workout was fun and i like how the exercise changed quickly so i didn't get bored!!

  12. My aunt is getting married in August! 🙂  My husband, In laws and I are heading to Florida that month to attend! <3

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