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– Hi! Welcome to the the Sneak Peek Show. I’m Amy Pham and if
you’re anything like me, you’ve had today circled, starred, and highlighted on your
calendar for weeks. Teen Mom 2 is back tonight! The season starts off with a bang with Briana admitting to Leah that she and Javi have gotten friendly. Like going on vacation together friendly! (intense music) – [Leah] Hi! – [Briana] Hey! – [Brittany] Oh, a whole
ass light and everything. Who’s doing my hair? Okay girl, my hair needs
to be curls on fleek! – [Brianna] This is exciting! – [Leah] You just had
a baby recently, right? – Yes, she’s about to
be two months old now. – Oh my goodness, time flies. – She is like my little angel. I love her so much. – Does she see her dad? No? – He got this new job, so now he’s like a truck driver, and he’s on the road. So he hasn’t been seeing her. He doesn’t even check up on her. My first baby daddy is something else. He recently got arrested, so now he’s in jail for an outstanding warrant for some drug situation. – Oh my god, drugs? – Mhmm, and he likes fighting so hard with me, saying he wants to keep Nova. And I’m like, no, it’s not happening. You’re not stable, you’re not reliable, you don’t know nothing about your kid, you’re not having her. (sighing) I get so stressed out thinking about him, it just gets me so mad. – [Leah] Have you sat down
with any of the other girls? – No, the only person
that I’m actually really close with is Javi, he’s
coming down to Orlando. – I know, I’m so confused
about that, like, I don’t know. – What do you mean? (laughing) – I mean I see you guys
talk on Twitter, and then, it just kind of
looked like, I don’t know. – Listen, Javi’s coming down to Orlando. – Okay, so it is something. – Not really, because he
was coming down anyways to take Lincoln and Isaac to Disney. So he’s going to stay with us at the same hotel and resort and we’re just going to hang out with the kids. – Oh my gosh. – But we’re just friends. – Right. – So I think, so I think. Who really knows, you know? I just don’t know how Kail
is gonna feel about it. – [Leah] I don’t think she’ll be happy. – Yeah something tells me Kailyn isn’t going to be too happy about it either. Leave your thoughts in
the comments and we’ll see how it all unfolds this
season, on Teen Mom 2. After the Teen Mom 2
premiere, is Teen Mom Young and Pregnant, where newly
engaged Ashley and Bar are trying to figure out
what the future holds. (upbeat, pop music) – [Ashley] Between daycare
and what we’re going to have to pay in rent, getting kicked out is becoming expensive, quick. (upbeat, pop music ) – [Bar] I aint got the baby
now that we’re engaged. I told my mom about it when we was engaged and she ain’t stopped
talking about it since. – Well it’s good to know that she won’t be the one person to object. – I was going to say, the one person that’s standing there, I object. My mom, she ain’t going
to make it down here. I was thinking about popping up. – Yeah that’d be, I mean, you know. – It’d be a cool little trip, a little road trip or something, you know? – I’m going to Vegas. – Mhmm. So is everything between
your mom cool now? – No, we haven’t talked
at all since I left. We get mad at each
other, but that’s my mom, ain’t ever going to be a situation that makes me stop really like [beep] her. It’s my mom, so… – [Bar] Right, right, right. – I need to talk to my mom, but I don’t know if she’ll have the most positive feedback if I tell her that we’re engaged, you know what I’m saying? – Right. – I just… don’t want any feedback
that I don’t want to hear. – [Bar] Mhmm. – That’s all the sneak peeking I’m allowed to give you today but, you can catch all of that and much more tonight on MTV, starting at nine, eight central. If you promise to subscribe and meet me back here tomorrow, I’ll
bring you a sneak peek of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. Bye!

Michael Martin

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  1. Welp The new future baby daddy iiiis JAVI!!!.. LOL she always looking for new sperm BEWARE!!

  2. Youre Daughter is 2 months old. Dating is the last thing you need to be worried about. You should let Devon spend time with his Daughter and maybe he would "know about her". He doesnt want to come to you're house all the time so youre family can attack him. Let her go with him and spend time with him. You're making it the way it is. He wants to and is fighting for it. Some fathers dont even care AT ALL. The same with the 2nd baby daddy. Let him spend time with his daughter. She would rather complain the entire time.

  3. Brianna says he's not stable and he knows nothing about nova so he can't have her…what?! He doesnt know her because you don't let him! At least he asks for his kid..n u tell him no?! SMH! Its not about you, its about nova!

  4. Briana I recomend you some Clinic products for the acne the make Up doesn't cover your acne at all.

  5. Grow up !!!! I hate when people do that shit worry about ur self and how u can be better for u kids don't be dependent on other cause there all u have .

  6. god brianna is loving them cameras overly dramatic putting on a show. her mom is the worst at it.

  7. Ok first of all Amy’s wig the host is ridiculous $10 party city wig that looks like a knock off of tangled the movie come on girl get it together 2nd Briannas ratchet ass is running her mouth here cause she knows Leah’s so passive and won’t confront her like wtf you doing hoe. Brianna is trash and so is Javi for entertaining this hoe kail is a piece of work too but now I see that her and Javi are one in the same he’s not this selfless military man that sacrifices for his family they both cheated not one is better than the other hope the hulk kail beats this hoes ass

  8. Are these people examples for the new generation girls or is this show what not to do! People need to wake up these are not examples parenting to look up to made bad decisions and now want to cash in for the fame and there is actually young ones looking up to them eww look up to talented people smart people who have amounted something through education and now are parents that can pass on parents not this wanabes who wana play families

  9. Umm y’all coming at Briana cuz she is Latina. Kailyn ugly trash ass for surgery to have a black girls body and sleeps with Latino men and have 3 different baby daddies but y’all don’t say anything about her. Also Briana may be naive but at least she isn’t a bitch. Look at how Kailyn disrespected her husband and then have a nerve to get mad. And Leah is a cry baby punk who should mind her business before somebody makes her cry.

  10. I’m hoping to say one thing bout teen pregnancy I was 19 when I was pregnant with my first child it was hard at first now it’s gotten easier for me and now here I am at 21 having my second child I couldn’t ask for anything better in my life then my two children unless you have kids y’all can’t say shit what these girls go through everyday life and I blame briana for not wanting him to her child he is on drugs not ever would I ever let neither one of my kids go around that either I don’t want to see another post bashing these girls they have a hard job and that called parenting so everyone stfu unless you have kids

  11. Ok I haven’t watched this show since it first started but I cannot overstate how important is the value of your self esteem, self worth and dignity and respect for yourself and your body! Both the young kids “teens “ are lacking something and you cannot just blame it on the girls it takes two people to get pregnant and or in other cases like rape etc. There are so many things going on in every family social problems that a lot of people face some more than others like lack of experience and education thus the stress and struggle to be mothers and fathers at a very young age! I don’t care what race you are but this show has to be changed to something else or put on tlc sorry! I remember that it used to be MTV for music 🎶 and television 📺 and videos! Not reality shows! Yes I know it shows many different things but mainly it’s very hard especially when children are being brought up in difficult environments it’s not fair and unhealthy! Just saying! Smh poor little kids 😰😩💜🦋

  12. Briana got two kids by 2 different men..her butt is too big and look fake..she talks and acts as if she doesn't have a clue about anything serious besides laying up having kids…focus on your children not being in a relationship with a man right now….she's starting to look like a slut…

  13. MTV get rid of Briana. How does her mother stand all of the drama that they have as a family? Fire them!

  14. Briana 🙄 just stop. Do I believe men and women can be friends? yes but I don't believe YOU & Javi are friends!!!!!!!! You're so about men.

  15. This chick (Briana) has the IQ of a doorknob. Sad that she will be responsible for raising children in this world. Clueless idiot continues to procreate.

  16. That family is quite disgusting. No morals or direction. They were all clearly aware that it was a f***ed up idea but still went ahead with it regardless. Then had the audacity to make it seem like kail was overreacting. Didnt she have some sort of friendship with kail?

  17. How funny i say something about GHETTO brianna and people question what i say wow well i still think she is a. Crybaby and her family r right behind her her mom talking shit to her grandkids fathers

  18. Somebody made a content about Brianna being Hispanic i am also hispanic some people got offended

  19. Y'all should have seen my reaction I am D E A D ya hear me like how tf you gone talk to someone else baby daddy on the show no ma'am seriously !! Like you crossed it you need your a** whooped

  20. I don’t understand how all these women can just let go of everything I am the new generation boo boo I have 3 handsome boys with my husband of 10 years we got together when I was 15 and I got pregnant at 16 I graduated high school with 3 kids they need to try and work things out instead of walk away and have 6 baby daddy’s! Like hello it’s called for better or for worse for a reason I’m 26 now and we are having our 4th child it’s a girl thank god!!!!!

  21. These girls have the money from the show to raise their kids that's why they keep having them it doesn't set a good example to the real world

  22. Who cares about kale she filed for divorce from Javi had another baby with another man and she's trying to get mad about Bree that's pathetic

  23. I'm sorry, but the person doing Leah's makeup does NOT know how to apply eyeshadow. They made her look like she got punched in the face.

  24. I'm thinking Kail has no right to say anything about who or what Javi does with his life..she couldnt stand him through the marriage and she moved on and had a baby by someone else…so she needs to sit the f down and shut the f up!

  25. You all may hate Farrah (trust me I do too) but at least she only has ONE child. She is the only one that seemed to learn from her mistake. Not say her kid is a mistake, but she isn't going around and getting knocked up by a bunch of low life dudes.

  26. Achieve accompany OK upper interpretation brilliant snake upset want translate double romantic contact.

  27. Something about Brianna seems shady. Like this whole thing is about a career and her involvement W Javi seems orchestrated, fake fake fake! She just seems like she looking for a come up. I don't like her. She is just pretty to look at but that's about it. Classless

  28. Leah can’t judge anybody… Bitch cheated on her husband before the wedding, Divorced twice & two baby daddies she’s not better than anybody so stfu

  29. I actually like Brianna, I think people are too hard on her. Kail was the one who didn't want to be with javi and had a baby with another man. Why does she care so much if javi and bri are together, it is none of her business. It was messed up of Leah. She made drama for no reason. It's like kail is queen bee or something.

  30. Briana knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted that news to get to Kailyn. Then gon try to act all surprised when the word got to Javi. 🙄🙄I wish she woulda stayed likable instead of becoming the messy boots she is today.

  31. Briana you are a fake person and You know in a wrong place right now because of Javi And Javi should Communication with Kaitlyn tell her real story about Briana should step away this situation right now because of Javi and Kaitlyn And Briana I know be Javi girlfriend right now .

  32. Briana you broke Girl codes And Briana you should not tell Leah about Javi about situation with Kaitlyn hotel bedrooms in Orlando Florida Briana Big sister in room awkward awkward awkward awkward awkward………… while briana and Brittany ,Leah getting all makeup done by makeup artist ….

  33. Brianna nasty ugly-looking ho and her sister too I wish I could have been at the reunion's thing last night the mom Briana and her sister was able to come at Kayla like that in the room and mtTV set that b***** up I wish I could have been there Kayla

  34. Javi needs to use a little more finesse when it comes to his personal life around Isaac as he isn't his bio son. Briana knew it would piss Kailyn off and was playing games. Leah should have never asked about Javi in the first place then turn around and tell Kailyn. That was messy.

  35. Teen moms still acting like teens! Get it together moms! Do it for your kids!! Bri is just full of drama and I still can't believe Javy is trying and wanting to get with her!

  36. Why should Kail be concerned she didn't want to be with Javi anyways. So I think Javi should be happy with Briana and Briana should be Javi. They both need to happy!

  37. This wack broad goes with another woman's recent ex husband Nd she has a new baby Nd is screwing him. Wtf is her prob creepy ass girl

  38. They find the trashiest teen moms in America. These kids make Americans look trash uneducated and entitled. We need to stop glorifying these Liberal minded welfare sluts. These girls are now women, but they still act like 16 year olds.

  39. It boggles my fuckin mind how Briana thought its ok to date ur co-stars ex husband, and not havr some kind of drama. How is that ok?

  40. Just because this just aired its old news cause they filmed this a while back …I like my info up to date ..this is old news

  41. Leah has had trouble in the past but who hasn't struggled ..she had those kids day and night when she was married to Jeremy ..he was at work weeks on end ..who wouldn't fall apart ..but she has changed her life around and she is bettering herself ..I'm so proud of her

  42. Out of all the dirty bitches on this show, Brianna is by far the nastiest. Poor girl looks like she suffers from non stop utis' && yeast infetions lol

  43. Brianna is right, kailyn is done with Javi, get over it saw the reunion kailyn needs to grow up ! Brianna did nothin wrong ,

  44. Brianna just has a big mouth that's all she's good at. She's not a good mother at all. Javi could find someone way better that ugly looking girl Brianna.

  45. Amy Pham it whatever her name may be is wearing one horrid wig. It’s not even put on right. I don’t wear wigs but even I can tell how jacked up this one is. As far as Bri goes……..her, Britt and their mother are the true definition of ghetto trash. They act so big and bad but Brittany had to pull someone’s hair from behind. Total coward move. I wish I could meet that skank just one time so she could run her mouth and cry after I bitch slapped her nasty ass. That’s what she needs someone to teach her a lesson bc she’s all bark. I don’t say anything about anyone that I wouldn’t say to their face and if I say it I can back it up. No point in being fake. It’s pathetic. Ive only hit one girl in my life and it was bc she thought she could run her mouth about something and get away with it. I confronted her she said something I honestly don’t remember what but I bitch slapped her so hard she fell back into a wall. That’s what Brittany and Bri both need. No sense in acting all ghetto and crazy. Confront the person let them speak then handle it accordingly.

  46. OMG girl! Plz take that ugly fucking wig off of your head. WTF were you thinking?
    It appears you don't even care that there is no way possible to pass that off as your real hair. WOW.

  47. i think Bree and Javi will make such a cute couple and they both have very calm and nice personalities, so yeah guys go for it. and besides Javi deserves a some love he is such a nice guy guys.

  48. Thank God for my mother lol everything wasn’t gold but I can for sure I damn sure had all three of my kids for the same guy 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

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