Brexit Divorce – Foil, Arms and Hog

Please baby you have to give me a second chance. I’ve already said NO. It’s over. You’ve never even given me a proper reason. You are too controlling. I ask your opinion before I do anything. You don’t respect my boundaries. We both agreed on an open relationship. Look I feel like I’m losing my identity. Now you are just blaming me for your own personal problems. All I know is I’m unhappy. And I need to be on my own for a while. So you are off the market? Well I might start a new relationship. Oh just like this huh? Yes, why not? Well maybe you are not as hot as you think you are eh? Well there’s that American guy. Ha! He is not interested he is only into himself. Well then there is India. Your ex-boyfriend seriously? That was a toxic relationship. All you did was take, take, take. And you call me controlling? I’m leaving you. I’ve put your stuff in boxes on the table. I see you are keeping the Coventry International Transport Museum!! That was a gift! (♪ Crying ♪) Oh congratulations you have woken him up. Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting? Daddy is going away for a while Sweetie. But I don’t want Daddy to go. Well it’s between myself and your Father so lets go back to bed, yes? Daddy is still going to be here OK? We’ll see about that. Excuse me? I want full custody. No, no, no… He stays with me. You can’t use him as some sort of pawn. You do not even know his name. Ireland. Northern Ireland! Well whatever. Why don’t we ask him what he thinks? Oh it doesn’t matter what he bloody thinks! It’s whats best for me… For the family. Well OK you want a divorce? Fine you can have one. But I am not going to make this easy. I’m going to draw things out until the last minute. And I hope you like negotiating Because this is going to be… Excruciating! Fine! Fine! See you in Brussels! As soon as I turn 18 I’m out of here. Doomdah Oooh political! Hey we are Foil Arms and Hog thanks a million for watching we have new videos every single Thursday Subscribe to the channel and do us a big massive favour. And if you want to see us live in front of real people As real people. We are playing all over Ireland And England, and a little bit in Scotland. And Northern Ireland All the dates are on the website Dot I eeeeeeee AND! We’ve got merch coming real soon as in Fingers crossed next week. Right? That’s right on the website, check it out. Oh! Check out that fan! Fan me with it. Oh I do declare. Doomdahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Michael Martin

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  1. This video is hilarious, their accents, the make up, the costumes, the script, every detail is well thought out and seriously funny including the Northern Ireland and Scotland cameos and their little 'slap in the face'! 😂 I love it, well done! Great sense of humour.

  2. The UK's Tories suffer from Former Empire Syndrome. (my term) Once an empire always an empire in one's mind. This collective delusion has driven Euro-scepticism from the outset and is also a massive disadvantage in real world negotiations. Hence the Tories' incredulity that the UK can't leave the EU and keep their privileges and be treated as an exception and on top of it all, dismiss Ireland and the historic importance of the Good Friday Agreement! One Tory MEP said before Christmas that "Ireland should know its place." How telling. Well, yes,, Ireland does know its place and it's in the European Union. I understand a hard Brexit is no good for Ireland either and it's very unfortunate that May's government is driving UK-Ireland relations to a modern all time low., by reneging on her commitment to the "backstop" The most serious and very sad part is The Good Friday Agreement was hard earned, ended decades of sectarian violence, and it must be protected. Peace achieved anywhere must be protected!. It especially should never be threatened to satisfy the selfish whims of a disorganised former empire aka the UK. The irony here is that the UK political leadership never thought to consider Ireland or the border during two years of negotiation(!) because, you know, FES. Or no respect.  I am sending solidarity and good wishes to Ireland from Greece. Stay strong, and stay united.

  3. European Union to United Kingdom: "Please don't leave we're stronger together"

    United Kingdom: "No"

    United Kingdom to Scotland: "Please don't leave we're stronger together"

    Scotland: ….

  4. So thats why they teach us history politics at school, so that we can understand jokes. So school are useful after all

  5. March 2019, I can't believe how accurate this video still is. PS: Do you britons realize how much of a joke this whole thing is for the rest of the world? Personally, I've been indulging in a healthy dose of Schadenfreude watching your country spiral down into this crisis.

  6. You guys got it backwards. EU is hardly begging UK to stay. He got over the shock pretty quickly, and now just wants to move on with his life. Meanwhile, UK doesn't even know which one of her divorce lawyers she's supposed to listen to.

  7. While very funny (especially the French accent of the EU (thank god it is not a German accent ;-)), Brexit is not a divorce. It is more like playing chicken while the EU is a full sized train, the UK is 1:12 5-inch Live Steam railway. Also it has something of an therapy session where the patient is still in denial after 2 years that the Empire is lost and the EU is not a British colony. The UK cannot have the cake and eat it.

  8. 10 minutes ago, I thought the Titanic skit was the best thing that had come out of Brexit.
    Now, it's definitely this.

  9. I'm watching stuff like this as if they were different adaptations of a modern classic, proving to myself tragedy can be adapted as far as comedy. Wait, that was the news cycle.

  10. American here: please don't try to start a deeper relationship with us until Trump leaves. He won't treat you right.

  11. "It doesn't matter what [Northern Ireland] thinks, it's what's best for m- for the family!"
    Sounds about right.

  12. India, your ex-boyfriend? That's was a toxic relationship.. 😆😁😀, what an amazing humorous take on the 'Raj Years' ..

  13. Your ex-boyfriend? Where all you did was take take take 😂😂😂😂😂


  14. Ah Ah Sir Europe seems a little bit German it's hilarious … Why don't you come a little bit in France too? Maybe we"ll get married one day …

  15. I know this is beside the point but if I have a boyfriend who looks as cute as Foil, speaks in a concoction of European accents, gave me a Transport Museum as gift, begging for a second chance I wouldn’t say no.

  16. I don’t understand why people keep saying Europe should have a German accent nothing can get done without the French or the Germans both are equally as powerful in Europe if even one of them disagrees on something it doesn’t happen.

  17. I used to be like alot of brits, “ england is alright” then after leaving and now watching brexit, im like “ ffs england with the royal lion? Its more like a puppy with its tail tucked between its legs, its gonna icolate itself, europe and others can simply stop all trade with the place so they miss out, i wish england regrew a pair of gonads and just dealt with it

  18. Surprised the EU was french – expected German, but Belgian would make the most sense, both as the capital of the EU and as a fusion of French and German.

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