Book Trailer: The Firstborn son: a Curse, a Gift, or a Calling

I’m Ezechiel Bambolo, Jr., the firstborn son
of a family of four children. I was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. From the truly early days of my upbringing,
I recall my parents’ clear instruction, a reminder to me that I am the firstborn son
of my family. And as such, my actions and my responsibilities
carry a much different meaning for our family and my siblings. I have very vivid memories of my struggle
to embrace that truth and value system at an early age, especially the preteen and teen
years, as well as many falls in my early adult years. That is human nature. We reject the truth because truth is confrontational
to our sinful nature. I’m very glad my parents taught me such a
lesson without any reservations because I do not believe I would have accomplished what
I did for our family and continue that pursuit to this day if I did not have a committed
understanding of my role. This book “The Firstborn Son: A Curse, A
Gift or A Calling” does not provide an instant fix to our problems which society frequently
seeks with great error. Instead, it restores a greatly neglected concept
that has been forgotten from multiple generations now but was strategically well placed for
the brilliance and the success of society. The Lord in His scriptures expresses significant
complemental relationship between himself and the position of the firstborn son. In scriptures out of Exodus Chapter 13, Numbers
8, Romans 8, and more, God stresses that this relationship strategically connects himself,
the firstborn son, the nation, and the people, His people. The Bible is loaded with models and depictions
that the Lord has provided us the blueprint for healthy children, healthy families and
society. By following them, by following these rules,
we excel greatly as evidence in how God has used my life in pursuit of this role as a
firstborn son to restore and bless my family from utter destruction and chaos of a civil
war and so much more. There are countless stories and miracles of
a big God and how he appears in the midst of atrocities and hopelessness. But also stories of a total family effort
to embrace this role of the firstborn son and watch God manifest his greatness as a
result of our embrace. You can tell the greatness of a nation by
the value systems of the people, especially America. America’s greatness in the world has been
based on the value system that the rest of the world craves but has rapidly begun to
lose its luster. Our homes give up an aroma of greatness and
appeal when our value systems are properly aligned. So why are our children, especially our sons
who have this “me first” and “me happy” attitude rejecting the essence of the family
to the tone of a crippled society? We have neglected the covenant relationship
between God and our sons, especially the firstborn son. The compelling purpose of this book is to
provide proof of that neglect, but more importantly give you some key tools for restoring that
luster to our homes first and then consequently our society. I urge you, go now and buy a copy of this
book “The Firstborn Son: A Curse, A Gift, or A Calling”. I promise you it will change your life, the
lives of your children, as well as give you the foundation for building a multigenerational
impacting family legacy. It does not matter what you’re dealing with
right now or what you may have dealt with in the past. God has a purpose for every second you have
lived. The book will give you powerful, realistic
and practical examples of how to stand firm and teach your dependants to do the same in
the face of distractions and atrocities that will arise.

Michael Martin

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