Bollywood Bride Makeup – How to do it by yourself | Easy

you you all right so starting off I'm priming my lids with soft ochre Paint Pot this is my second part and I love it now taking buff from the lorac Pro palette 2 I'm applying all of that on top this will make the blending smooth and easy and I'm taking this blush from City colors with a blending brush and apply it a little bit above my crease line this color is going to pop out beautifully as a transitioning shade make sure to blend it well taking cocoa from the same palette I'm applying just a little bit below that first color and first dabbing on the color and creating a shape and then blend out the edges with a blending brush to give some more depth I'm taking some black eyeshadow with a pencil brush and apply it right below the second color but mainly focusing on the outer corners now I'm going to spray on some fixed laws on a flat brush and pick up this beautiful bronzy goldich pigment and apply it right in the middle of my eyelid this is going to give you that beautiful sparkles every time you blink now I'm taking a little bit of my moisturizer on a cotton pad and wiping away all of the fallouts which is why I did the eyes first getting that moisturizer on a q-tip and cleaning up the eye shadow like so this is a hydrating serum which will instantly make your skin so soft and it is a little bit sticky which is great for the foundation to add ear better I'm applying it all over my face with a brush but you can also use your fingers now taking my favorite foundation I'm applying it all over my face like so this is a Southeast Asian Bridal look so you have to make everything look extra sharp and flawless because the wedding gown or sorry or langa is so bright and bold that you must make your makeup look extra strong otherwise you will look very pale so you have to match up with the outfit now I'm going to fill in my eyebrows as usual but again making it a little bit darker than I usually do and continuing with my eyes I'm lining my eyes with a waterproof liquid liner you I'm going to stick on this beautiful full and voluminous lashes I'm going to let it dry and until then I like to highlight and conceal I think this concealer is my fifth bottle it's the Mac Pro Longwear concealer and I don't know I just like to stick on to one product if that works great I just keep on restocking on that you now to contour I'm using this la girl pro conceal this was introduced to me by crazy Daisy they retail some of the best and trending American maker products in Hong Kong which is now where I usually purchase my makeup products from follow them on Instagram and crazy Daisy links are down below and again I'm going to go a little bit harsh on the contouring as well and here I'm doing that baking thing with some setting powder which is very trending this year but it's really worth it and it doesn't look very cakey at all I'm just gonna let it sit for a while and brush it off with my powder brush going back to the eyes I'm using the same color and kind of doing the same steps like I did on the top lid and it looks like I'm very harsh on me but trust me it's only because I fast forward it most of the clips so don't worry and of course you don't want to miss some inner corner highlight taking my favorite bronzer and applying it just a little bit for a warm glow and talking about glow I'm using this new cream highlighter from City colors again by crazy Daisy it is so beautiful I'm just dabbing it on lightly and I will top it off with another highlighter this is just to make it pop well I don't really like to slap on so much highlighter but like I said today we need everything on fleek now for blush I'm going to give just a subtotal hint of color on the cheeks because it's too much already you haven't seen the lips yet now I'm mixing some red with vampire red these are both matte colors so of course you can mix it I should have applied a lip balm at first but I forgot so excuse my dry lips plus matte lip color perfect combination oh don't do this exfoliate and moisturize first all right so I think that's it for the makeup moving on to the hair I'm just going to roughly do my hair which you can't even see because this is just for the video doing this on my own is not very easy but yeah I'm just showing you what I did just in case if you're wondering you now it's time to put on my beautiful bridal jewelry set which I ordered online from India it's just so beautiful it's the most beautiful jewelry I have everyone it arrived in just less than two weeks and they were very helpful and I think it was a very good price too it just cost me about 400 Hong Kong dollars yep get it I will leave the links in the description box below now throwing on my dupatta and that's a wrap oh and time to pose you and just in case if you don't know yet I'm doing Bridal makeups in Hong Kong anyway I really hope you enjoyed let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for watching this is steeper and I will see you next time

Michael Martin

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