Bollywood Actresses Who Married ‘DIVORCED’ Men!!

There have been many
actresses in Bollywood.. ..who were at the top in their times.. ..and millions of
men wanted to marry them. But they chose their
life partner to be someone.. ..who had already married before. These actress may have
been the number one heroine.. ..but they didn’t mind
being the number two wife.. their personal lives. Today we are going to tell
you about ten such heroines. Kareena Kapoor. Many bachelors dreamed of marrying.. ..the number one heroine in Bollywood,
Kareena Kapoor. But she fell in love
with the prince Saif Ali Khan. Saif had already married once before.. ..and a father of two children. But Kareena chose him as a life partner. Karisma Kapoor. Kareena’s elder sister
Karisma did a similar thing. After her break-up
with Abhishek Bachchan.. ..Karisma married Sanjay,
a divorced businessman from Delhi.. ..and a father of a child. Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan,
who won the Best Actress Awards.. ..for films like ‘Kahaani’
and ‘The Dirty Picture’.. ..chose a man to marry
who had married twice before. Yes. Vidya fell in love
with Siddharth Kapoor.. ..who had married twice before. Lara Dutta. Lara Dutta broke her eight-year
long relation with Kelly Dorji.. ..and married the tennis
player Mahesh Bhupati. This was Mahesh’s second marriage. Seven years before that,
Mahesh had married.. ..the model Shweta Jayashankar. Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa Shetty,
who won a million hearts.. ..was loved by many young men. Even Akshay Kumar had
fallen in love with her. But when it was time to get married.. ..Shilpa fell for Raj Kundra,
who was married once before. Raj Kundra had a daughter
from his first marriage. After getting divorced with
his first wife, he married Shilpa. Mahima Chaudhry. Mahima Chaudhry was
a hit heroine of her time.. ..and when she wanted
to choose a life partner.. ..she chose a married man. He was Bobby Mukherji,
who wasn’t just married.. ..but also was a father. Juhi Chawla. Juhi Chawla was once
the number one heroine.. ..of Bollywood and
her husband Jay Mehta.. ..had married once before.. ..and after getting
a divorce he married Juhi. Raveena Tandon. Everyone always loved Raveena Tandon.. ..but Raveena too chose
a divorced man to marry. Sridevi. Sridevi was the number
one heroine in the 80s.. ..and many big stars were
willing to marry her back then. But Sridevi chose Bony
Kapoor as a life partner.. ..who was much older to
her and already married once. Hema Malini. Hema Malini, who was famous as.. ..the dream girl of Bollywood,
had many fans. But when it came to
choosing a life partner.. ..Hema chose the He-man Dharmendra. But Dharmendra was not
just into a married relation.. ..but he had sons too. Dharmendra converted
to Islam to marry Hema. Why did these beautiful
Bollywood actresses.. ..prefer to marry married men? They may have their reasons for it. But one of the facts is
that they broke the hearts.. ..of many bachelor
men by getting married.

Michael Martin

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  1. Juhi Chawla' s husband was not a divorced man……his first wife died in a plane crush……he married chawla couple years later after his first wife died.

  2. what is wrong if someone marries a divorcee or a widower?! Why the hell is it such a big deal!!??ย 
    Its their life, their choice…and none of anyone's business.

  3. Its not matter of married man.. its just for money man..every heroin need money man.. for that they left thier luvs also….pyar vyar kuch kuch na hota ..paisa paisa chahiye in heroins ko………

  4. Coz – Divorced guys are more matured from their previous relationship— also they have more money– first marriages dont work coz guys are struggling — actresses marry settled guys for they have more money

  5. why are bollywood actresses so dumb? but i have to say the dumbest of all of them have to be the kapoor sisters. karisma left the single abhishek bachchan who later married aishwarya rai and she married a divorced man and she is now divorced as well. now her sister kareena has also married a divorced and father of 2 children, saif ali khan

  6. vidya should have thought twice before marrying siddarth roy kapur especially since he got divorced twice. what's the guarantee that siddharth won'tย divorce vidyaย  if he has two divorces behind him?

  7. God give the life partner, after getting a partner and giving divorce is not good, and giving divorce for getting another woman or man after marriage is really injustice to the first partner and children. children are the sufferers.

  8. What???? Life partner!!!! You must be kidding these days Indian couples Married or Unmarried don't spend life to together they keep changing partners and sleep with thousands of different people.
    India is still there but Indain culture and all the respect has gone and people are gone so cheap and men's gone more desperate that they marry used pussy!!!!!

  9. Most of these people remarry to curb their libido and money/fame but few people know that their children also get prone to divorce out of the gene they carry..

  10. oooho kai kunwaro ka dil toot gaya dont say like this plz say kai massom bachcho ki life distroy hui aur unki x wifes ko kittna dukh hua
    ek image banane k liye in log ne kita kuch kya aur sab log ka jeet gaye lekin ek kam a sa bhi kiye jis se kisi ek ka dil bhi toota to unke name fame ka koi faida nahi
    aur kisi ka ghar kyu barbad kye kya dunya me wahi hain
    i hate this actresses

  11. shadi k stage tk any per in actress sy koi shadi krna psnd ni krta
    so yeh females second hand jawani ko hi chunti hain

  12. WTH.. so dharmendar and hema malini are muslim?? wah ! they think that islam qabool karke, dusri shaadi karna is okay.. yes it is okay, shaadi nibharahein hein toh islam bhi nibhanyein!! stupid people :I

  13. Hems Malini did the unthinkable.
    She n her Haram Dharam cheated God by pretending to accept Islam n Allah as their creator only to forget their vows once they were declared husband n wife !!!!

  14. But why Dharam had to convert to Islam to marry Hema who is a Hindu? I think its wrong news because i've seen him with a tilak on his forehead at Hema daughter wedding.

  15. miss deepishika stupid indians toh tum konsi anhgrejon ki oallad ho actress ki baat ho rahi h pure indians k baare mai bolne ki koi jarurat nahi h samji

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