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– I am racist. – My name is Jacob Komonu
and I am a restaurateur. – My name is Mike Miller and I have light perception,
so I can tell the lights are on or the studio lights are on but I can’t see anything else. – I can’t see anything. No lights, no color, anything. Total dark. – No. – No. – I would like to think that I’m not. However, there are those stereotypes that have been instilled in everyone. – I am racist because I think every white person is racist. I participate in institutions. Like, I benefit from
capitalism, which was built on slavery and racism. – I’ve experienced racism. But I don’t let it bother me. I think allowing it to affect me gives them the upper hand. – No. Because I can’t see. – Blindness does sometimes
take those racial cues out of society because if
can’t tell by someone’s voice or accent or whatever,
like I have no idea. – I’ve noticed with a lot of people I meet I don’t really find out what their race is until a while after we meet. – We don’t necessarily go around asking, Are you black? Are you white? You are who you are as
far as I’m concerned. – I work with a person who’s Japanese but I would have no
idea unless she told me. There’s just no cue that I have. – I can tell more or less if a person’s
Caucasian, Black, Mexican, whatever it might be. By their voice, accent. – Like seeing someone’s skin color I think is not the only way that
we differentiate people’s culture or race. – I can pick out dialects
and sometimes try to associate them with
what race they might be. I wish I could completely just ignore it. But I can’t help it. If I’m walking down the street and I hear a couple of people and they’re like aggressively talking to each other and it’s slang and vulgar speech and it’s not eloquent, I
naturally sometimes think, oh those people might be
black because of their accent. I shouldn’t think like that but there are natural stereotypes
out there in the world. – No. I don’t know. I don’t know. – You can hear the way someone speaks and make a determination about them that could be completely inaccurate ’cause you just don’t know. – I’ve had experiences
where I’ve known a person for probably a year,
year and a half or so, and they never knew I was black. Ironically, this was another black person. They were like, you’re black? And I’m, yeah I am black. So. (laughs) – I believe there’s racism
within the blind community because there is racism everywhere and the blind community is no exception. – I think it’s their upbringing,
how they were raised. – I grew up in North Idaho and I wasn’t exposed to a lot of people from different cultures. I grew up in a home with
my dad, who was pretty… Racist isn’t the term I
want to use, but pretty vocal about identifying
people by their race. Like it’s just how he grew up. – I come from India and my dad is different complexion and they married each other
and they’re like pretty you know happy couple. It’s a good example for us. – If I did, I probably didn’t recognize it because I don’t look for it. – The issues I’ve seen
in the blind community kind of take on, maybe they
tend to be more white issues. One thing I haven’t
seen the blind community collectively work on is housing justice. And I’m complicit in this
too, right, ’cause I’m a blind person, right,
so I could be the person to organize and I’m not. – People who are blind come in all shapes, sizes,
economic backgrounds, beliefs. And some of them are racist. That’s something that we
as a society in general, blindness excluded, need
to work on being better at.

Michael Martin

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  1. All of these people seemed really cool apart from the white girl in the blue t-shirt, she was obviously a weird "I benefit from capitalism and capitalism was founded on slavery and racism" SJW

  2. Im not being rude but people judge because of my skin and think I blast my rap music or smack talk or talk loudly but I dont! I keep my room clean and Icant stand a dirty house! I wouldn't whoop my kids and I hate watermelons and I dont like chains or nothing! Im not like that,I was raised right no whoopins I just had to stand in the corner and I was the teachers pet never acted crazy in school and I dont hang out in the wrong group(ok i admit I do hang out with alot of white kids but the only reason for that is because Black kids dont like me and white kids treat me nicely and right).I hate when other races judge the black race so much and say what most of them don't do! I never want to start fights and in not a hood rat 🙁 maybe you ahould get to know me before you judge :/

  3. So the blue lady thinks she is racist because she was BORN into a capitalist society????? How does that make her racist? Sure her ancestors probably benefited from slavery, but how is that HER fault? I'm confused

  4. I mean I’m deaf it’s like asking my favorite type of music ? What’s the point if I’ll never know this should expand to more things like religious hate racism and things like that if you don’t know enough to have hatred your wrong

  5. The chick in blue is a fucking moron. She's probably just waiting to hear the sound of every coloured person in the world clapping at the groveling and servile attempt to placate them. Nothing worse than these spineless fucking liberals virtue signalling. If you are racist because 'white' people created capitalism then give all your belongings to coloured people then. Otherwise shut the fuck up with your fake contrived nonsense. If she actually believed what she was saying she would do that. Also is all white people are racist by default, why fight racism… If you are racist why would you fight racism and even if for some reason you did fight racism, then its a losing battle if ALL white people are racist. The stupidity of this kind of rhetoric is fucking immense.

  6. You're not racist just because you're white. That's a racist statement and idc who says it. Capitalism isnt built on racism either. That's just nonsense, capitalism doesnt discriminate

  7. He isn’t racist if he picks out accents and tries to connect them to a race. He’s racist if he acts differently around certain races

  8. With the context of this video and seeing a black blind man, I can’t stop thinking about Dave Chapelle’s blind racist character

  9. For All Of You “Smart” People Out There, That White Woman Said The Most BullShit I’ve Ever Heard, “Every White Person Is Racist” What A “Intellect” Blind Person But to Be Honest She is A 🤡. If this was not from America. This would be a joke.

  10. I RESPECT their honesty so much because this is thw truth. Being racist is something you are TAUGHT.

  11. iam racist …yes I am.very much so.
    but i dont hate the race of a person ..i hate the behavior that some cultures bring with them.

    And alot of these bad behaviors turn out to be true.
    Iam german (I know haha german and racist) and in alot of the news i read, about the city that i live in, I see robberies, muggings and thefts every once in a while.
    Most of the suspect descriptions are : Southern/Turkish appearence.
    I see alot of Turks/Arabs/Syrians in my city nowadays and it pisses me off..i know that alot of them are not criminal and they a ashamed of their stereotypes.
    But I am afraid to go outside in fear of getting mugged.
    Circa 95% of Turks are driving mercedeces from money that either comes from illegal Activities like robberies or from other dubious sources.
    There are alot of Turkish/Arab clans (Not where i live though) all over germany and those clans are hard to control..they smash windows..steal stuff and dont work for their money.
    that is my honest opinion and I think that my experience gives me enough knowlegde to be racist against these people in general …or at least see them as lower parts of society.

  12. The blind white racist people in the video are going to get their ass beat or harassed in public now that 3M viewers know how they look like

  13. I liked this video but on what the girl said at 0:41, speak for yourself mate but I'm white and not racist. Racism is prejudice and discrimination based on race and I can tell you I, for one, do not do that.

    People seem to conflate white and western/first-world/developed which I think could be perceived as racist in of itself. It's people in western society that benefit and detriment from the effects of capitalism, regardless of skin colour. People of colour and white people living in the western world both benefit from slavery. A white Ukrainian child sex slave certainly isn't rolling in the fruits of some racist society, and Oprah with her billions isn't being oppressed by white people.

    Even being in the lower middle/working class, I am unbelievably privileged and lucky to have been born in relatively such a rich, prosperous, safe country with such social safety nets as the UK. I have absolute bags and bags of first-world privilege, as does anyone else living in the UK, not any kind of white privilege. Just as I have privilege over white sex slaves, a black person living in the US has incredible privilege over a black person living in a mud hut in Uganda.

    Basically my point is privilege is based on where you are, not on the colour of your skin.

  14. I noticed that how they conveyed their words here in this episode was more constructive and well thought out than the other ones
    Which is generally what you have to do when talking about serious topics like these

  15. People who can see are “showing” blind people whats scary, whats visually funny, we sumtimes teach them visual cues especially when they ask “why are people laughing?”
    I now realize how damaging stereotypes on television are after watching this…

  16. I have sympathize for the white girl in the blue shirt but her opinion annoyed me like "all white people are racist" I didn't know that was a real opinion people had

  17. 0:48 this dumbass acts like america is the founder of capitalism. When captilism started in Europe it was just a concept of trading

  18. Yes, you are racist if you think every white person is racist lady. Nice, ideology btw. I couldnt make it a minute into the video.

  19. And the racists are coming out in the comment section. They dont even realize they're racist. But thats how racism works. That's just how the world is, its not your biases right?

  20. no offense but the girl in the blue shirt is stupid. Just because you're white does NOT make you racist. Twitter would love you for your fake "wOkeNesS" but tbh u just sound dumb

  21. Bitch got me a little mad that she she she thinks all whites are racist. Saying that is super stupid and factually incorrect. Some white are racists are, most aren't. Same for any race. Any race CAN be racist to any other race and any race can be treated racistly(and yes, whites CAN be victims of racism too).

  22. I understand that there was a point in time where white people were terrible and racist towards blacks but we are in a different time now its almost 2020 we should be getting over the fact that yes whites used to be racist almost 50 years ago but most of the time when you have an opinion on race you are considered a racist because we disagree now that right there is discrimination, people no matter white, black, latino or ect. Like to say "lemme bring you back into history" but the thing is I already no about it whites did not start slavery it was the portugese that started to bring the blacks into america and if every single white person ON EARTH is a racist give me an accurate conclusion because that is such a false statement I am a white person and I dont go around discriminating blacks because of there skin color so explain? And tbh now a days it seems like Black people are more likely to discriminate whites in my opinion but people just dont want to accept that other cultures or ethnicities are getting discriminated. Go ahead tell me im wrong or "bring me back to history" I really dont care because this is my opinion and this is how I feel…

  23. After a year one black guy asks the other: "Your'e black?" lol
    He obviously thought the other was so different from himself he must be a different race.
    Race is such a silly concept.

  24. As a Former Racist, (not proud) I can say for me it used to not be about their actual Skin colour but rather how they acted. Thankfully, I snapped out of it.

  25. How can they see their own skin color tho ?

    Funny edit: So I was screensharing with my friend and then when the indian girl was speaking he went like HAHAHAHAHA SHUT UP YOU'RE WHITE because he was narrating a meme.

  26. Racism.
    Let’s say there’s two groups called population A, and population B. They are both basically identical, except all of population B have deeper voices, and when population A found population B, they were significantly dumber. So, instead of population A doing the right thing, and…I dunno, teaching them stuff, they decide to be evil a**holes and force them to do stuff or else they’ll kill them.

  27. The white lady was like every white person is racist…how does she know she’s white if she’s blind. I would be the plot twist and say she’s black lmao

  28. I'll probably get a lot of hate for saying this but I feel like some people need to know. I make racist/sexist jokes from time to time and I have a dark sense of humour, but I don't joke about it to offend anyone. I believe that no topic is out of bounds for a joke if… The intention of the joke is: to spread joy and make someone laugh. I understand that there are times when a joke goes too far e.g. recent loss of a loved one. I once had mental health issues and I now believe that laughter is the best medicine. Give it some time, but one day, look back on those hard times and maybe even joke about it. Dark humour is okay and I feel that not enough people look at both sides and are quick to accuse someone of being a horrible human being and how it's disgraceful to say such a thing. If you're one of these people, please try to understand what the intention of the joke is before you judge too harshly.

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