Bizarre Things About The Barefoot Contessa's Marriage

celebrity food personality and best-selling cookbook author Ina Garten and her husband of nearly 50 years Yale professor Jeffrey Garten our hashtag couple goals for the hardcore Food Network fan after first laying eyes on each other in the early 60s these two have lived a love story for the ages and if you've ever seen them on TV adorably fawning all over each other you know that these two are the real deal every last chapter of ina and Jeffrey's life to get the shows they're in it for the long haul and will forever be into one another here are some of the stranger things you didn't know about the delightful love fueled and filled entity that is the gardens love at first sight when I know Garten was 15 years old she and her parents visited her brother who was studying at Dartmouth College where Jeffrey Garten also happened to be matriculating ina recounted the story in her cookbook cooking for Jeffery writing unbeknownst to me Jeffrey and his roommate were in the college library studying as I walked by outside Jeffrey just happened to look up at that moment he asked his roommates who's that girl strangely the roommate did know that girl it was ina Rosenberg and he had a date with her that night set up by Ines brother Jeffrey ignored the competition from his roommate and went for it anyway he got her address and sent ina a letter in her book she recalls the moment writing I received a beautiful handwritten letter in the mail with a photograph of the most adorable guy I'd ever seen a few months later Jeffery came to visit ina in Connecticut and she tried to take him to a bar despite being only 16 naturally they were refused service in her book she recounts the experience saying I'd never actually been to a bar but I figured that's where a college guy would expect to go write a romantic marriage while people got married younger in the good old days ina and Jeffrey were shockingly young when they got hitched when Jeffrey and ina made their love state official in 1968 he was 22 years old and she was only 20 but it's worth mentioning that the couple were together for nearly five years before they tied the knot putting up with me for 45 years the ceremony took place at Ines parent's home three days before Christmas in an interview with people ina described the romantic day saying it was a perfect day for a wedding right in the middle of the ceremony it started to snow when she answered Vanity Fair's Proust questionnaire in 2016 ina said that her greatest regret was quote not marrying Geoffrey sooner if your biggest mistake isn't locking down the love of your life as quickly as possible then you have led a charmed life the Gardner's go to Washington believe it or not ina Garten once worked in a field about as totally opposites to making high-end comfort food as you can get she worked for the feds I was working in OMB office management budget for the federal government for the yeah Ford and Carter and I worked on nuclear energy policy not to be outdone Jeffrey Garten contributed his expertise in economics to four presidential administrations Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for the latter Garten was the Undersecretary of Commerce for international trade focusing on emerging markets so they've both been close to the room where it happens isn't it nice when couples have things in common changing careers Ina Garten maybe one of the most famous names in american food but she didn't go to culinary school and she isn't a chef she made her mark because she had a love passion and knowledge for the culinary arts coupled with opportunity by 1978 she burned out on working in nuclear policy and was ready to make a major career change at the time Garten also had a good site hustle flipping houses it was about then when she saw a classified ad about a small full-service speciality food store the Barefoot Contessa for sale in the Hamptons I went home and I told Jeffrey about it and he said pick something you love to do if you love doing it would be really good at it despite not having any prior experience in the food world she ran the store for nearly two decades long distance relationship both Jeffrey and Ina Garten have enjoyed extremely success well and busy careers in their respective lines of work while ina ran a store and parlayed it into a career as a TV personality and author of 11 cookbooks Jeffrey Garten became one of the world's foremost minds on business finance and international trade in 1995 he was named the Dean of the Yale School of Management he held the position for ten years before stepping down but he remains on staff as an instructor with the title of dean emeritus according to his Yale profile he's also worked on mergers and acquisitions in the private sector written a monthly column about global business for Businessweek and found the time to write six books on economics all of this is to say that the garton's don't see each other too much during the week ina stays in East Hampton working on her career as a food icon and Geoffrey hangs out at Yale up in New Haven Connecticut one thing we always do is we always connect with each other during the day and the thing is even though he's away he's like this anchor in the middle of my life c'est la vie together jeffrey and ina have lived a shared life of seemingly boundless love romance and whimsy for jeffrey it all culminated on one very special day which in an interview with Food Network he called the single best moment in his life with ina I got another surprise for you it went down in May 2002 when Jeffrey took a red-eye flight from New York City to Paris and then took a cab to a building he'd never visited before despite many memorable trips to the City of Light with his wife ina buzzed him up to an apartment this was a little place in Paris that ina had purchased a year before and extensively remodeled all without ever showing Jeffrey a single picture or revealing any details in an interview with the Food Network ina said the secret to a happy marriage is that he trusted me I wanted it to be a surprise no kids no problem both Jeffrey and Ina Garten are in their 70s now so the opportunity for them to have children at least biologically has passed Jeffrey and ina consciously made the decision together to not start a family or rather make theirs larger in 2017 Ina Garten opened up about their decision on the Katie Couric podcast we decided not to have children but I really felt I feel that I would never have been able to have the life I've had and so it's a choice this secret Chicken viewers of Ina Garten shows know that when she and Jeffrey reunite each week they often dine on roast chicken at least for that reason the roast chicken is a very important dish to the woman who makes great food for a living and she thinks it should be an important dish for just about everybody – one of the great gifts that you can give people is to cook for them in 2017 ina told time that the first thing anyone should learn how to cook in addition to coffee should be a roast chicken it's a special meal she enjoys with her husband but it's also apparently a special meal that can land a person a spouse in 2018 Ina Garten told NBC's Today I met some young women and they told me they call the roast chicken in the Barefoot Contessa cookbook engagement chicken because they found that every woman in the office that made it for their boyfriend was engaged within 24 hours it may have even worked for the Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markel in 2016 the soon-to-be Duchess told Good Housekeeping there is nothing as delicious or impressive as a perfectly roasted chicken if you have a Niner garden level roasted chicken recipe it's a game-changer and in their first interview after their engagement the couple shared details on the night that Prince Harry pops the question since stanzas typical night roses you know we're doing just roasting chicken and chicken guess that's how Markos snagged Prince Harry and how I nures kept Jeffrey happy for decades

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  1. Jeez ..Ina is really SO CUTE in that wedding photo at 2:18… but I wish the picture was larger I wish they had zoomed in on it because on my phone it doesn't look that big and I would like to see it some more

  2. Sometimes a couple who are so much in love and devoted to each other, might not have any room in their lives for children. They acknowledge it and accept it. It is far crueller to bend to societal pressures to have them; you would end up being resentful which could lead to the downfall of what was once a happy marriage.

  3. Ina and Hubby would be a hit show.. I and the world love to view. We know that she is successful in her craft of food and flavors… And he must be the most interesting man… as we don’t know what he does, but would like to learn about how they gel well..❤️❤️❤️

  4. How many people though Hamilton when she said " the room where it happens?" I WANNA BE IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS!

  5. I love her!!!! Her cooking shows be so inspirational ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I didn't know there was any hate towards them . I love them . Chocolate brownies in a shoe box , and roast chicken . Ina is such a sparkly pretty woman . They have an enviable life maybe, but they are very smart , savvy people . They have worked for it .
    Some people are just so full of jealousy, and resentment .Let em eat cake ! 🗽🎂🍰🍪🍩🤪

  7. Only thing that got me about her is waiting anxiously for Jeffrey to come home and eat. Like just don’t be so needy and codependent. But whatever.

  8. I don't trust this portrayal of them as lovebirds. It could be staged for the cameras as far as I can tell. Not that I hope it's fake; but a lot of celebrity marriages are secretly a sham.

  9. ina where do you think Jeffrey 'EATS' during the week?  yes he loves you but you are MORBIDLY OBESE no man wants to figure out were to 'find it' after a week apart.  INA yes you feed him well on Friday, but you are so lost during the week. and it serves you right WTH did you expect.  yes even Yale men need 'IT'…. lol EVEN IF YOU WANTED TOYOU COULD YOU WOULDN'T KNOW HOW!  YOU IDEA OF SEX IS ROLLING YOUR EYES OVER A PIECE OF BUTTER.

  10. its all smoke and mirrors.  Jeffrey has had a longgggg term lover at Yale for at east 10 years.  The woman is a total classy woman and she refuses to play in any way to hurt Ina.For me…I disagree.  Ina should know.

  11. I heard that she is not a good person, looks like a child in a hospital wanted to see his idol(Ina Garten) and she never show up, did not care, and because of the bad publicity she wanted to see this child, too late the kid did not wanted to see her anymore, it is shame because she was one of my favorite at Food Network!

  12. I want to be as happy as them up with my future spouse! Good on he for being honest about not wanting children. Especially from a the era she was married in.. That must have been hard with all the evil people around who don't understand that peoples choices are not their business!

  13. It is to bad that more celebrities aren't like these 2. I know not all marriages work out.. But you have to work at them for that to happen.

  14. This lady is not among my favorite people. I have heard of some pretty selfish and rude things about her. She has always seemed to me like a snob Im not surprised she has a bizarre life style.

  15. They have a great marriage, people are just jealous. Stop the hate, they are both very nice people and they are happy. I love her honesty about children.

  16. There’s nothing bizarre about their marriage. If it works for them, then it’s ok. She inspired me to go to cooking school, one of the best decisions of my life.

  17. Real Love: She's been with allot of other men, he's been with other girl but they still love each other forever.

  18. If she want kids or no is her life if he is gay or not is they life .i dont care about that .
    I love ro cook and not once i was inspired by this lady .Not once

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