Bipasha & Karan's Wedding Film Trailer

I think I prayed for that kind of love where the person you you are in love with your lover wants you needs you likes to spend time with you when you meet somebody who you connect with so much there's a question I remember why what's the reason what what could it be he fixed me my life would be a disaster my life's change like a lord we accepted each other without judging each other helped each other you're not going into it blindfolded anymore you know the mistakes you made so you know what you're not supposed and you know what you've been missing all these but Smoochum a terrible job and learn whoo-hoo course of a battle daffodil Tony the songs we are ha ha made of davender damn Oh and I couldn't understand why I'm beginning to like someone I'm such a grown-up woman you can't let go you can't let the question go unanswered you want to find them the first time I met him he was late and I am so good with time it's a very warm-hearted person she makes everyone feel really comfortable and I thought he was very handsome clean and sharp dresser that's my first impression of him there was a place where we were shooting with leeches but Karen walks into the forest barefoot that's the first day I walk bare feet I really don't know you know when I was 19 or something I used to be that girl that day I think my decision was made I just knew I loved Hey Darwyn here doors are Oh ish kaboom I've never really had that somebody who's loves everything that you do it's thankful is grateful

Michael Martin

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