Billie Eilish's When The Party's Over's Lyrics & Meaning | NME Song Stories

Michael Martin

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  1. tbh when i first heard it i thought she was trying to tell us she got raped 🤷🏼‍♀️But i’m glad that’s not the case at all.

  2. Brooo when the party's over has to be my favorite Billie eilish song everyone says it's scary or creepy and I'm like bro IT'S ART

  3. yesss me and my friends count on bullies music to make us happy and her music never fails to amaze us😭😍😍

  4. There was s woman in India that committed suicide by drinking some thick black liquid. She filmed it and sent it to her ex boyfriend the day before her wedding.

  5. I give the girl props for her music but, no one "loves pain".
    3:36 I think her age is showing a little bit there. Anyone who's lived in pain will tell you "pain fucking sucks"… I could see it being a fetish or something. To be in pain full time blows.
    just saying

  6. Hey yo? How can you Glare like that to my face you f*cking thumbnail! I'm gonna sue you billie eilish for making me a gay for about 40 seconds staring at the mother f*cker Thumbnail humph

  7. Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like, Like, like, like,… Like

  8. You’re gonna be a legend one day I can feel it. If anyone is reading this, stars like her don’t seem to live too long. I know that sounds fucked up but I’ve been noticing that these beautiful souls don’t last long on earth sometimes for some reason so go watch her and show her love cause she’s one of a kind and once she’s gone there will never be anyone like her again. She’s one in trillions. Talent like this is so special and sometimes so rare. You’re the best Billie

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