Bila Suami Di Uji Kesetiaan Dengan Seorang Wanita

You! You’re really are trash! I kept quiet I was patient And you do this to me! Sofea! What are you doing?! Don’t you know who she is? Bella is my wife! Peace be upon you darling… Peace be upon you too love, my sweet heart. Darling… Can you come back home a bit early today? Because I cooked something special for you! Sure! But I need to meet a client later. Okay, I love you. I love you too. Why are you messing with me? What are you waiting for? Follow follow follow. Don’t you want to go out together? Let’s go! What are you doing?! What do you mean? Nothing.. Oi! What are you guys doing?! It’s not proper of you to mess with women! Ah… Where did this uncle come from? Who are you, huh?! Is she your girlfriend? This is my wife. All of you, get out of here! Go away! She’s already married.. Aiyaaa… Already married ma? Miss, are you okay? Okay. I’m okay. What are you doing here? It’s dangerous to walk here alone. I’m actually looking for a job. But no company wants to offer me a job. Because I have no experience. Previously.. My husband was the one who handled everything. After he passed away.. I lost my way. I don’t know what to do anymore. My child has not eaten for three days. If that’s the case.. Here’s my card. Tomorrow, you can come to my company. Okay. Thank you, mr. You’re welcome. What are you smiling for? Darling.. Ever since Bella worked at your office.. You look like you’ve changed. You’re not like before. What are you spouting?! Even our children noticed, darling. You’ve been coming home late. Always playing your phone. Laughing on your own. Before.. You always talked to me about your work. Now, you don’t talk about it anymore. Just be honest, darling. A woman’s heart is never wrong. Do you like Bella? I guess it’s true.. If you’re being quiet, that means it’s true.. That’s okay. Then I’ll propose Bella for you, all right? Have you forgotten, Sofea? You were the one who was excited to propose her to me. I didn’t even tell you to! You met her parents Proposed her for me. Then you met my parents. Until my mom slapped me! I… I just followed what you arranged! And now you want to be mad?! Darling How could you do this to me? Don’t you know? There’s no woman in this world who wants to participate in polygamy I did all this Just to test your loyalty If you had nothing to do with Bella. Why did you keep quiet when I asked you about her? Why didn’t you refuse when I was proposing her? Until your marriage! You didn’t refuse at all! Sofea… Be patient… I really had to nothing to do with him back then. Only a boss and his employee. I accepted your proposal Because I was touched with your sincerity Hey woman! You don’t need to pretend to be kind! If you had no feelings for my husband Why did you easily accept my suggestion?! Huh?! Sofea! Sofea Hana Binti Majid. From today onwards You are no longer my wife. How could you… For the sake of other women’s children You’re willing to leave your own child.

Michael Martin

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