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it's two days before the wedding and the boys are delivering their animal print bridesmaids dresses in a cardboard box your bits got to do this mate today I think you should be let's just fold these in give the door I throw them whenever you run away run perfect for you guys presentation is everything it's like seiran's and sandals you plead a leg it's not so wrong no like seriously it's not a joke so we don't really have to wear that you'll all come together I promise you you will or everything it'll make sense I can't believe you've done that so night I was really giving you the benefit of the doubt through all of this but turning up with that I'm really disappointed you know hope you're not standing there expecting us to try the monks we're not gonna do it in front of you we angry because I just know how jazz is gonna feel when she sees that tackiness on her wedding day it's just wrong I'm going so you girls so I've been asked to come and do your makeup ready for the wedding which includes face pink to one side of your face they will look pretty pretty close to death happy you look beautiful so this is the day of the dead so we're dead okay will you expecting this no no it's that same it's the day of the dead I just think it's so important so to sit fit in with us and the theme of the wedding Nathan's asked me to give you something that I would like you to wear even more super fun yeah all right pull that down it's green no that's a dress very glam the finishing touch [Applause] yes as well just go into peace go come on right just remember some big day not yours the most unflattering things I've ever worn in my life oh my god they better not laugh us that's right serious place is poison you have no idea I feel really frumpy let's be honest it doesn't fit well what's fun teaming this is a very flattering you know we nearly got you a fancy dress shop pixie dress and that 100 your money's gone this could have been like really expensive it actually was quite expensive that was then dresses cost a lot money it's cut the shoes are quite expensive oh oh shut up that on Primark someone's at the door the guy Holly's going mad if that is a sit-in mill you look stunning but this is indoors are you being serious get Charlie's mom now it's an endorphin I'm gonna kill it mum I'm not doing this I'm not to they don't come with flowers at the rios and we're not going out at all what I'm not even joking I'm not joking I sweat scotch I'm being super skinny camera out my face I mean I'm not gonna prove the word need all I'm saying is is that I am only the messenger guy bye I am pissed off with him trying to look at the positive sides than the negative right now I don't doubt the wedding I feel like there is some ear bigger and better waiting for me well she's torn a strip of cane and speaking of a strip there's another surprise in store hello are you Charlie yes hello Charlie Oh Josh knocking on the door with bags of food bags of wine enjoy your night how's that anyone and then our hour later woman stripper turns up is he having a laugh I can't like see him I'm gonna brain him so they're all the same size one-size-fits-all yeah if you want to just take they got it's all gonna fit this is gonna make sense in the end Oh promise Jasmine's gonna comment or ear pops this is like it's the wedding has that not like a funeral it's not it's not like if you know I promise try it on I'm actually really worried for Jasmine now you know you're marrying into our family don't know it's good it'd be fine Jasmine he's not gonna be falling okay Ben was this your input or was he saw Bobby still in place it wasn't all Bobby's doing they all had okay as long as we know but can they try mommy yeah yeah I can't listen I can't be this month I really I can't do this I've lost Ben you've gone he's bonded aha I just I don't know I feel like they think that the wedding's gonna be ruined and they didn't they obviously an even like the Hindu yeah and so far everything we thought we've done right hasn't been right and it's been wrong they just look so angry and I feel I'm scared that we've ruined justice with him I don't know if I can go back in all right as you could say winner on our dresses why black white black and white it's all gonna make sense in the end ya ain't gonna make sense oh it does Bobby when Jasmine he's in tears how are you gonna feel she's not it's I promise you I promise you from that what are they I promise you all I won't let jazz down but we have to go with the theme it's just it's just what it is in the day like I had it's whyis what is it his way is when Jasmine says no then poppin is that what it is is what it is I tried no because because that's how you got to think I can't you know you to you know show what you're made of and you with you're making choices now you have a trust me I've got this your future wife won't have any sisters at our wedding cuz I ain't going it's two days until the wedding and Lise called the bridesmaids together to see their dresses but an hour in there's no sign of the boys Shane's fiance Lisa puts in a call so you're having a sit-down Indian without us well we all feel it Satya waiting for use a sit-down meal what the hell it's really not a joke I'm Jay I'm gonna punch him Becky would be out if she knew we were sayin al she would be absolutely at crime in Salem the boys finally stop beating around the bush which is ironic because it's time for the girls to see their dresses it's all that curry what do not like it if I put that on you you doing it cause Sharon's got it on I think you need to try it on this is default in in a cat that was it poop she's gonna be Marta found I'm off late if that's a Fantine and sharing can't get it on there is 100% no chance I'll even get one nipple in it but I genuinely thought you're gonna like how they seize the absolute worst experience of my life starting out right now right can you just try them on please you'll have to calm down I swear to God that is literally oh yeah they're all because with big chambers and big things he can't even massive sizes you need to stuff what covers and he's buggy so you think that they'll look like a drumstick I felt shitness of material are you actually taking my person even fulness what's actually wrong with that I've been saying I've got faith in Lee is really trending how can you sit there and say I look nice and nurse if you feel ridiculous put your handle everyone does I'll tried my best and fold it look nice if you don't like it get upstairs take it off and there are feeling horrendous about these dresses I never cry and this is just ridiculous awful you proper let me take off run to that like need to equip for me once I'm gonna say it looks real smile and it done you Smallville heard about what buck he's on the food yeah I mean the way that he doesn't like her dress that's that's it why didn't it work out me you you

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  1. The "one size fits all" is such a lie statement with me. If the groom told me I'll wear something that's "one size fits all" I'd might as well just not be a bridesmaid because "one size" items never-ever fit me 🙊🙊

  2. I swear these bridesmaids see these weddings as getting a nice dress out of it so when it doesn't go there way they don't like it, they seem to forget IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

  3. Why do some guys think it’s funny to fuck up the bridesmaids dresses and brides party while they party.

  4. I almost died what she said they come with Doritos and s***!! Guys get it together your guys day out and ya spend all this money and when it comes to the girls you want to spend the least possible like what I wouldn't marry you even if they give me a million dollars if you would have did that to me!

  5. What would of been funny is if he just gave the stripper the wrong address and he got a Male stripper

  6. I get with most bridesmaids they know what the bride will like/want but when the blonde girl near the end said something like “she won’t have any sisters because I’m not going” that was plain selfish. This is not your day it’s theirs fuck off, I’d understand if it was shed hate this but it wasn’t it was just plain I don’t like them so I won’t go

  7. But the last dress, the green one, looks nice? I'm not sure what their problem? It's cute and they could definitely wear it for a different occasion .

  8. 1) I don’t understand why anyone goes on the programme.
    2) Do any of the grooms now their girlfriends? They don’t seem to.
    3) why do the grooms not get ideas from the bride before the show?

  9. I love seeing the bitch bridesmaids getting wound up. They need to grasp that no one gives a fuck what they’re wearing or what they think about anything.

  10. Bridesmaids need to realise ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. NO ONE CARES WHAT U LOOK LIKE!! As long as the bride's happy then that's all that matter

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