thank you so was that by your reckoning the best performance of the season against Manchester United on Sunday was I don't know if he was the best or not was one of the the best I can tell you of course we were you really really perform well also we were clinical and just assertive in the last in the last Erland in important moments the match but the the previous on match also we did a really good game against Arsenal also just we are not so clinical because if we did that the result will be more or less similar because if I think in that game we we had more chances to score even than the last last game of course we were happy that that Sunday was a good match for ourselves for our first fantastic the autumn Sun out stadium again that day after the plays the rest and you are working our – to prepare the next one will be tough again and nothing change in our in our way in our work of course we I'm really happy when I can see our team perform like we did our president during the game and our fans also and but was just three points for us and we have to keep working hard to to achieve what you wanted the week after do you feel as if maybe you didn't get enough credit for that achievement for performing that well and a lot of the focus seems to be more about how bad Manchester United were what is up to you he's up to you to do to give her the right credits and to look for the 4-1 game and look for both teams not just off for one but I cannot change nothing is not my job and what I can tell you and is easy for me to understand and when we did it achieved the good results and because it's our fault maybe when we see the result is because the fall the others you never have credits but it's up to you and you analyze the game I do my job and always the games with my players when the things are going wrong I'm the first one to take the responsibility and when I think we achieve good results it's up to us to analyze again but the most important thing for me is when I I feel after the match I will perform well our players are happy and I can see our friends also happy is the most important thing for me and after there now is or whatever it's up to you to to decide do you feel as if the players now really fully understand exactly what you want from them in terms of how to play and how the systems work you know one season is or not just one season but when we start something building something and you are starting one process we are starting everything with new players new managers and if everything starts really well and after you keep and the good the good form and good running help always to to achieve faster the the good results and something different but sometimes we have some break during the season we have some bad moments also and sometimes the difference will make our one served to the bad moments and to the bad results in one moment the season was clear to me we didn't react where L was was tough for us and we lost some some confidence as a as a team but the season is whole it's big it really is long the season we have to show every time what what we want to do we had that bad moment but we stick together we always believe what is our way of course we didn't wear a pin that moment with the results but we stick together we'll keep working hard to achieve what we want really and until it will last plus last games last month and off you are doing really well of course the game against whom I've already spoke about them in that 30 minutes against Newcastle but the last six games you I'm showing some important things in our team the team is keeping growing as a as a team but many many things to keep working to and keep fighting for what you want so how important is it now to have that consistency whereby you mentioned the following game and obviously you've done so well against the team play and just united as no chance to have the consistency's be able to pay teams like Fulham and now obviously this weekend against a team like Crystal Palace to maintain that going forward of course is our is our goal as a team man but for me when we was one game we're home because can happen even if I don't like even if you prepare the team always to win and is our idea is clear to win I think it is not a moment to talk about inconsistent our team because we lost that game against against Fulham to be honest with you I understand the question of course all of you expect after the our three wins the road to go there and to in his I told you we how will be difficult that match against against whom we prepared our our players also in that in that that way of course they were better than us we didn't perform the way I wanted but is not matter of encaustic because if you look for our last not five even six games if you look for the the our forum is a really good just I can see the two first team is on the table doing better than us and not just our two or three games we are talking about six and even if you didn't achieve the result you wanted that game even the game against Newcastle I think is not matter to talk about inconsistent of course we have to prove again our quality will be tough I don't want to compare the full match against Crystal Palace because I can see in Palace team really good quality because like I saw in the in full of but they are in a different position the table high quality in that attack line with players can decided the game in one in one moment and my opinion they have really high quality in their attack line you know one put with one player for me is the key player also one play I know very well Luca and one play in the middle the middle zone can support with a welder at their their attack line also and they they have quality will be tough tough place to play I hope in a good place to play a good place to play also and as up to us to to do our best and just if you reach our best level it can win the match your a couple of points Bulls in seven thermometers and there's a big gap since the Manchester United in terms of the points difference do you feel as if if you were to take them over an unfinished seventh this season would that be would you consider that successful first season in charge first you have to keep fighting now you are not in seven is not a moment to talk about if you finish or not if if I think is not the most important thing in this moment you have to keep fighting proving what is our quality our how you are able to to go for all the match to win the matches also the end we will see what will be the position you can talk about and the season what is my feeling about the our season also about our target and since the first our goal since the first day of the season don't change nothing even during the January this February also I keep saying the same our our goals there is open we have to keep fighting to stick together to fight for what you want and now still the same will beat is really tied the competition there and some clubs they are doing really good season also have to keep doing well our job and the best we can do and after in the end we will see the position the table without a few games to go now how much you planning and preparing for how things will be next season particularly with regards to how you want your squad so no thanks dear of course we are you are preparing everything like it's normal in this in this moment but our full focus stay in Palace now and after you stay in Berlin and we don't look for nothing more even if you are preparing everything if even if I have my normal meetings with our structure and to prepare everything well not just about the squad but about everything what we have to prepare the next season but full focus in Palace I don't want no one looking for nothing more just Palace game I just find it for me I'm any injury concerns Lucas Lucas okay preach arson we have big doubts if will be or not able to – you have tried yesterday too to work with us he felt again different but he felt again let's see I will react tomorrow today he tried again let's see what we will react tomorrow but I will be a big thought for us measure thought for us and he shortened and let's see how he will be tomorrow also because was was sick in this morning let's see how we react and Lucas will be ok Mina start with the team also and like I I told you last week start with the team begin of the the week and he's doing well and preparing well himself looking ahead to next season is it realistic to see you challenging the top six what is realistic for me and that's to be our goal and is my ambition our ambition as a club is to give the right steps to improve every season this season was clear to us we should do better than the previous season of course not just I'm not talking just about the table but about everything in general about all the picture about changing the idea changing the football style also and like his normal new new manager new players also and was our goal for the season didn't finish yet many things to to keep winning until the end even if you are talking just about more three games and axis will be the same of course and in the right moment you'll talk about the the next season is not the moment to talk now and like I said before and now is for us is really important to put full focus in the palace much and nothing more don't start to speak about nothing more you are doing our job but just one under percent focus in the day our next match thank you you

Michael Martin

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  1. Brilliant against the Mancs🙋‍♂️Lets clip the wings of the Eagles🙋‍♂️🤣⚽️

  2. It's now about maintaining the consistency of our play. We can't play as well as we have against 4 top sides in a row at home, but then go away to places like Fulham and Palace and look god awful.

  3. Interviewer: "Marco, what is your opinion on the conflict crisis in Yemen?"
    Marco Silva: shrugs "Eh, of course, is not for me to say. Is up to you. I tell you of course it will be difficult. Is what you do when you want to achieve, you keep trying, you fight for the result you want."

  4. Its gonna be a belter of a game hopefully we get the three points and get that seventh place come on Everton

  5. He sounds similar, £350m ago we had the same ambition from another foreign manager. Clearly in between we’ve seen the old English Manager approach, however, compared to Wolves and Watford, we have to learn how to spend money more effectively. COYBs.

  6. "Big team news + summer plans?" Click bait. I watched the press conference like I always do but that headline was disappointingly misleading to say the least.

  7. I have my own production company, ill fix the sound and record these for free. Its 2019, it isn't hard to get decent sound.

  8. We destroyed man Utd And they said they did not turn up , but the truth is we did not give them a chance pressing high and hunting them down , all credit to Marco and all of the team 10/10 lads coyb

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