Bharti Singh wedding full video

these will not last positivity she makes people laugh you know it connects with the heart many of the linkage of kaunteya voltage even are here for bangle ceremony and issue other end make a Wooper plus the airfare [Applause] Marty Purdue learn either hearty padula feel caleche feel Dooley me to learn come on over here they're here do not run Jamal I can't a wave or here they're here doula didn't we marvel at thank you so much it nippy mantilla yeah yeah yeah yeah medicine become hot castanet but up nice husband idea thank you so much [Applause]

Michael Martin

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  1. Waah, waah shadi ho toh aisi 😍😍😍bilkul damakedaar .Love u Bharti di , stay blessed every day and keep smiling😍😘

  2. Bharti aap bde mst comedian ho love you aap harsh k sath achhe lg rhe ho please us mriyal ko khatra khatra m km km preshan krna nice couples

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