Best Surprise Wedding Dance Battle!!! (Kami and Luke)

Michael Martin

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  1. Omg, I love seeing videos like this. They are so much fun to watch. Y'all did so great, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for sharing this with us and congratulations

  2. this is from my 2 grandchildren they say that was amazing we can't choose who was the best it was awesome the boys were funny the girls were funny we can't choose 😂😁😀😄😅😆😺😸😹

  3. Omg those kids! Someone should have pulled them to the side! That girl on the iPad was totally unaware of what was happening because she was so absorbed in her screen and she was old enough to know better!

  4. Can you say, WACK?!? OMG!!!! IT IS SO BAD AND THAT LITTLE GIRL SHOULD have KNOWN BETTER SOME ONE SHOULD have PULLED HER TO THE SIDE BECAUSE. SHE THREW OFF THE WHOLE PERFORMANCE, BUT THEN AGAIN THE PERFORMANCE WAS JUST AS BAD AS THE UNWANTED LITTLE GIRL WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD TO SIT HER TAIL DOWN!!! 🤓 someone please tell those little girls to sit down better yet, all of y'all need to find somewhere and sit down because neither one of y'all can dance!

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