BEST SURPRISE WEDDING 1st DANCE?? Super fun, sexy and talented! Bruno Mars/Chris Brown/Bachata

Michael Martin

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  1. The cameraman is an idiot. Instead of showing them with their full body, most of the time he shows only the upper part of the dancers, so you do not see how they actually dance. Nice performance from the couple though.

  2. I just subscribed and hit the notification bell, could you please return the favor and subscribe to my channel and hit that little bell to become a member of the GramFam? We're going to be starting to upload videos very soon, just need to heal some more from having skin cancer cut out on my face.
    Thank you, Kelly. ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  3. Professional photographers don't use flash in this occasions. There is no need to. Totally ruined the video with all this flash lllllines all over …… all the time. 🙁 Nice dance couple thought. 🙂

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