Best LONG-LASTING Flawless Foundations for Your WEDDING DAY! 💍 Bridal Makeup

all right so we are in wedding season I feel like wedding season I was just like all year round but it is summer one of my most asked questions from you guys is I'm getting married what foundation should I wear and I never have one answer for that because foundations look totally different on different skin types and it also depends on what coverage and finish you want and all of that jazz so for today's foundation Friday I figured let's just do a video all about that so these are my top recommendations for foundations for Bridal makeup I have a bunch of different options here for different skin types different coverage and different finishes so hopefully one of these recommendations will work for you depending on what you're looking for so for those of you who might be new here I had only skin and acne for years and then I went on accutane now I have normal to dry skin coming off of accutane I had super dry skin so I kind of have tried different foundations across different skin types so I know which ones might work well for oily skin and which ones might work well for drier or normal skin if you're interested in any of the high-end ones I'm gonna be talking about I highly highly recommend going to Sephora and getting a sample size of it before you purchase it and they can help shade Matthieu and stuff too if you have no clue what shade you're gonna be so I hope this video is helpful for you guys and you enjoy it if you do while you're watching you can give it a thumbs up if you're new here I upload every Monday Wednesday Friday 6 p.m. Pacific time foundation Friday is every single Friday I've been saying this since I'm pretty sure about 2014 but I will be having a bridal makeup look coming very soon I'm working on getting all the products together but foundation is one of the main like components of that so I wanted to get this video up first so that you can hopefully find a foundation that works for you alright so the main things I looked for when picking foundations for this video was something that is soft blurring that looks like skin but I also have different coverage options so some of those foundations are more full coverage some are lighter medium coverage depending on what you want but also something that doesn't cause flashbacks so if you're gonna be taking flash photography on your wedding day that's something to be super aware of I recently did a passport license photo video so I talked a lot about that in that video something that mean hello I would always recommend doing a test run of your makeup beforehand because maybe a powder you're putting on is gonna cause flashback or something but just take a photo on your iPhone with the flash on and see if you're getting any kind of major white cast sometimes you can look totally normal in real life and then when the flash goes off you'll look like a straight-up ghost so definitely do a couple of trial runs before your actual wedding day and then last thing is a foundation that is long lasting obviously for your wedding day or for any kind of event you want your makeup to stay on and look great all day especially since you're gonna be taking photos the whole time okay so I'm gonna start off with foundations for oily skin like I said how do I loose skin for years so these are some of the ones that were my favorites and that lasted amazing throughout the day that don't have flash back and they look beautiful on the skin so the first foundation for oily skin is a two-faced peach perfect comfort matte foundation so this one does have more of a satin matte finish the other thing to keep in mind is that finishes and foundations look totally different depending on your skin type some of the foundations that used to look dewy on my skin when I had a oily skin it looks straight-up dry and super matte on my skin now so it's very odd but when I had oily or skin this looked like kind of a satin finish now it looks totally matte on me but it is photo friendly says right on here 14 hour wear it lasts amazing on oily skin I did a whole review on this if you want to see a wear test and everything you can check out that video it looks soft on the skin if you just want something that's around medium coverage you can build it up but I would say it's a solid like medium coverage and you can find a shade that matches you I would say go with the peach perfect foundation so one of those foundations that looked amazing on my skin when I had oily skin and now it just doesn't work for my skin but it used to be one of my favorites this is the milk makeup blur liquid foundation so I did a makeup for photography video a while ago like last year if you want to see how it looks over acne if you have more to cover up and you want something full coverage but that gives you that dewy satin like kind of finish this one is beautiful underneath powders as well so if you have oily skin and you're going to be setting your whole face with a powder this one looks just like skin it gives you that coverage but it doesn't look too cakey milk makeup definitely has more coverage than at the peach perfect so those are two high end options and I'm going to talk about a couple drugstore options for oily skin so the first one is the CYO matte foundation no shine zone this one only matches me if I have self-tanner on the lightest shade is super dark by the way I have tanner on right now but if you can find a shade of this that matches you and you want full coverage matte but like soft matte and blurring this one I think is around like six bucks from Walgreens it is gorgeous it just is one of those rare mattes that looks just soft and like skin but still has a matte finish if you need something oil controlling but you like a dewy or finish you could also use any of these matte ones I'm talking about and then use a super dewy setting spray over top like the Catrice dewy glow or mac fix+ that'll totally change the finish of the foundation but you still have that oil controlling foundation on your skin and then last matte recommendation for oily skin is another drugstore one this is the Catrice HD liquid coverage same kind of situation as the CYO the shade is way too dark when I don't have self-tanner on but to me it looks almost exactly the same as the CYO it gives you full coverage you can get major coverage out of this thing like this covered my acne when I had it but it looks soft lightweight it still looks like skin it looks nice and blurring out of the floor I just talked about I would say these two have the most coverage and then the milk makeup and then the peach perfect but you can always also use less product or share it out if you do have oily skin but you don't want a lot of coverage what I've discovered is that it's actually pretty rare to find a foundation that works for both oily skin normal skin and dry skin it is hard not a lot of them exist I have two here that I think would be perfect for Bridal makeup that lasts all day and they just look beautiful on the skin no matter what skin type you have so the first is the dermablend smooth liquid camo it says medium coverage foundation on here you can get this up to full coverage if you build it up it looks so lightweight on the skin I have it on right now this is the foundation I'm wearing today I can wear this one right now because I have self-tanner on but the lightest shade is too dark if I don't when I had oily skin this looked a little bit more of like a dewy finish on my skin now it looks like a true satin finish foundation but this one lasts amazing throughout the day which is why I think it would be amazing for wedding makeup between the finish the coverage in the long gravity is just beautiful it does have SPF 25 in here I don't actually find it to be super awful in the flash when talking about this one for years if you've tried this out let me know what you think of it down below alright and the next one is a newer foundation like within the last six months I want to say but this is from Pacifica another drugstore one it's the Pacifica a light clean foundation it's oil-free anti shine and satin finish and this is one of those again that I think will work on oily skin I say that because I know Casey Holmes who has oily skin this one works on her I didn't have oily skin when I tried this since it is a newer lunch so I've only personally tried it on my skin now but it looks so beautiful it is a true satin dewy finish it has full coverage it looks like skin it just is beautiful I will say this one can crease so you're gonna have to probably play around with like the primers and products underneath your makeup to make this one look amazing throughout the day but if this one wears well on your skin throughout the day I want to say it's around 10 bucks it's from the drugstore you can get out Ulta and it is one of the most beautiful foundations I own okay so now moving into the recommendations for normal to dry skin the first one is the love of my life if you have watched any of my videos you know I'm obsessed with the CEO life proof foundation this is beautiful it's seven dollars this one I think can work for oily skin as well a lot of you guys have said that this works amazing for you and you have oily skin and it holds up fine so I think this can probably go both ways but if you want a just like glow from within healthy radiant glowy dewy foundation it's amazing so one's one of the few foundations that doesn't crease badly on me I can mix this with pretty much anything it looks amazing unlike my texture on my forehead if you have more textured skin try this one out I have about 15 of these over there on backup so I will never run out of this foundation hopefully ever I don't know if it's a rumor that they're discontinuing this or that CYO is just stopping all together I have no idea I've tried to email them but I haven't heard back yet so hopefully not fingers crossed if they do I'm gonna buy 20 more of these by the way you can get this on Walgreens com I'm gonna link all these down below in the description box too next foundation is one that has quickly grown into favorite of mine this is the Givenchy pink Couture everywhere this was the foundation I used in the license passport photo video it has full coverage but it looks still like skin it's definitely more on the dewy side but it wears pretty well on my skin throughout the day I do get a little bit of upper lip creasing with this one this one does have SPF 20 in it but it doesn't cause a flashback at all so it's totally fine and flash between these two I think the g1 Chee has a little bit more coverage you can build the CYO up to get full coverage but if you want something that's dewy but a little bit more natural-looking or that you can get lighter coverage with I would say go with the CYO if you want more full coverage but a similar kind of look go digi watching right and then my last recommendation is the Laura Mercier flawless Lumiere radiance perfecting foundation I reviewed this during last 15 days of foundation I have reviews by the way on I think all these foundations I'll link them down below next to the product if you want to know like the full details and wear tests and all that but this one definitely grew on me after the initial review I think out of all these these two are the most skin like this one is a little bit more lightweight see what it was a little bit more creamy super dewy so you got to be careful with it especially in flash photos because sometimes doing foundations can look like borderline oily and flash photos so you'll probably have to play around with this one to get the right kind of finish on your skin but if you want something that you're not really gonna like notice on your face it just feels lightweight it's comfortable this one I do think you can kind of customize the coverage if you use less you can make it look super natural and kind of just like light medium coverage but if you use like a flat top kabuki brush and stipple it on you can get it to full coverage as well so those are all my picks for Bridal foundation even if you are not getting married and you just need long-lasting skin like foundation for an event or something obviously you could use any of these for that these are just some of my top foundation recommendations in general as well but I hope this was helpful for you keep in mind that if you try one of these foundations and it's not working for you sometimes primer powder and setting spray can make a world of a difference so you might just be using like the wrong combo of those for your skin also a quick shout out to this guy if you're looking for a blurring powder foundation or like I used this overtop of liquid foundation just to set my face looks beautiful it doesn't cause a flashback it looks super blurring and it just adds a little bit of coverage so you could use that in like certain areas which is what I do definitely just give yourself time to play around with the products to find what works best for you hopefully you're not watching this video like the night before your wedding or anything but if you have the time I definitely recommend doing this like a couple months before your wedding so you can really nail down a routine that works for you and that you can thoroughly test it wear it for a full day make sure you love it make sure it looks good every time if you're getting married congratulations I hope your wedding day is amazing and you look and feel beautiful and like yourself and that some of these makeup recommendations hopefully help you do that if you're new here I upload every Monday Wednesday Friday 6 p.m. soup time foundation Friday is every single Friday I love you guys thanks for watching see you my next video bye [Applause]

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  1. Not getting married anytime soon, but I love foundations and your recommendations/reviews I 100% trust.

  2. Super curious my wedding is coming up in October. I work in the sun and wear glasses so I have a horrible tan line. Just wondering does Ulta do samples of foundation to take home ?

  3. I just got married on Saturday and I wore the too faced peach perfect foundation and it was absolutely perfect 👍🏻

  4. I’m nervous yet excited, I’m about to start Accutane soon🤞. I’m hoping it doesn’t do anything too crazy side effect wise. I first heard of the medication through watching your videos!

  5. What shade you use in the Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation?? I'm almost always an exact match to you

  6. All these foundations are examples of full coverage and heavy foundations, but they're not very good for brides. I own and have tried almost all the ones you mentioned and most of them show my wrinkle lines after a while or look heavy after 5-6 hours of wear.
    Most of them look like make up on the skin. For brides you want to use the ones that look like skin. For example, MAC Studio Fix, Kryolan, Nars Sheer Glow, Giorgio Armani Luminous, RCMA, etc..

  7. I was so stoked to try the Dermablend foundation but it looked absolutely horrible on my skin 🙁 CYO life proof is great, and too faced peach perfect is my HG foundation 💕

  8. I bought the peach perfect foundation 👌OMG!! The best foundation😍 Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. It's odd though that her and I have dry skin and ones she loves look like crap on me. Laura mercier looked horrible dermablend WAY to thick! Yet one's that she doesn't like work okay with me sometimes, so I'm sorry but not everyone with dry skin are the same and with oily. Like Kathleenlights has dry and certain things that work for her Taylor hasn't liked so…still I love her and all her videos no mater because she is amazing and so down to earth and doesn't change. I'm just saying if you can get samples

  10. I can't believe that CYO Lifeproof will be discontinued because every time I go to Walgreens (any Walgreens) the shelves are empty!  And they are always out of stock online. I love CYO Lifeproof!  I bought four as backups! :0)

  11. For my sister’s wedding last year I wore the Peach Perfect mixed with Wet n Wild Photofocus (because Peach Perfect was too dark for me on its own) but honestly it was GORGEOUS and came out so nicely in the pictures (also I have oily/combo skin)

  12. @thataylaa they (CYO) posted on their IG on 10 July that as of February 2020, they’re ceasing trading and closing company.

  13. THANK THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting married and I have been hoping for you to do a foundation recommendation video for weddings!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  14. You’ve been talking about a wedding video foreverrrrr! I’m happy that you’re getting a start on it. Thanks for the advice💛🌯

  15. I used to use super matte, super full coverage foundations and then I noticed they were making my skin look cakey and dry so I figured it was time for a change.. I did my research and tried the Loreal infallible 24hr Freshwear foundation and WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!! 😁😁😁 My skin looks like skin, it has a more dewy/satiny finish and it sets down nicely and lasts all freaking day! So much more affordable than what I was doing before!! Hope this helps!😁

  16. It’s sooo weird how foundation formulas perform differently depending on the person, I love the dermablend smooth liquid camo buuut on my dry skin it doesn’t last long and it pretty dewy.

  17. I used Estée Lauder double wear on my wedding day, it was the only one I trusted to last all day, no transfer and great coverage, I just wish there was a cruelty free dupe 😭

  18. I love the coverage on the cyo matte and it dries down AMAZING but I just can't get it to last 😭 within four hours it's breaking down and I don't think I'm super oily 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Everyone is comparing CYO to Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Foundation. You should do a video comparing the two.

  20. I have normal to dry skin and I used the L. A. Girl Pro HD foundation on my wedding day and it was beautiful even in flash photos at night. Also the L. A. Girl pro matte is amazing and it works for me too.

  21. I've been searching so hard for a good foundation. Foundation and I have never been friends, but ive watched all your reviews on the CYO foundation, tried it out, and it's PERFECT. Its so flawless and smoothing. I'm wearing it for my wedding coming up and its all thanks to you! ❤

  22. i will say, the peach perfect foundation looks AMAZING on me in the winter when i am dry as a bone and the summer when I get hot and sweaty and oily so i personally am really thinking i am going to wear it for my wedding next month

  23. I have oily/acne prone skin and I wore the Dior backstage foundation on my wedding day. I got married in Mexico too so humid and hot and my foundation was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lasted and I never looked oily/greasy

  24. Smashbox studio skin is UNREAL for textured and dry skin! Lasts without being patchy or fading at all, looks moisturized but natural matte.

  25. I recommend the smash box studio skin foundation! I mixed it with fit me matte and poreless for my wedding, and it was 105 degrees OUTSIDE. held up brilliantly!

  26. I bought the laura mercier flawless lumiere foundation yesterday per your recommendation and wore it to a wedding for about 12 hours…I think it's my HG! Looked amazing and I have never had such a good color match. Thanks for recommending!!

  27. Older bride here with super oily Tzone. Got married last month and used CYO mixed with Revlon ColorStay. Along with my other HGs it lasted all day👍

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