Best Girlfriend (Short Film)

Sona..Sona..please wake up is no maid day… good morning… what do you want to eat? the regular…sunday special….. Baby.. did you read this? remember the film we were watching the other day? the actress of that film it turns out is an escort! what? show me.. Her body. her decision.. Do you know what is the root cause of these issues? What? please enlighten me? Lack of sex!! No not now!! I have to pack my bags.. come on..just fifteen minutes.. I have a flight to catch at night? remember.. just fifteen minutes..please.. no..shut up.. baby..please don’t go… baby just its just a one day thing… and you know how it wants me to be present for all his deals.. yeah i know the ‘zehnaseeb’ theory.. yes..i’m his lucky charm afterall.. mom..if you have to ask the same things then we can talk on phone no need of video chat okay then..i won’t ask you anything… okay ask..whatever you feel like today sonali will be leaving for bangalore.. what about your dinner?? sona..please..come here.. and tell mom what i’m going to have for dinner.. please ask her yourself! hello aunty.. o hi beta.. how are you? i’m fine.. please don’t worry..i’m making chicken korma for dinner before i leave… and its your recipe.. great…please don’t forget to put curd in it.. curd ..curd..oh fuck..i forgot curd..i’ll call for it.. did you see? she takes care of me..just like you.. son..of all the girls you have made me meet.. she is the best.. please don’t let her go..ever. Sonali from kitchen: Baby..see who is at the door.. okay mom..bye..there is someone at the door.. i’ll book a cab. No..its okay..i’ll go on my own.. should i come along with you to bengalluru? And who will go to office tomorrow?My father? My bos will fire your dad in seconds..he might be a millionaire.. but copyrighting mein..i’m the king.. I have never really seen him.. just heard of him…. I’ll make him meet you..soon.. sometimes i think he is like Mr.India..the invisible man.. Now please get it for me! Friend comes home. To have dinner. He is a struggling actor. misses no chance to eat free food. He gets to know that Sonali is not home.. he gets an idea.. he offers Karan that he will get an escort home and both of them will have fun Karan thinks he has gone mad! He abuses him Friend insists..Karan agrees to let him call an escort for himself.. Karan falls for the temptation.. He is like..okay call two girls for all i care.. okay okay..yeah..send two girls.. Yes..yeah…Ohkay!! okay fine.. driver please take a U-turn has come.. so much traffic!! glad i made it back home.. How was your trip? good..infact dad was asking about you.. he said he will meet you when he is in bombay.. You know what my mom said? What? that you are the best girlfriend i have ever had!

Michael Martin

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  1. I didn't get it's end What happens So Confused Either by My view I think if he loves her he have to Accept her…….

  2. What a great end of story in 1 line..""you were the best girlfrnd in my life""best way to leave👌👌Cheating never acceptable ..never..just leave if both are not happy..

  3. It is totally unfair…. He is allowed to cheat on HER but she is NOT…. what a dual face of this society. It's universal truth, Cheater will find the cheater.

  4. And he finally gave her the best place in his life that he can give, when he said, "u r the best gf I ever had". It's just a gf not his honne walli. Good for him. Lol

  5. 13,14 saal mai insan adult hu jata hai….. pher tu hum sub ki bewaqoofi hai ju yeh smajhy ke koi apny nafs ko 10,12 saal adult hony ke bad be sambal ke rakhy ga….. jub ke adult hony ke bad sex aik minute nai smabhala jata………………… fool human………. chahy male hu ya female koi be apny sex ko nai rok sakta …………. challange hai koi ruk ke dekhy ………….. young insan ko aik maheena (buhut zada bata raha hu) kamry mai band karo ga aur camera fit huga har jaga …………. ruk jao gy………… media ki har cheez tumhary pass hu tv se le kar mobile aur internet tak……………. ju ruk gaya who na tu male hai aur na female kuch aur hi hai like chakka

  6. Don't attach emotionally with anyone because he she fuck you hard and in today relation no-one girlfriend wife it changes according to time moment like weather

  7. Hi guys,

    I would like to explain the sentence he said 'you are the best girlfriend I have EVER HAD'……means he is still with her….he is not breaking up with the girl BECAUSE as per grammar ' have had ' means it starts in past and still going on…..

  8. So luckily ke aisi gf mili ise
    Aaj ke zmane me ek achi friend he mil jaye wo badi bat hoti hai

  9. Ooooye…. Bhidu… Log jyada… Mund off karne ki jarurat nhi…
    Ye baad ek story.. Movie… Haiiii

  10. Kya bkwas hai ye, kya msg dena chahate ho, call girl ldaki k sath rahana hai jabaki wo relationship m hai aur ye rishta aisehi aage rakhe sach pata ho phirbhi? Paisa kamanek liy etna sab jabki life better h enki? Aise videos banate kyo ho

  11. Isme mujhe lagta hai ki usne mummy wali baat issliye boli yaa to WO sudhar jaaye nhi to sab aise chalta rahega

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  13. No. No. No.
    This is not done.
    At least you should clear how she got there. This short film is too short. Or you can say incomplete.

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  15. Meri jaan meri bivi is larki ko lan par Betha kar sex karna he mujhe is larki ke mon mein lan dal kar sex karna he mujhe is larki ke sath sex karna chahta hoon

  16. 1. सरकारी काम और टट्टे हमेशा लटके रहते हैं।

    2. गरीब और मम्मे हमेशा दबाये जाते हैं।

    3. लंड और मुसीबत कभी भी खड़े हो सकते हैं।

    5. चूत और दूध फटने पर हमेशा औरत ही चिल्लाती है।

    6. गांड और नियत हमेशा साफ़ रखो।

  17. Her body, her choice! That's the worst logic I have ever heard. By this logic, even drug addiction, alcohol consumption, suicide all are fine! Lol

  18. Kuch smaj nhhhhh aai Story 🤔😎 …..? Duno girl friend boy friend Hain? Yaa😎🤔 hasband,waife…..🤔 Or larki Jo bol k jahan jati Hy wo kuch 🤔 or hota Hy orrr larke ka dost Jiss larki ki PICK magwata Hy kyaaaa 🤔 😎 wo yehhhi Larki hoti Hy 🤔🤔🤔kuch 🤔 smj NH AAAYA🤔🤔🤔🤔?YANI Kya Larki Cheeeeet kr rhi Hy 🤔?

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