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  1. I can't imagine if I could live a life like you… It all looks good and self comfort and it is all self happiness

  2. Your are amizing girl and like princess.I am living in Sweden and enjoying to much here.
    I love Sweden and people's of Sweden❤

  3. Wish you and Johan all the best for your certainly beautiful future!
    You live such an inspirational life and bring so much positive feelings to me when watching your videos.
    Best wishes and hope you two continue to live your dream life ❤
    And btw your little brother is so funny and lovely, isn't he?! ☺

  4. Where I'm from it is illegal to throw uncooked rice at weddings. The birds eat it and it expands in the stomach and…. well… kaboom…

  5. Here in Greece we also throw rice at weddings but not for luck, we throw it so the couple grow roots together, να ριζώσει 🙂

  6. oh wow late cogratulations! you are my birthday mate! I just knew there was something about you! I am black African living in Finland and I enjoy your vlogs and videos so much! I noticed we shared so much in common and then now we even share a birthday! Nice one!!!

  7. I just realized that you are exactly 2 months, to the day, older than my daughter, who’s name is Hannah 😊. She also had a very small wedding, in a farm field near where we live, with just her closest friends and family (12 total, plus the two of them).Watching Jonna and Johan, and the other little calf, made me realize again how happy I am not to be eating meat any longer. What amazing creatures 💜. You are my favorite YouTube person. You have had a very calming effect on me, better than any therapy or medication 💜💚💙🧡. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Это что-то невероятное!
    Волшебство какое-то 😍
    Это любовь с первого взгляда.

  9. Nanook = one of the happiest dogs in the world. I loved the part at 6:45 where you ooovooo and Nanook danced, wanting to dance with you 2 but he was on a rope. I miss my dog and think of him everyday, especially when I see someone like Nanook. I always made up different names for my pets and I call yours Nanookie Cookie.

  10. I love that you will throw flowers. Throwing rice is for the blessing of abundance as in bringing children into the world. I know that you will have a most beautiful wedding and hope that someone films this.

  11. You have inspired me to finally, finally, finally take that photography course that I paid for last year…..thank you Jonna! <3

  12. so beautiful moment …my heart is calling for kind of things like this..thank you so much for wonderful vibration.

  13. I'm so jealous of you, not in a bad way <3 I wish I could just drop my things and city life and move from the uk to the mountains in the north of sweden then meet the love of my life and spend life in the woods and next to lakes and under the starry night and northern lights :'(

  14. I wish your family good luck and more great video, it's motivate people live together with nature, enjoying the spend time to each other

  15. Your lives are what most of us wish we can experience. Happy belated birthday Jonna and may you have many, many more to come. Best wishes always to you and your husband.

    – Tom

  16. Whooat 😱! We are the same age and same month 😅. 1st jun '89. And I also love nature and art. But I turn to Polymer Clay to express myself and my love for nature ❤. My heart goes to you.

  17. Everytime i watch your videos i have this different emotion..happiness that could put my eyes in tears. So simple..but has an impact

  18. In india specifically in maharashtra (a state in india) we have the same tradition to throw raw rice on couple in marriage, and now a day some people have flowers instead of rice same as you. This is awesome.

  19. Watching your videos actually helps with any anxiety and depression I deal with because your videos are so calming and relaxing and visually stunning. These kinds of videos remind me of what I really value in life and how much I wanna be in nature all the time. I love it ♥️

  20. 5:16 and 5:39 wow so beautiful!!! You got out your car, put your drone there, drive past, stop and get the camera again. So Nice View!!! Belated Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!!! 🙂

  21. The "Fjäll" are so special and heeling, me and my dad travel north just for that and fish and just be for many years.
    You slow down from the stress from work in the city as Daniel wrote.

  22. Can I ask you for your opinion about veganism? Would be realy nice to know what do you think about it. I know, it s a complicated topic this days, and personaly I will not change my mind of you, whatever is your opinion. Btw, thanks for share your life experiences as always ^^

  23. You just make me want to live alike..
    You have an amazing appreciation of nature, life , animals, friends and family.. so inspiration. I adore it.

  24. When I say, "I hate people", I mean the majority. The modern mass that has lost its brain. No thinking, no soul. Everything is about money and prestige and the ego is bigger than anything else. But then I don't hate people. Because I know there are people like Jonna out there. Lovely, spiritual, grounded and one with the earth. I love these people. Surround yourself with people like them and you will find love all over. It is not always easy to find these people, but if you have this energy within you, you attract them. You'll see.

  25. Jonna me gusta mucho tus vlogs tienes una magia increible con tu ambiente eres fasinante saludos desde colombia espero que puedas leerme te envio muchos saludos

  26. Watching your videos is better than any pill against depression and anxiety:) You make people feel the purpose, the joy, the love in life again. Big thanks for that!

  27. I think those tiny 'mosquitos' are called, 'no-see-ums' in English slang. They are biting insects, but they are hard to see. June 29 is a wonderful day for a birthday. I am January 29 and I feel a kinship with other 29'ers. One of my close friends is also born June 29. As always, another remarkable vlog … what a great road trip and your cottage is perfect. I love the river nearby, too. Beautiful! And your namesake calf is a love. Cheers for now.

  28. Real life Midsummer in Sweden : this video

    Meanwhile, Midsommar movie released.

    Me : Blaming Midsommar movie for ruining my imagination of the real Midsummer

  29. Those calves are very much like you both! The one like you is wild and spirited while the other is calm and snuggly. You can see by your behaviours on the mountaintop how they mirror you both.

  30. I agree with you on birthdays, I don’t like the limelight, I remember turning 30….last year lol. The calves are adorable! What a wonderful way to celebrate light with family and friends. Small weddings are the best, prayers and blessings for the both of you.

  31. How many of us get to live a life like urs.m truly happy for u.u r a beautiful soul.continue to inspire n spread the love.

  32. Hi who is this in sweden ?? I would like to make holiday in sweden with my husband but i don´t know who this is ?? Sorry my English is not good 🙂

  33. So different from where I am from ,, I was raised near dirt fields that goes on for miles and miles where they drill for oil. Now I live on a mountain with my husband and we just got our first snow of the year yesterday here in not so sunny California ☀️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONNA

  34. This is so interesting, your birthday is 3 days after mine and I also never was into birthday parties! Later I learned that actually your birthday is the best moment to communicate with the universe, to meditate, to be alone – and not to block yourself from it by drinking alcohol and partying, as is usual in so many cultures. So good for you that you are following your instincts, it looked like you had the best inspirational days in the mountains with your love😊 I just started watching and love your videos, all the best of wishes!

  35. I’m very curious how will you do when you have children going to school? Is there a school near your house ? And how do you do with grocery because your are living very far from the city? 🌸

  36. Your channel just happened to pop up – maybe because I am visiting Iceland soon? I don’t know but am so happy I found you! Your voice is so calming & I love that you seem to reach likeminded followers with next to no negative comments. Jonna & Johan, you are a beautiful couple and are so fortunate to have found each other.
    PS – I absolutely love your mom too!

  37. There are many things I love about Your videos but one that really stands out is that You are not ashamed to run and jump from joy in front of the camera. I also do this. A lot. When I get to the forest, the first 5 minutes are usually spent wildly running and jumping around from pure joy. And I often get comments like "what are you doing?! Are You a weirdo?? You are an adult, not a child!". And I disagree with this. Strongly disagree. One should never be afraid to show joy and to live it. Thank You SO, SO MUCH for showing it to the whole world!!!!!! By the way, I am Latvian and Midsummer solstice is a HUGE thing in Latvia. I saw many similarities when watching Your video 😉

  38. Wow, Jonna, I'm also born on June 29th! Greetings from the wild north of Germany (Brandenburg). We moved here a year ago (lovely lakes and forest…) and now we are not so far from Sweden any more. We have to go there with our kids next year!

  39. 6:32…. I’ve watched all your vlogs… one of my favourite parts, it’s like watching a beautiful movie but reality !!

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