Best Arrangement EP10 最好的安排 – Youth inspirational drama (Yinger, Fu Xinbo, David Wang )【Fresh Drama】

Congratulations onXu Tian and Dao li’s marriage What How could I not have known such a big thing? Well. you know it now Does Li know this Before you did. All right, don’t think about it. It’s too late to run away You know, half of our friends in the city of Wu are drinking there now Cone on, Let’s go Wait, wait, wait, wait wait a minute Mom What Nothing Just want to call you I heard that Shouldn’t you give me some time to get ready for such a big thing So many people are waiting for you inside the house How long are you gonna be prepared for? 2 Seconds okay Buck up, buck up, buck up Here comes the groom Here comes the groom Congratulations!Congratulations! Congratulations!Congratulations! We can’t wait. We can’t wait. Everyone’s waiting for you. No need to wait anymore I got married today. Everyone,enjoy yourselves and have fun. This wine We have to wait until you’re here with the bride. Yeah, we can’t wait to see the bride. Don’t you [you]see the bride every day It’s different today, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s different. Okay, wait for me. When she comes [comes]here, let’s drink. Okay, Let’s drink, drink, drink Let’s drink together. Drink, drink, drink. Sit down. Drink more, enjoy yourselves Wait for me . Li,Tian are [Li, Tian are]coming What did he say? There’s no time to say anything Aunt is pulling him all the way. Xiao Li Why didn’t you tell me? it’s such a wonderful thing to dojust sooner [sooner]or later How about this, aunt designed it for you? Have a try. I am not going to wear it. Xiao Hong, go outside and see what you can do
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I’m not done with this. Okay, okay, I’ll come here [here]later
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what about me? What should I do Who told you to come in? This is my classmate, coming to apply for a job Yeah,My cooked wheaten food is the best in my school Two years in a row,aunt I see, go to the kitchen to find Chief Kuan I just come here and do I need to work immediately
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They’re all eating dinner there. Bao zi,just do as you’re told[]. Xi er, Take her away from [from]here You came to Shanghai to bring the freezer. Or ask me to come back? I come to bring the freezer You’re getting married. Why are you coming to bring the freezer? The store needs it. Such a big thing But you just don’t tell me What are you doing? Don’t you want to? I what if the train is late What if I can’t come back? So I keep an eye on you What’s good about the big city? Isn’t city Wu also big? It’s baffling. You own a restaurant. Then why do you need another restaurant in Shanghai let me tell you, you cannot leave since [since]you came back. I have feet I can come back, then I can go away Dare to try! All the people out there are here to drink in your wedding. You dare to go! Fine, I’ll go after the wedding You go to the Registry of Marriages after the wedding Xiao Li is your wife now, but you want to leave All right, stop You need to calm down Calm down, after The wedding, go to the bridal chamber Tomorrow the kitchen would be yours, and you are going to learn from [from]Chief Kuan first And give me a grandson next year. And give birth to another the year after next I’ll just do some dancing everyday
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You and Xiao Li can enjoy your happy daily life.Are you stupid? But my major is not abouthow to give birth to a baby. stop talking those It is the tradition of China to give birth to children Everyone’s responsible. Without discipline the house or the dragon will refuse to obey I think you are neither a horse nor a dragon. But you want to learn those useless thing When you think of it later , you’ll thank me. Mom What Get out of here quickly Andget things done Let’s drink and don’t care of anything even spit the wine, spit all the tough break Mei Lan, I’m coming in. let them talk .quickly let’s go, go,go,go Say what? is it necessary let’s [let’s]talk later, later. What are you doinghere? The master of ceremony wants a rehearsal I’m afraid that they didn’t finish good job Who is the master My cousin. The one in the suit who is [is]decorating the scene. He does several persons’ work
by himself We didn’t give the cash but with restaurant coupons. Aren’t the coupon is not[] money. What are you laughing at? You are a stingy person Go, go, go This dress. Xi Er, change your clothes. The wedding’s about to begin. Come on. okay Why is this dress so ugly Don’t wear it if you don’t like it. How [How]can I do that Do you know this is [to act]to act first and ask permission later? Auntie didn’t let me say I was so scared You’re not happy. Once in a lifetime. I’m not unhappy It’s obvious. Did you hear my mom? I can’t leave after the wedding My whole life would be like this, so common Wouldn’t it be the same to open a restaurant in Shanghai? Isn’t that also a common life Okay,you don’t understand If I don’t find you, you’re not coming back.right? Didn’t you admit it. You just went to Shanghai and asked me to come back, did you? I didn’t say a word If you have to think I’m lying to you,then don’t marry me What are you talking about Don’t marry me You feel wronged and act rashly You didn’t[didn’t] tell me the truth,and I haven’t complain yet Others are happy to get married. Whyare you worried ?[are you worried ] We are too young to get married Did you hear my mom? Give birth to two children Why don’t say give birth to 20 children This whole life will go in random. Do you fell in love with other women in Shanghai? I like a lot of girls, there are so many girls on the road. But they don’t like me. You’re my girlfriend. You’re going to be my wife. I want to do something. I don’t want to be at home[at home]. come on in Bride and groom, it’s time Shall we rehearse? Rehearse what? Solemn moment, life’s promise. Do you have any special requirements? No Then I’ll follow the routine. By the way, is the ring ready? Yes The two of you are going to swap rings in a moment Listen to me. You have a ring. Why would you remember to buy a ring? This is the world of flowers, the ocean of love, the wedding hall full of happiness. I’m Mao Renlong from Chinese Style Wedding Company Chinese style wedding company[] has 20% discount for the whole year In addition, friends of middle and old age can also have additional discount okay Now This is the time Groom Xu Tian, Do you take Miss Dao Li to be your lawfully wedded wife Regardless of disease, health, poverty, wealth. To love, honor and cherish, until death do you apart I do Bride, Dao li Do you take Mr. Xu Tian to be your lawfully wedded husband To love, honor and cherish, in sickness and in health, until death do you part [I do]I do The exchange of hearts and the exchange of love In order to record this timeless moment, nowthe bride and the groom can exchange wedding rings. I forgot about it. Got it. Got it. Got it. The wedding ring is a token of lovers’ love I also hope that these two little concentric circles will link the hearts of the two closely together. Hello Don’t you know me? I know We know eachother a lot I accidentally broke a vase in the model room yesterday I’m sorry forrunning away. so [so]I buy you a new one. Which model room It’s the one bedroom that faces the south. Don’t stand in error We also have [also have]two, three, five bedrooms Have you ever been in there? no, I can’t be wrong It’s doesn’t matter You can take [can take]it back. I want to put it to where it was. Miss.Zhao You take the sales office as shopping mall, don’t you I have a record that you’ve been looking at the house for 17 times It’s ok that you tried on a dress without buying it during the shopping.[It’s ok that you tried on a dress without buying it during the shopping] I received you seventeen times. And helped you pay for the vase At last, I lost half of my bonus. I’m sorry It’s useless for you to say sorry We are working [working]for others, If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Even don’t look at it. you’ll thinkafter you watch it, Then you will get mentally unbalanced After you get mentally unbalanced, you will come to play tricks on me Is this interesting? No Find balance on your heart Your [Your ]life had been settled Don’t come anymore Why are you still standing there? Do you want me to treat you a dinner? I don’t even treat myself a dinner Take the vase away The groom, come here, come on come on, drink a toast to uncle Wang Lao Wang The groom is coming uncle Wang, Come on Here comes the bride and groom. Congratulations. Thank you Thank all of you, it has been a long day Okay,okay,okay And come on, I’ll fill your [your]cup okay,okay.Don’t fill too much On top, on top Sorry to have given you so much trouble come on, I’ll fill Your cup again okay, Xu Tian, be a lamb I’ll drink a toast to you You.. May your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea and may you live a long and happy life You have a sliver tongue, don’t drink too much. Don’t drink anymore Cheers! Blooming lowers and full moon, Happy marriage and may you have a lovely baby early That’s right. Come on. what. I… Don’t be drunk I didn’t Xu Tian Uncle Wang All, right, All right[right], stop drinking Can you still drink ? No, No you are so good at drinking. Stop Three cups more. All right, All right. All right you, what are you doing here drinking Stop drinking Where is the thing, Did you bring [it]it? Just have a drink in the wedding Drank too much The thing I ask you tobring,did you bring it? In my bag Xi Er[Er], quickly Get him in. Get the bag. Are we going there? come on, go, go, go Wake up. Don’t sleep You’re a fool Why did you drink [drink]so much? You need to work later come on, come on Mrs. [Mrs. ]Dao What are you doing in here? I just steamed a pot of steamed bread in the kitchen I want you to have a taste You eat itby yourself. If you need any help? Help me to get Xu Tian in Go, quickly Okay,Okay Lao Wang. Come on, come on, stand up stand up you’re here He can barely stand what happened to him He’s drunk. Mom He’s too drunk And, great rejoicing Happy marriage, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years May the couple live together till old and grey All right, All right. Thank you Get him stand up. We need to let him []work Wake up, Uncle Wang. Wake up, Uncle Wang. Time to [Time to]affix your seal, Uncle Wang. Allow me, Allow me. Go away Sir , stand up No. No. No, sit well Lao Wang, wake up. Lao Wang Uncle Wang wake up. Manager Dao is asking you Mei lan Here Mei lan Did you bring the register book? In the bag In the bag Where is the the cover of marriage certificate? the cover of marriage certificate here, here Registration form And official seal? Not in the bag. Where is the official seal In the Office’s safety box What How could it be handling official business on the spot if you can’t seal your name Are youkidding me? How can I easily take the official seal of the countryout, Right? I bought the cover of marriage certificate, it’s stands good luck Tomorrow Tomorrow seal it Great seal No, No, No Here, Here, Here Don’t spit on me! Drink Slow down Don’t shout Drink[Drink ]! Stop drinking, lie down Be careful Still vomit? No, quickly, hurry up, he is going to vomit. Quickly, quickly Please don’t vomit in bed. This is a marriage[marriage] bed. Be careful come on, come on, over here coming You will be more comfortable after you spit it out spit! Don’t worry I can’t Okay, don’t spit you, you, you… why do you swallow it again. Let him sleep for a little while
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Does he all right? You two, go to the restaurant, quickly There are guests [who]who need to be taken [be taken]care of okay And, Mrs. [Mrs. ]Dao Where am I staying tonight? You go outside first, we’ll talk it later You come with me. Where am I going? I don’t even have a place to live here I don’t have room for placing my things. No, Xu Tian.Xu Tian wake up. You.. Get out Or, I’ll stay here tonight[]. What’s more I used to take care of him when he was drinking too much at school. Stand up It’s doesn’t matter Why are you so innocent. They were getting married But.. Go,Go Xu Tian[Tian] Go Aunt Oh, still call me aunt? Not registered yet Tomorrow. Don’t go to the restaurant. Take care of him. I am arrived I’m on the bed of my dorm Didn’t you go back home? I did Did you drink[drink]? Vomit. That’s okay I was just looking at the model room we had seen And returned the vase I feel sad What vase All right, never mind say We broke a vase Yes We broke a vase I bought one that I wanted to pay for. Go ahead But he didn’t receive[receive it] it I felt a little bit sad And others didn’t know about the house. Xu Tian Xu Tian[], are you listening He was asleep I’ll let him call you back after he wakes [wakes]up Xiao Li He’s not puking. He’s sleeping. Then where are you going? I’ll go back to my room. The bridal chamber is here. You All right, register tomorrow morning. Is there something in your mind No Don’t worry This is his home. You had married, how can he still be obstinate wait You go to the bridal chamber and bring me his ID card, the Household Register, and your ID card. He want to go How can he leave without these It’s impossible to open his own restaurant without an ID card in Shanghai. Unless he is our enemy, he would rather workillegally What Morning, aunt Zhao Where is Zhao zhong?
Zhai Zhong, Zhao zhong, someone is looking for you Zi Hui I have something to tell you Let’s [Let’s]talk outside Xu Tian’s signed the contract I called him yesterday and later a women answered You can call him and ask What if [What if]that woman is his girlfriend, Explain it to her. Explain? Explain what? Never mind, I’m going to work. And, Now that the contracts are signed, is it time to talk about the shop? I’ll send you that address later. There ‘ s a store to let [Store to let]in Zhejiang road. It looks good from the outside. Who? who’s going to talk? Me? Me I’m not very good at this kind of thing. Xu Tian will do the talking[Tian will do the talking],he is the corporation He’s not here Wait him What kind of business do you do in partnership Open a restaurant Open a restaurant? Why I never heard of that? Does that include the little girl from Sichuan Yes, Yes, Yes I just run errands for them They eat the meat and I get the soup. The contracts have been[Have been] signed. It’s 30% Xu Tian is not here. We all have to work. If you don’t look for a store at least you should go to Industrial and Commercial Bureau[] Why are you being together? Have you made a decision about Songheyannian Do you want me to show you the list again? Is [Is ]he awake? Not know yet Millet gruel is ready Let Xi Er wait in front of the door Go directly to the registry after []drinking Let me see He’s awake Get up quickly, brush your teeth, wash your face, and eat. I am going to pick up a call. You guys go out first. Quickly what’s wrong? Zihui said you signed the contract. Two women just work on their own. But you’re back home. It’s like it’s not happening after the contract is signed. I’ll go back right away I’m in the Commerce and Industry Bureau. They don’t allowed to register They said something are lacked, some materials What material do you need? ask Zhao Zihui. I don’t have her number. You call her. I’ll wait here. I see Are you suffering from the stomach No Then eat. Finish eating and go out. A woman called you yesterday. You fell asleep before you finished talking. who? I didn’t ask. she said something about vase, or house, or something else What else? She felt [felt]sad I was just about to call her. You eat can give her a call while eating I’ll eat later The woman said she was sad. Come in The semilunar bill for Xiao hu’s[Xiao hu’s] group needs [needs]to sell out immediately What about this? RDDetailed report Rd projects I’ll hand it in after you see it. The same amount of buying and selling? Let’s change it a little bit. It can’t be changed. Right here. I haven’t finished talking yet. Zihui []call me last night. I’m sorry.I fall asleep It doesn’t matter. Later, there is a woman answering My girlfriend. Don’t hang up. Now Zhao Zhong is at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Why Don’t they allowed being registered? Talk it later Zhao Zhong is right there now Registered a company needs place of operation Registered fund and lease contract Legal persons and identity cards of shareholders. There is nothing What can we do in the industry and Commerce Bureau We can find the place first. All right, I’ll talk after I am off work. I am going to hang up Xu Tian[], Roadside shop Yes Is the contract signed? Yes When a contract is signed, there is an obligation Common interests and directions. How to get rid of them[of them]? Aren’t you going to Paris? I didn’t want to get rid of anything It’s just a help. You are different from your past I used to have no friends except you. RDWhy can’t change RD’s cost amount How do you want to change? It was 16% higher than the cost. Within six months after the transaction is completed The money will be imported into your account in three times The premise is there will be one or two deals in half a year. with these two companies. 16% is too high How about 5% to 6% Both the buyer and the seller have already made an order. If do the revaluation, there will be a lot of troubles All right, all right, do that And Did Miss. Lv say anything about going to Paris? If you don’t want to talk with her, I’ll talk to her later. It doesn’t matter. If she doesn’t come to me. I will find her. Zhaozhong Jia Xiaoduo Zhao Zihui and Me All of us are[]stockholders We’re going to open a small restaurant. I’ll be a juridical person We plan to open five chains in three years Who are Zhao Zihui and Jia Xiaodu? Shareholders. Where did these two come from? You just leave it alone. When I’m done, I’m going back to Shanghai. I have a lot of [lot of]things to do after I go [go]back to Shanghai, So quick It’s even takes more than a month for somebody’s wedding honeymoon. Li [Li]will come with me. Li, are you [coming]coming? I’m not [coming]coming. See? Never mind That’s what you want, right? I told you do not even think about it. I’ve got all the ID cards You want to open a restaurant, without the credentials, how can you become a juridical person You can went to Shanghai to do illegal work You should go to register this afternoon [this afternoon]and livea normal life Mom look I’m an adult, [am]am I? You look beautiful today. Look your haircut All right, all right, stop Please Give me my [me my]I.D card Only got married and being registered is to be an adult Fine, I’m going to do it right now. To be a father is to be an adult You two can sleep together tonight. Do you know that? But If you don’t give me my ID card, after returning [returning ]to Shanghai and I’ll do illegal work for [for ]three of them Return to Shanghai? You said return Tell me clearly Where is your home? Here But I have to start my own business. Don’t make your voice so loud, okay? Do you want to revolt Li, take him to register. Now. It ticks me off. stubborn. I was so angry that my blood went straight up my feet Let’s go. What are you doing? Will Marriage registration kill [kill]you Are you fair to[fair to] Xiao Li? come down He is not here today come in Okay, okay, okay. Talk to you later. I am going to hang up now Bye bye Is Wang Pengju here? What’s up? What else can I do here Register. Wedding candy? I forgot to bring it to you, I will bring to you some day. That won’t work. No registration. Why? Lao Wang lost his key to the safety boxat others’ wedding last night. You can come back tomorrow. I want to kill []him. Don’t need to do that. He’s been drinking too much. He’s doing intravenous drip in the hospital. Why are you guys looking [looking]at me? Take a wedding photo in the afternoon Come back tomorrow. I’ll go back to the restaurant. What Fretting What do you want? Go Thank you You’re welcome [Mr.]Mr. Yan Get out of here for a little while, please. Okay Only you can get in[can get in] and out of my office. I’m sorry. I ‘ ll make an appointment next time What’s the matter? I’m going out right now. DMGI am going to have an appointment with Mr. [Mr.]Xiao from DMG for morning tea Okay, I’ll say it straightly As straight as possible Zhao Zihui found me Zhao Zihui is your personal assistant. Stay with you every day It’s normal to find you even 18 [even 18]times a day. She wants to go to the Paris headquarters in advance She was originally recommended by the department. Now there’s this opportunity. It’s good for us to let her leave early. How’s my lipstick I am so tired because of you and Zhao Zihui these days My eye bags are so obvious I’m going to have a facial massage You should reimburse me. I’m just kidding. Look, you’re scared. What’s your viewpoint It’s business. I’ll think about it. You are not straight Didn’t you say Take my time and wait for the fate I’ve been introspecting. I’m too impetuous. and too pushy to you and Zhao Zihui. I apologize I will apologize to Zhao Zihui especially Private affairs are [are]private affairs, they [they]do not affect work Well, if there is no other things, I’ll go first. If you want to stay for a while, remember to close the door later. Look at you. Care so much about Zhao Zihui ,I am not the person to decide who go to the headquarters in Paris. Since the[Since the] director of the department recommended , then
would seriously consider it. I’ll find her, okay? YDH Mrs. Lv Okay, okay. I’ll call her right away. Zihui, Your telephone Who Who Queen []Lv Mrs. [Mrs.]Lv There is a blue covered bid book in the right drawer of my desk Get it to the western suburb. Me? Yes, hurry How do I get into [into]your office? You just open the door and go in. Give me your phone number. [in case]In case I can’t find you. One , five , eight ,zero, two ,zero, one . Okay, okay, I can’t remember. You told Yan Ruozhou to tell you my phone number. After you arriving [arriving, ]send me a message. The Queen has a job. Come on.

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