Benefits Of Working With Poly-Coach

Hi there. I’m Laurie Ellington. I am a poly relationship coach. I work with individuals and couples and all
kinds of relationships. I focus on open relationships, polyamory,
poly dating, and ethical non-monogamy. The reason why I choose that line of work
is because I have a lot of experience in the lifestyle. I know that there’s a lot of questions that
people have. I know that there’s a lot of challenges that
come up in those kinds of relationships. I know that unlike traditional relationships
where we close ourselves in a box and we wrap it up and keep it there and think everything
is going to be okay and always be okay, open relationships, polyamory, and non-monogamy
really invite us to unwrap the box and break it open. When we do that, we become more aware of what’s
going on in ourselves, what’s important to us, what it is that we need to fulfill our
life, and what it is that we need to sustain the relationships that we want to have in
our life. Working with me, you will get to be with some
of that uncomfortable stuff. Definitely, my polyamorous relationship coaching
clients find themselves challenged by certain situations. They just want someone to talk to. They want to know that they’re okay. They want to know if what they’re experiencing
is normal. They also want to move through challenging
situations like that. As a polyamorous relationship coach, I really
do strive to stay in connection with what’s important to the individual, and what’s important
to the couple, and what’s important to everyone in the relationship, if it’s a relationship
that involves more than one, two, or three people. If you’re interested in having a free consultation
with me, please contact me at Laurie Ellington at– You can find me on Facebook. Also, is my website. My email address is [email protected] Again, my name is Laurie Ellington. I work with individuals and couples and all
kinds of relationships. I specialize in open relationships, non-monogamy,
and polyamory. Come check me out. I’d love to offer you a consultation. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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