Being Married Vs. Dating

do you want to have sex we just have sex yeah but I was like 20 minutes ago you're right I'm done right here right now all right I'll pull over hi hey babe mm-hmm do I have sex no I'm good so I know we've been together for a year now and I think it's time babe I know we've been married for a really long time and I wanted to spice things up so [Applause] [Applause] hippies talk to you about something so the other day I felt a little weird because you know I haven't had my period for a while so I thought I know I got a little worried that maybe I can take a pregnancy test I can't believe I'm saying this but we're having a baby hey hey surprise [Applause] hey babe hey I was surprised for you close your eyes okay surprise what's this it's a laundry can you ask me how fits me by tomorrow 10:00 a.m. please I love you I'm not doing your laundry oh my god gross good morning Oh baby you're so good hey what did this youth hate to the others you what let's kick it babe no we're gonna do this bill is no joke yeah I have a friend named bill our bill and he's so just our baby with everything a joke to you look how about you and bill get together and you guys me that off I'm so excited for date night might not meet you know something in movies okay and then Museum yeah so much the dinosaurs and then did you oh I'll see if we can go to the movies though I go to the movies yeah they popcorn nachos standard are you stupid movies definitely does not fit into our muscly budget maybe we might talk about the other day we would have been able to go you're the one that wanted the chocolate bar in the first place you're the one who ate it because you think you were on a diet and you didn't want any more it's called a receipt you can return the chocolate bar why don't you just make the budget bigger why don't you get another job I have two dogs already last two jobs I wasn't

Michael Martin

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  1. Dear all couples, lets just say the struggle is REAL regardless if you’re married or not… 😂
    If you can relate to the video, share it with a couple! Or a couple couples. Cool? Thank you! 👫

  2. You know, what happened to me few years back? The girls name was Halcyon Loretta Winslow. Ugliest girl you ever saw in your life. What happened was her father got it in his head that I should marry Halcyon. You know, he saw my picture in the paper. When I won that church raffle–four free haircuts. Picture's all over the front page. You know how that affects people. The go crazy. Right away, he saw civil servant, security. Right? Then he saw unmarried, and at the time I was only three-oh.(Thirty.) He saw in me an untapped source of lifetime happiness for his ugly daughter. So, needless to say they got my phone number from the barber and the rest is history.Well I'll tell ya', it's like a tale outta two cities. First, I only saw the old man for about a week. He made me a tempting offer: third interest in a prune-pitting operation.There's a lot of money in that. Well, you gotta like it. Full use of the company car, an interest in the family home, and a beautiful hillside plot in the In their cemetery. That burial plot alone is worth a fortune.When opportunity knocks, I had to at least take a peek and see if there's anybody on the stoop. Anyway, the old man made a date for all of us to meet down at Klein's Coffeehouse for American cheese and Danish.Oh boy. Beasto maristo. I'll tell ya', that cheese sandwich stuck right in my throat for about three days.I finally got off the hook. Well, first of all, I paid for my own cheese sandwich. Wipe out any obligations.Then I took the old man to one side and I told him straight out, N-O,a flat no dice…….But he kept after me, letters phone calls, driving that company car by all shiny and new. But I held my ground. Pretty soon he got the idea, and that was the end of it.Whatever happened to Halcyon You may ask? Well, you know she went east to one of them schools where they trim you down, clear your skin, make you walk around with a book on your head.
    Did she turned out to be beautiful? No.hell no, she's still ugly, single, and pitting prunes.

  3. Being married is actually the most enjoyed period. BUT PLEASE WHY ARE SOME GUYS SHY TO TALK TO LADIES ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SEX?
    Well, for the shy ones, get a companion for your self around you here

  4. On that toilet scene for the married couples’ side, I was on the toilet myself and I thought it was me making that sound, Lmao. 🥵

  5. I still put it down for my husband almost anywhere, but still can't stand going to the bathroom within secret of if I got to really go 🤣 and sometimes still throw a mint in my mouth before I get up if I plan on laying in the bed for a while and I'm chatting I mean heck I don't even want to smell my own breath LOL 😂🤣

  6. If you are one of those who stalke your ex, remember that nothing is what it seems

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