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Michael Martin

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  2. With all due respect, I couldn't get past the color. I would like to offer some advice; setting the hair before an updo really makes things a lot easier. Also, I like to work with spray shine as well as some soft spray while working.

  3. Watch how hair extensions can change hair for wedding day.

  4. She could have at least wash her hair. I'm sorry but I think the hairstylist didnt do a good job. I'm not a hairstylist but I know if you use hair spray you can easily hide and get rid of the short hairs. Anyways…

  5. No esta mal, pero ya esta muy pasadode moda…. Solo enrollo y enrollo…. Mm no se me hace algo lindo! 😪

  6. Deed you hear abbout shampoo and wather?? Mabye a treatment for the daruff? With a shenie and clean hair evry stile is beautifol!!!

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