hey guys it's ocean Sims and welcome back to my channel so today we're going to be reviewing the party planner mod created by Kauai Stacey this mod comes out on May 12th so mark your calendars and go ahead and download this mod because we're gonna check it out together and I already know we're gonna love it because I love everything quiet Stacey does but I definitely want to see what this mod is about so it says party planner mod it requires the base game get famous city living it is possible for this mod to work without get famous and city living but it is recommended that you have both or at least one of them so cool so you at least have one of the three than your Gucci you're good you let your sim become a party planner they will get paid to throw parties they will have opportunities to earn Fame and followers you will be able to choose between 20 different party themes which will depend on your skill level I love having options I can't help it you will also be able to use your phone to search for clients who will give you playable jobs the features get paid to throw parties and earn Fame and followers choose from over 20 party themes get playable job offers from clients which will be hosted in different locations and have different themes get rated by your clients after each party good ratings will earn you more money fame and followers bad ratings will earn you less money Fame and a chance at losing followers teens can be party planners new social interactions for party planners and now let's look at the benefits of throwing your own parties you can choose your own party theme and location you don't have to wait on a client to offer you a job you don't have to worry about ratings benefits of finding clients party themes are anonymous so it's a mystery each time have a good / bad clients contact you for offers you will travel to places you usually wouldn't go you can make more money than you would by throwing your own parties that is awesome so without further ado I'm just gonna go ahead and jump into it right now of course qui Stacey gives us the directions on this mod but that's what I'm here for we're gonna go ahead and jump right in alrighty guys so we are in a game right now and this is Jason Mallory I guess you could call him one of my current households I am personally playing in my own game so I thought it'd be really cool to just use him for uh this little review so right now he is just out and about at the rattlesnake juice bar and he quit his job as a medical intern because he decided he wants to be a full-time party planner one of the first things we have to do now even if your sim is at home you're gonna want to do what I'm about to show you and mind you you do not have to do what I'm about to show you only but one time alright so what you want to do is go to your phone and then you want to plan a social event because you basically have to let it be known that you are a party planner so you have to throw your first quote/unquote party and then the mod will I guess work as such you know so the first thing look at the way he's walking like what is wrong with you he's in here making a drink not making a drink but get a drink so he's calling right now he's like yes I'd like to throw a party here just improv you know just just because I don't blame him I said what we're gonna do is throw this party event as you can see I've already done this and did horribly you're supposed to get gold on the event so you can unlock the party menu so it's kind of like an incentive there you know so challenge rewards aren't up to $1200 for throwing amazing parties throw amazing parties and get paid for them make money and friends and become a famous party planner so we're gonna go ahead and do that it cost $100 our party planner for the night is going to be Jason mr. Mallory and then we're gonna go ahead and have it so you can choose where you want to have it at all right so since I'm already at the rattlesnake juice bar I'm just going to have it here basically so that is exactly what we're gonna have it at the rattlesnake juice bar and as you can see it says Bragg and explained using the party menu as questions have Sims become happy at the same time now I'm a little confused because the Bragg and explain options are from the party menu however the party menu when I was playing with this mod one like a time before this it wasn't even available until after I got gold on this event from another save all of these people here a lot of these people are just automated automatically invited from the social event the party planner mod which is so cool because you don't really have to invite anyone to kind of like get your foot in the door make it known that your party planner with the mod it just invites everyone for you and then after this the party menu should be up and then we'll be able to search for our clients and kind of advertise ice up our parties and then create our own little parties with our own themes and stuff like that before I even you know recorded this video I tested out a couple times and each time has been slightly different he's just kind of saying hi to people he's talking with them again I don't have a party menu of it's like another separate little menu with it and I don't have that up so it is a little bit confusing on why that's like that so I'm just gonna keep talking to people and get that up so you can see how fast it will end up going so we're already at gold so I'm gonna go ahead and cancel it now so I'm gonna cancel it it says party planner complete gold medal earned and we got one thousand five hundred twenty six dollars off of that that party was amazing it says part of greater job complete so we're like alright bye thank you guys so much yeah we can start searching for our clients and doing all that type of good stuff so if I click on Jason now he has the party planner menu see what I was saying that part that was not up there when the game was trying to tell us to click those options when we were throwing this party however it is up there now so when you go to party planner we can either network which is advertised upcoming parties or search for clients which is what we're about to do or we can start our party however if you do start a party to keep in mind that you need to already be at the location that you're about to throw a party at but we'll get into that in a minute so we do want to search for clients I will let you know that searching for clients you have a better chance of receiving clients calling you asking for them to throw for you to throw them a party if you're Fame level is up now he's pretty unknown but I'm gonna go ahead and cheat that up for him now that was one thing the only only thing I have about this oh by the way I'm cheating up his fame with MC command center I'm increasing his celebrity level so I'm just gonna go ahead and crease it up now if they are like a five-star celebrity they have 90% 90% chance of you know receiving clients that was my only thing I didn't really like the idea because what if you don't really want to be famous with it I didn't want to add I don't like the fact that Fame is added within it I'd rather it be something well you know you can be a mom a stay at home I'll also be a party planner you know what I mean I wanted it to kind of be like a normal job kind of like how you have like a freelance career I thought it was gonna be more so like a freelance thing but it's cool we're gonna roll with it that's cool because right down here on his traits it says he is a party planner of this sim loves to throw parties and can throw all types of parties so I thought that was really cool too so I'm just gonna wait for somebody to call me and look at this it says hey Jason are you gonna help me throw this party or not and he wants to have it at twin Oracle point well I'm down I'm Jason Mallory and I'm down to party so let's go let's get it so we're gonna go ahead and throw his party again the clients choose where they want to throw their party at so he wants it throw his party on an empty lot now it won't always be this way but as Kauai Stacey's website mentioned that you'll go to different lots and explore different things because you know it'll-it'll your Sims your clients will want to throw parties at different places so this is kind of like a little thing here so what I'm gonna do which I think it's so I wish they didn't go to empty Lots because it's kind of like what and the heck you know what I mean but what I'm gonna do is just add some stuff in here just because now this is an issue because if you don't like to use cheats and you don't want to have free build on or something like that then you know it's like how do you throw a successful party you know so I don't know if that effects it or anything I'm again I'm just adding the basics I'm just adding the basics so we are going to oh we need to have Sims eat at the same time too so again this is a very butchered butchered party but I heard that you like to still thinks I don't think I want you in my home anymore what why does this happen when I'm trying to try to make a wholesome video you know what I mean like why does this happen I don't know no but we're gonna go ahead and hire Yelich let's go ahead and do this okay what's this a I heard that you like to steal things I don't think I want you my home anymore I seriously don't know where this is coming from I don't know why everyone's saying I'm stealing stuff when literally I'm hustling stuff just to make already I'm like with that anyways so we need to have Sims listen to the stereo all at the same time and so what I'm gonna do is to make it really easy is to form a group and just add some stems to the group right this is how I how I finessed the system and I'm going to listen to classical together so that's what we're gonna do right now that's how I finesse it you know and now we already completed that which is great then we need to have Sims dance at the same time so can we please dance we can't dance together what is wrong with everyone why can't we dance normally the option is I don't get it I don't get it whatever change the hip-hop there we go okay dance together so we can dance together so we're going to all dance together and that's also how you know and get everything done and then we need to have some eating at the same time so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna let his guest I forgot to do this name that I was throwing a party for but I'm gonna cook up some tofu dogs because I heard that everyone was vegetarian so I'm just gonna stop dancing look I'll even hype but with y'all I'll dance my name is Jason Malorie boat look at him in his this is so cute actually want him to be in his like formal the little party where type thing and I think this is really cute I think this is super cute okay Jason okay Jason you guys just look at this doesn't he look like a party planner everyone's like yeah Jason yeah this party freakin rocks and do like you really don't know you know how to throw a party and he's like yeah let me go ahead and cook y'all some tofu dogs I've got you I got you I know you want the tofu dogs and I got the ketchup the mustard in the relish you know the one that comes in the big three pack yes I got you who says you have to be somewhere nice to have a party you tell me you want to have a party on an empty lot wanna do it you feel me so um that's what we're doing right now and you know we're letting everyone have fun and Jason was kind of like chillin we're gonna have Sims eaten at the same time we also want to interact with people I can sign autographs while I'm here hi why not sure you know this is what I don't like this is why I don't think Fame should be involved with it because they're trying to get autographs and stuff from me and stuff and it's like I don't want to make this about me I want y'all to have fun for my dude what was his name Nathan I want Nathan to have fun you know I don't love this to be about me I'm just a party planner I'm just but it's cool though so I'm just gonna go ahead and get these interactions of oh wait no you have to get your name up there by using party planner socials so what we have to do is talk about party planning so you can't use regular interactions which I was mistaken that in order to complete the mingle which is using party planning socials you have to actually use the party planner menu and use some of the things there so what I'm gonna do is use the party planner menu and talk about meeting celebrities talk about being fully booked explain planning process brag about planning parties ask to be future client ask about party let's ask about the party see if everyone's having a good time we have to do this 12 times which can be a little redundant but I like it I like the idea and concept of it okay sweet so we are 12 out of 12 and we completed our main goal which was party planner at socials so now that we got the gold everyone's just chillin and relaxin it says TV themed party complete gold metal earn so that's awesome we got some money for that and yeah even our clients at the party was amazing and everyone is leaving promptly home which is kind of cool the concept of that is pretty cool so what I'm gonna do is just like delete all of this stuff so that it's not just sitting honest oh my god there's just gonna be hotdog stuck here so now that we're done with this party I think the best thing is to all show so also show you how we can plan our own parties so before we plan our own parties definitely choose where you want to plan your party first because it will start as soon as you make the interaction go through so I'm gonna choose a place to have a party hold on wait we need to travel there first so hit travel so we're at the waterside horrible so what we want to do is we have Jason Mallory here what we're gonna do is go to the party planner menu we're going to go to start party and then look at all of these choices some of these that are in the grey we need a higher charisma skill so we have to keep throwing our parties and keep getting ourselves out there so that we can throw these different themed parties singles parties seasonals a seasonal festival party pajama party a winter party summer party that's that I love that Kauai Stacy you're such a genius for that I love that wishes really came with the game like these choices for parties so right now we can only do a casual themed party so that's what we're gonna do we don't ever invite the guests over with these parties which i think is a great concept unless you really really want to you know then you can just use the phone interaction and I think you can go yep you can invite who you want at the current lot but you can't plan another social event or do anything else while you're planning this party so what I'm gonna do here is click on this guy and talk about things using the party menu so let's see let's just talk about this ask questions how can we ask for westerns let's just ask them to we are future client I guess I'm assuming that if we wanted to jackar right here whatever we could just go to build mode now I always have free build mode on and enabled so I'm not sure if this comes with if it automatically unlocks with the mod or not but of course you would know when you install it and your game and yeah I think this is really really cool that we can throw our own parties and it's not like we're throwing them for ourselves for like you know like a planning a regular social event and having a party for ourselves we're just throwing parties and events and just being in general party planner which i think is really really fun and if that was a career in the sims I would told you that like utilize that to a tee I really love the concept of it I really like that a lot he's changed these are different sometimes sometimes you even have to buy last-minute decorations worth a certain amount that's what I got one time when I did it and you know that was pretty cool so it can be a little different certain times so they don't get too too redundant but all in all I think this is a wonderful way to add a little a little spoons and spice to the game gain a little extra money this career honestly feels like this is what Jason would do just throw parties for a living and be known as someone that throws parties what I think would be a good idea is leaving the fame aspect out of it but if we did add in the fame just leave it to where it was optional like if you use certain interactions on the party planner menu then that way you can get a little bit of Fame off of that but just by simply throwing a party I feel like it should be by choice if you want to really make that something where you're this world-renowned party planner you know what if it's just your job you know and one thing I do like though that if you click on your sim and hit the party planner menu you can go to network and advertise upcoming parties which actually gives you a little bit of Fame as well so with those interactions that already give you a little bit of Fame I think it'd be a great idea to kind of have it a little bit optional so all in all I love this mod I think it's very well done and I think you know it's a really great idea Kauai Stacey always creates like new and fresh ideas as far as I'm concerned she's like the only person that I really download like gameplay mods from so I really really appreciate you quite Daisy for allowing me to test this out honestly you're breaking amazing at what you do and the Sims community thanks you and I'm squeezing you virtually okay but yeah guys I'm gonna have Jason just like enjoy the party right now and just kind of like you know just have a little bit of fun here I'm gonna go ahead and hit the road jack and I will see y'all in the next video I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next one all right peace out John

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