Battery-operated speaker and microphone set up for outdoor wedding ceremonies by Ceremony Sound

hi it's Mike here from ceremony sound we are here today at a wedding open day for the one team a golf club on the north side of Brisbane and I just thought we would take the opportunity to put together a short video clip of our ceremony system that we use for outdoor wedding ceremonies just a perfect opportunity there's not a lot of people around here at the beginning of the day so we shouldn't get too many interruptions we do have a our wedding reception system set up in our function room but I thought I would just go through a few of the technical side of our microphone and our mixer setup here we have our mixer which is set up at the rear of the ceremony area this is the main control area where we cue our music for your ceremony and also the our volume levels for our microphones we also in this case have a iPhone connected for the for the sake of X example this is where we've got our mp3s and we play the songs directly from our mp3 player laptop where and I just controlled here through the mixer you can see just to the left is in my dual microphone receiver so I can operate all our microphones wirelessly and we were able to set this up at the back of the ceremony area as I said before now I have a control for our lapel microphone for a celebrant also have another control for any other remote microphone for use that could be used for reading separate readings or announcements and then we can hook up up to another 2 or 3 more microphones plus our music source and all those can be controlled from this one place at the back of the ceremony area we will just move up to I'll just show you up where we've got the ceremony system set up and the there I'm just using that fader there now which controls the music will just pan up here and I'll just show you this particular example that one timur have used for their ceremony area which is just adjacent to the function room it's a nice little spot here and it look it's a beautiful day and they put on outside wedding ceremonies and of course use their adjacent function center for their receptions and they've got the whole thing set up this weekend so there's just an opportunity for me to do what i do and they are there i'm just showing you the they function center so as far as the guests are concerned it's not too far to go from the ceremony to the reception okay so we'll just come back down here now and we'll just show the main ceremony area and as you can see just to the left only using one speaker today just for an example but just to the left here is our battery-operated speaker system and I've got another microphone setup there's our speaker system here which is a roland stereo cabinet got four separate speakers in it and it gives a nice stereo image sound now we can use up to two of these speakers one either side of the ceremony area and they can be placed away from the ceremony so I'm just using the example today but we would probably have that speaker a little bit further to the left and out of shot of any main camera and video that would be taken on the day so there we are that's that's where we sit at the back that's where our operator sits and we're in this particular case and up here we have a our cordless microphone on a stand which again because there's no cables involved that can be placed anywhere to enable an ounce Munson MCD use or readings here by way of explanation I've got our and you can just see my shadow there of me doing the work but I've got our lapel which I'll up our belt pack and our headset microphone which our which the celebrant would use and I prefer to prefer to use these against lapel mics because they're just they they're very stay very very close to the mouth and and a lot of easy to use I've also by way of giving a little bit of an example here of have a an additional microphone setup just I've just snuck it around the back of the the archway and that'll pick up any ambient noise for the sermon which is a nice touch and I can send that noise through the speakers now it might be the vowels it might be little quips that they're making of the day and it just adds a little bit of sparkle to the actual ceremony so they were there we are that's the ceremony area that's a little bit about what we do I'm this is my very first attempt at moviemaking spielberg or not but i hope to add a few to these later on and will give a few live examples of what ceremony sound can do for your next wedding ceremony thanks for watching

Michael Martin

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  1. Thanks for the awesome video – can't tell it was your first one. Question; how do you send audio signal from the mixer to the battery powered speaker?

  2. why would you want ambient noise going through your PA live? that would just create feedback, if you cranked it loud enough to be heard

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