Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games – Olympic Flame & Opening Ceremony

Michael Martin

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  1. i just come for Freddie and Monserrat

    R.I.P Monserrat Caballe
    R.I.P Freddie Mercury
    They are in the sky singing BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SIMPLEMENTE INSUPERABLE The Opening Ceremony in Barcelona Spain: la Madre Patria. Saludos desde Managua, Nicaragua. THE BEST OF THE BEST THE OPENING CEREMONY EVER…

  3. 9 años tenía cuando lo vi en directo. Lloraba y no sabía por qué. Estaba tan emocionado! Y ahora lo vuelvo a ver aquí, con 37 años y vuelvo a ser un crío. Fue increíble, uno de los actos más maravillosos que he visto jamás.

  4. Una maravilla, qué recuerdos tan hermosos… Ahora sólo vivimos tiempos convulsos, donde prima el individualismo, el separatismo y el radicalismo en cualquiera de sus extremos, en Europa y fuera de ella. Mucho me temo que se avecinan tiempos peores, puesto que estamos dando demasiados pasos hacia atrás. Mi pobre Freddie, cada vez que pienso en lo espectacular que habría sido verle cantar en directo con Montserrat, se me parte el alma…

  5. That ovation to our king Juan Carlos would be unthinkable now in Catalonia. What a pity that spirit of union has now disappeared in Spain.

  6. freddie mercury and mikis theodorakis…. the best of the best in singingwritting in the world in one ceremony

  7. The flaming of the couldron in Barcelona was the best of all opening ceremonies among the Olympic Games…

  8. Everyone's like the flame parts the best ever but watch at 0.25x speed
    The torch got lit even before the flame landed on it

  9. for the ones (independent catalans) who hate Spain, just remind that without Spain, Barcelona would never have hosted the Olympic Games!! today, the king would never receive an Ovation after his speech! hope this feeling in Bcn changes soon!! Barcelona, a Great city full of Good & Happy vibes!! 😉

  10. Se olvidó poner ccuando mandaron ladrones a america y empezaron a saquear todas las cosas que había

  11. This event was spoiled somewhat by the tight camera work put down largely to the editorial team. So much was missed and I can remember being really pissed about the switching between cameras both during the opening and closing ceremonies. They were magnificent but so much was missed for us not there. The perspective was almost totally destroyed

  12. I would like to know how many policemen it took to keep the area outside the stadium, where the arrow was likely to impact, sealed off with THAT attendance. And what arguments it took to convince the organizational team's security body to let the archer shoot over heads of so many spectators.

  13. حکومت کثیف آخوندی فقط قسمت پرتاب تیر وکمان آتشین را نشان داد در همان سال 1992 تاریخ مشاهده 1397/6/16

  14. Qué emoción ,impresionante !!! Los primeros juegos olímpicos que presencié ya con uso de razón,en aquel entonces yo tenía 10 años y tengo los recuerdos aún frescos y muy presentes,como olvidar el encendido del pebetero sin duda alguna la mejor ceremonia de inauguración de la historia ,grandes juegos los que organizó Barcelona,incluso se veía más unión entre los españoles sean de donde sean catalanes, gallegos,vascos,andaluces,de Madrid etc…

  15. The lighting of the olympics is the most highlight of this event. The archer is very accurate in shooting of arrow in the lighting post. its very risky, a few mistake might ignite fire to somebody and it is very embarrassing. This is live and the entire world is watching. Job Well done and congrats to Barcelona, Spain for this wonderful Olympics.

  16. Indonesia has made tremendous achievement for winning two gold olympic medals in Barcelona, 1992! ✌🙌😄 Thank you beautiful Spain for the good memory! 😊

  17. I was too young when Barcelona 92, but these where my first Olympic games, I watched the opening ceremony live on tv with my family. I was only 7 and remember a few things: the torch lightning was the most amazing I've ever seen, I forgot that ship but all I remember was some sort of battle in the stadium XD, big chaos. Also, all my life I thought that was just a robot XDD I've just realized it was actually Hercules, hehehe XDD I was only a child, too young to understand and now this is mind blowing to me, it adds more epicness to an already epic event 😀

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