Bantam Jeep Festival 2019 Overview

where are your the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival we've been here for the past three days and this has been a really great event it's 2019 and I've seen this show grow for the past five years I've been coming out it's really a great time to go interact with everyone and see all the vendors so let's stay tuned and we'll walk around and show you guys what you missed [Applause] well guys that was everything we had to see at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival this is an absolutely awesome event if you guys hadn't had a chance to come out make sure that you come here and make sure you get a chance to check it out until next time make sure you like to subscribe our YouTube page and check out all of our great off-road content I'll see you guys out on the trail you you

Michael Martin

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  1. 2019 was our 2nd trip to Bantam Jeep Fest. We had a great time and will be back for sure! You can see my yellow TJ at the 0:38s mark. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video. At 2:45 there's a display of grill inserts. Do you know if that's Under The Sun? Or someone else?

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