Backstreet Boy Howie Crashes Wedding (FULL)

Michael Martin

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  1. Aww that was so awesomely sweet! Howie that was so kind and lovely of u to show up and sing their fave song! And a letter from the BSB with great wishes! Awesome wedding present! 😍🎁

  2. Wow!! 😯🤩😍😊 congrats! Lucky you couple! Howie has always been my favorite since the very 1st day I seen and heard the group!

  3. Que emoção ela deve ter sentido…..seria melhor o Nick😍…mas ele já servia….rsrs I love bsb

  4. Guau este sería el regalo más grande y bello del mundo tener a los Backstreet Boys en el matrimonio de uno dios seria lo máximo me saco las 😥😥😥😥

  5. God bless Him for making this couples wedding one of the most memorable, beautiful, amazing, unforgettable, days of their lives. Literally….

  6. This was so awesome for Howie to do. BSB is good but I LOVE NKOTB and I'm a Donnie girl since I was 13 n I'm 47.

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