Austin Takes off Bras for the First Time | First Time | Cut

– You almost got it Austin. Come on, come on, come on,
come on, now we gotta win this. Pick it up. You got my boobs shaking. (laughs) What’s going on? (classical music) – Hi. – Hi. My name’s Austin. – Hi, I’m Ruby. – Nice to meet you. – Why you nervous? – I don’t know. – Have you seen a lot
of breasts in your life? – No, not really. – Are you still a virgin? – Yeah. – How come? – The way I was raised,
guess I was a Christian, so I guess I’m waiting to
get married or something. – Oh. – Today, we’re gonna teach you
how to take off a woman’s bra and maybe you’ll be able
see more breasts after that. – Hopefully. (laughs) (sighs and clears throat) – Give it a go. (classical music) – Click it. Alright, so where does it meet? (laughs) (hums) – Trying to find my light. – You trying to dance,
I got you, I got you. – Okay, I heard you like to dance. – Yeah, what’s good? – Well, my bra still’s on,
so that’s not what’s good. – Do I intimidate you? – A little bit. (laughs) – Yes, I do. – [Both] Hey. Ay! Ooh. (laughs) – Try using both hands. – Okay. – Slide the back piece up. – The back piece up. – Yeah, the back piece, this side. – What is taking so long back there? – I don’t know. – I’m trying to get this bra off, oh! Good job. Good job, my friend. – Wow.
– Good job. – There you go. High five. (crew claps) Nailed it. (classical music) – Eyes up here. (both laugh) Let’s try something different. Your arms are tired, right? – Yeah. – Try taking it off with your teeth. – Aw. (laughter) I ain’t backing down, let’s go. (laughs) (classical music) This is hard. (crew member laughs) (laughs) I did it, I’m just kidding. (crew laughs) Damn. (classical music) I have to go under your shirt, huh? – Exactly. (classical music) You nervous? You shaking. – Yeah. – Don’t worry, everything’s okay. – Feel like I’m gonna rip your shirt. – Okay, so here’s what I’m gonna
do, I’m gonna help you out. Okay? Like that. Now I’m gonna put my
arms on your shoulders and you’re gonna pull it off that way. How’s that feel, does that
feel a little bit better? – Way better. – Oh, ooh! Pull it, pull it, pull it. Aaah! (crew cheers and claps) – Got me sweating nuggets. (exhales loudly) Wow, I’m sore. (classical music) – So normally when you’re
undoing a girls bra, you’re gonna be face to face. – Yeah. – So this is the most
practical way to undo a bra. – Oh, word, word. – Mm hm, mm hm. Is this awkward for you? – Yeah. – You’re working up a sweat. There you go. – [Crewmember] Whoo! (crew claps) – It is pretty hard. (classical music) – Oh. – This is my sexy bra. It gives me cleavage. Fifteen seconds. And go! (classical music) There you go, there you go, you go it. Click it up. (crew giggles) (groans) You almost got it Austin. Come on, come on, come on, come on, now we gotta win this. Pick it up. You got my boob shaking. (laughs) What’s going on? – It’s hard work. – Stop shaking. (laughter) Oooh, beautiful. (crew claps) – Wow, I was going the opposite way. (laughs) (crew claps) Okay, I know how to take
off a bra with one hand, looking at a girl’s eyes, like
just staring right at her, and I’m still working on
how to bite open a bra. I’ll get there, maybe. Some day, I don’t know, maybe. Only time can tell. Ay, gang gang.

Michael Martin

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  1. Both of the girls were charming but I am so inlove with how confident ruby is with her saggy belly😍😍

  2. let’s hope his future like.. girlfriend doesn’t watch this like “maybe you’ll be able to get a few more breasts” like uhh

  3. 😂🤣😂🤣😊🤣😂🤣😂🤣😊🤣😊🤣😂😂

  4. How are you videos and think of it is an ideal next time when I come back to this house I will watch this video again thank you bye

  5. For all you virgin dudes out there you don't really need to know how to undo a bra. Majority of the time the female just does it on her own. The whole guy taking the bra off thing is off of a lot of tv shows and movies back in the days. Take command by telling her to take it off.

  6. That's one thing i am proud of myself for. First time i tried to take off a bra I got it right away and one handed too.

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