AUB Graduation Ceremony 2019

now it is your turn graduates to go out into the world full of confidence privilege and awake to opportunity a view the class of 2019 I have no doubts and I believe that you will come to have no doubts you our students are already young leaders in health and business and science in the arts agriculture and engineering and in so much more and you are partners for a better future and so my brave and distinguished and accomplished AV class of 2019 go forth in peace to make the world a better place than that which you found before you by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon you Hannon and Shay a gulp confession reader Roy for was not of the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters with all the rights privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto [Applause] a believer do traditionally not for service needs to vivalma chief must like the kalam it Manero annoy Coonan develop will be bolado with manager relative originally had the matter may abroad army una Aslam never to give up East Amell I'm a proud that you be graduate today and a proud mom I'm not the physical therapist I am a proud that I am I am proud [Applause] I am NOT a medical doctor today I am about that look trust into me but I'm a very proud grandfather I'd like to ask you to stand now turn and salute your parents and families your friends your husbands and wives your company arrows your company or us [Applause] you

Michael Martin

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