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that's really such a pleasure that it came back and he was our meat to a test makeup for your wedding first of all congratulations I hope and pray that your marriage will be a blessing we always worry about the wedding and we wanted to be perfect it's a very important night but we always have to think about the marriage itself and I hope that you use marriage replacing that have you fruit for the table try that you have many many many years of happiness of Understanding between the two of you and may God bless you with incredible blessings in Jesus name so I'm very happy that you came in with I'm so excited for you it's a wonderful day it's a day that you're keeping a princess for a day all eyes will be on you all good vibes and good wishes will be on both of you that's a very very important thing and I'm so happy that Tabas I need to do exactly that okay so first of all I just want to give you some tips before we start applying this makeup the first step is to remember to not do drastic changes to your diet or to a skincare in the two weeks prior to your wedding date once there is because during this time if you don't want to irritate your skin you don't want to have a large number breakouts you don't want this came to if you have redness of the skin you don't want a fire so you wanted to try to have a calm mr. skin so if you can like one man for two months before you can improve your skin care that will help a lot of tons of moisturization economy agents even feelings if done by the knowledgeable people and those things can really help your skin the pair is a skin that there is going to be your wedding makeup so just in the two weeks before concentrating using the products that you are right now also concentrating using products that are rich in hyaluronic acid or any kind of natural moisturizers okay and drink plenty of water it's tons of vegetables and don't eat things that make for public skin then night before do a nice mask Peter Thomas Roth has wonderful masks muddy but disco has wonderful masks so you just want to do a mask that's moisturizing ok so you want to put tons and tons of moisture on your skin the night before your wedding day I always before you start your makeup remember to give yourself plenty plenty plenty of time ok especially if you do in your own makeup remember to give yourself plenty of time plenty of hours before we start doing your makeup you want to do a shape mask okay I really recommend this brand this is the leaders in solution coconut gel moisturizing recovery mask you want to use a mask that you have just before I would bite you and try this one week before to make sure you don't have any reactions and you want a mask that is recovery that's moisturizing a mask that's going to help you so you just apply the mask stay with that with 30 minutes and just relax and you type of hours before you start your makeup ok and you just do that as a treat to yourself okay and don't drink alcohol before you already need Pleasant but you have a lot drawn as an disc so now let's start doing the makeup I'm going to start by applying it on the toner is very important if you want your makeup to like you need a toner because if donor is going to be balanced so I'm just going to apply just making sure your skin is nice clean and Tony fide before I start to apply the makeup that's okay because you want the pH to test you to be balanced and if I'm not speaking to the grain to you a lot less eye makeup as well okay yes so you look fine on your wedding day are you going to look good in everything else because you are wonderful and very very very beautiful now next I'm going to apply some moisturizer if you find image wise about trying to not apply anything that is true they try to get something that's a mix between a nice shell a little bit creamier just enough to give your skin a very plump effect so I'm just going to apply this moisturizer of your face concentrate on your forehand the forehead is where it shows the most amount of age sides so concentrate always on your forehead your cheeks Jim good now I'm going to apply a I mean I I bring and it's important to apply an eye cream especially on my wedding date because the people don't sleep very well that we talk their way they do so so worried and stuff like that so a night cream eye cream is going to help that area not look so tired and this one is great this one is my Peter Thomas Roth is a firm x360 with new eye cream this eye cream has little particles as you can see it has little specks of gold next I'm going to apply a we're going to be using today a stick and when you do a liquid lipstick you'll need to apply lip balm this one is great this one is called aqua for yesterday right there in this wonderful for your lips so you just pound it up and we just apply on your lips a lot of it so you have nice soft plump lips for your future you may kiss right this moment and we're going to start now with the make I really recommend you using it Brian Matusz primer is great just from the drugstore it's only eight dollars if I'm not wrong this is bonus I'll finish the powerless and you're going to get a flat brush foundation brush such as this and they're going to apply giving little pads on the areas that you really need some poor correction okay so you want to fill your pores in those areas so I'm just going to pad especially here you have some large and large force yes when you better concentrate the primer so the grammar can fill the pores give you a smooth canvas to work with your nose you know before I do perfect so now we are going to apply as it comes add into your into the purse and get gives you a smooth skin I'm going to start with your eyes okay so I want to start at the eyes I'm going to do this I look that I have now I'm going to this I look at this is a very classic look why I wanted to classic especially when you go to your makeup and especially for your wedding day you want to go why because you don't want be able to see your wedding and pictures from 10 years and like all that looks like so look at that car we don't use a colon we don't do that because we wanted to be timeless so we don't want be able to clock the error that you did you don't say so we want timeless beauty even today I'm not gonna do the same divided here this life is was very common the 90s and today is today doing a revival in this kind of death but if I admit to it it's going to clock is going to be like to date a rock so we want timeless feeling this I it's a very neutral I only used for eyeshadow soft pad those colors you can find in drugstore you can find anything of course I'm gonna give you an option but I think it's gonna be great for you but you can find anywhere yes wonderful not easy not to do this one of the first words we do in your school so I'm going to prime your lids with a concealer I'm gonna be used in the makeup revolution supersize consuming define not just good but and I'm going to pretend with a blender okay and we're going I'm not going to set your eyes right because it's going to give you what a better color payoff but if you at home you will grow by yourself if you feel difficulty finding it you want to play it easy I would set up with the finishing powder okay shadows so me take for you this is plug which in this set of palette I think every bride should have this eyeshadow palette a soft soil by anastasia this is a great investment as oh you're gonna go somewhere and you want to look more but together more classy and everything this palette is going to give you so many looks this is just a classic it's going to last you so much but I don't believe that stuff a little bit not we need to go but here it is the colors in the colors I use for this look they are rustic I use were stick as nice transition color Cyprus number that's my dark in color there's a little bit of more just to blend in my eyeliner and I used in pair in my inner corner okay so those over the course you can see it's a bone a orangey Brown a to brown the black you can find that anywhere okay so the brush I use the brush is very important this this brush is a creative brush but it's a small one a lot small affricates I have the size of the health the F plays much you need is please brush and I'm going to start by concentrating the color in your outer called corner and Blondo field okay and I'm going to delete let open this area here underneath my my eyebrow in the inner corner – I'm gonna let it clean okay so I'm going to concentrate in the crease itself and in the outer wings I'm gonna get a little bit of rustic and do that so I'm gonna do a free motion and in those two areas free of any darkness same thing here remember just to make this V in towards a little bit your temples because we wanted to have height like that if you are angle and don't be scared this is a little bit tough depend on your skin tone you can always go to the port orange and use the rest is your darkest color feel very free but if you might go over I mean your records on point to do with this okay so now I'm going to get Cypress umber and I'm going to really darken this so I'm going to start with a little bow like motion just to concentrate the color this is great for hooded eyes when you concentrate the color in this area is going to give you the appearance of very deep deep set eyes that's why such a classic tropical makeup artist now I do this look same thing this side concentrate and circle motion and then go back to the V feel Victor baby be a victory as you drop that bag got that ring there you are you you're a queen I know a lot of people not interesting getting married anymore so it's kind of rare just say someone getting married right so now it's a very nice dark okay now let's start there I'm going to come here with a flat brush and I'm going to cut the crease but it's not really cutting is just applying to this inner corner the tempura okay so I'm just going to apply the damp era to this inner corner until like two thirds what the first one third of the eyelid and then and if you browse to and to make sure that the arch and the light are completely blended I clean the brush a little bit and I'm just going to dab right in this intersection area okay next I'm going to do eyeliner I don't want the aligner to go big I just want to fill in the beginning a little thicker and it's going to paint with your eyelash line okay so I'm just going to slowly great and I'm going to set this eyeliner using a very thin brush and the color noir and I'm just going to set it by the wingtip like into the liner line so I'm just going to tell now in the outer corner I'm just going to put a little bit more black to thicken it out and give you an invisible so you don't know where the eyeliner end in just blend so you want to smoke this eyeliner great yes girl Gorge now in your eye-line in the world wine I want to put some definition this is very important because when they take your pictures we want to look awake and you want your eyes will be well defined to show expression so I'm gonna be using this eyeliner this gel liner and it's Nick Brown called this brown tone you like in your wedding day so I'm just going to apply here and we're going to let it dry before we smoke it out with a little bit of that burnt umber Brown in your eye line alright so now let's go for the curve X in the mascara so now let's do the curve X is to curl your eyelashes it's a very important to curl your lashes on your wedding day because you want your eyes big nice bright in open it does not hurt this one's by Revlon and you can find at any they don't convenient storage drugstore you can find so you're going to look okay we need to let the secret look down and don't be afraid another pinch your eye okay so can you look down for me there we go one two same thing here just like that your eyes have a nice curl your eyelashes have a nice curl and I'm going to do the mascara but don't don't–i mascara evil in the eyes will look nice and okay okay very nice now we are going to do your face makeup have you notice a tight little eyes first and then to the face because if there is any fair amount you can always clean so I would tell you to do your face first always and I'm going to start applying in your foundation try to find a satin finish matte – satin finish nothing to it belong to the lasting foundation you just going to bring to you beautiful pictures for longer okay so we're just going to doubt and I'm going to blend with a brush from the maximum of okay so with circular motions we're going to stipple the foundation take your time to blend it very nice seamlessly so that you look airbrush the circular motion it's very important this is a circle motion that gives that airbrush effect we make sure your brush is clean we do see streaks on your foundation is basically your brush that study so clean your brush and then bring them to your neck if you using your hair up also put a little bit on your ears okay so any part of the participant show try to blend in the foundation and in the areas that you need more coverage just time okay now let's do four consider and the right of liability of concealer so to a triangle and they're going to blame this consumer with a beauty blender so just bounce the pyramid on your skin make sure you don't do like harsh movements like that you don't want to spread you want to concentrate perfect now we need to set the concealer I like I said absolutely minute three after I don't write it once you I need to set it and this is the lorac Pro contour it's also great storage in distress a long time I have this for like five years I'm gonna use a beige with a smaller brush if I want you to look up and I'm just going to roll this into the concealer never swiping rolling just aside okay so you look smelling this of the gods oh and make sure your eye you don't have to use this one I don't know if this one is waterproof this one is not waterproof I usually don't use waterproof mascara but if you do you need a you want to proof mascara brown to put inside of your eye and in waterproof eyeliner okay just remember that's because you don't want to have like stuff all over and if we want to cut false lashes that's even better I think you look so good like you can pat those individual lashes they look so natural they're so easy to cut and they look so natural with kids or they do want group there are they'll sell them on Amazon – they're gonna look wonderful very natural and you can control how you shake your eyes so I would try to practice with those but don't put a hairbrush if you're not used to to have lunch because if I don't look like you will believe me like this because you're not used to the heaviness of the lash okay so now I'm going to do the contour work for pride beautiful and bright like you I would not recommend tons and tons of contouring you don't need you don't need to fake anything their wedding day it's a beautiful moment your future husband loves you just the way you okay so you don't need to make like control the cards like flakiness and blah blah blah people say we don't need that okay a lot a histogram model you don't need to too heavy you just need a little bit I do love this friend but this is called a blending brush by elf this is great for contour you get a light contour and I'm just going to define you're just going to define lightly with a medium shade remove the excess on your rest and you do that and I'm just going to define it slightly find your cheekbones and I'm going to bring it down your neck just to make it to make it pop your face but from your neck okay just to give you a two dimension because we don't want you to look like to make happy we want some do like this okay and I'm going to get a little bit of it in the corner of this brush you can see this processor has a very square brush and it's in this corner here but a little bit almost nothing and I'm just going to coat or your no a little bit with the side of the brush that gives you a very natural contour okay I think that's what you do I'm not going to much contour don't do much water because you don't want to have a muddy face like I sometimes have it you don't need that in your wedding day and now browsing bronzer is a very important on your wedding day because you want to look glowy and bronzed skin looks wonderful against too white so I use this matte bronzer I like met the met your faces the more Mattia faces the best done up in pictures it's gonna look very smooth and flawless so I put not fluffy brush and I'm just going to do a number three in its side just to give you dimension give you mouth in your skin but without my hint too muddy here a little bit under Chilean not much I'd like to put a little bit on your collar points because you show me your collarbones right way to put a little bit just to make them part and that I like to put a little Daniel knows true don't go crazy on me just a little bit there we go darling evil-looking all right gorgeous right so next I'm going to is remote the eyeliner I'm going to smoke using a little bit of elastic in the flat brush why am i smoking because I want your eyes to look define okay but stopped at the same time so I'm just going to smoke slightly and that's enough it's kinda nice and now let's do the eyebrows before we put blush I had to make sure that my bridal brows are very nice soft and define about me harsh again you don't want people to define a look with an error or trend you want timeless so I'm going to put a little bit of brown and I'm just going to define the ball on power of your eyebrow not the top so you don't have to harshness but you have a clear define meant here definition so I'm just going to my little strokes same thing here in not harsh don't be harsh but we keep definition definition of good in pictures and in pictures you get washed out pictures the video camera everything washes you out that so I had to put a little bit more now as I go for my fifth favorite thing life blushed a brightness blush this bush looks good everybody it starts captivating this blush is going to make you look like you just had a full week in a spa because your husband is bull would you like that into the future and I'm going to get a little bit and you're going to smile and I'm just going to flip flip flip flip flip always pop towards God because that's why we want to be just break that put a little bit more it's okay for crying to blush it's okay to apply to look like little reddish because she's shy oh it's hard you know so it's okay to cry to have a little bit more blush in blush shows the youth so it looks beautiful in a brown do that white dress and my youthful rosy and cheeks this blush is just rosy rosy enough to look gorgeous next I'm going to do your highlight I don't want to put much highlight in the bride just a little bit in here just when she turns to the side I don't have a highlight today because I'm kind of over my life but I'm just going to put a little bit of highlight you were crying a little bit then you come with a bigger brush and you just blend it like crazy so it does not look strikey strikey because that looks crazy and next darling we are going to put yellow lipstick now I try to find a lipstick that would be long-lasting and it would be a beautiful natural timeless color that's going to really kill lips so kissable so gorgeous so feminine that your husband ever your future husband's going to be enchanted do it so I thought this one is a horrible altered certainly I like this certain because it has a little bit more moisture then makes a little true harsh and this in the color November and I'm going to am going to a matte lip because they need to have to worry about your hair your dress or your significant other getting him over his face so this is a beautiful rosy gonna discordance beautiful most people but I would write into with this I didn't do you can do any color look in the red beautiful red info Enterprise look great you can do my orangie you can do a pink didn't do a nude now it's up to you I'm trying to do the more classic okay now let's make sure lips together I don't like to over line the lip a bright lip I think to a bride it's natural it's a natural the more natural the more you can see yourself and the makeup is just to enhance the natural beauty that you would have and it's not too masculine a way shape or form and to finish I always tell my beloved rights to finish it with a nice long lasting extra hold makeup fixing spray because you need this to hold all that what forgotten most something I like to set all your makeup first using this it cosmetics illuminating just to make everything glow make sure you moving in gorgeous and then I set with a spray just let it dry when you spray it face never do a harsh expression because it made mark some fine lines so just trying to do a statue look very same so it does not mark anything on your face okay so thank you so much sweetie you look so gorgeous but you always look gorgeous the secret of the whole makeup on your the ladies to practice practice a lot in your house with time and then when your practice that fester is going to go you're going to know how to fix little mistakes and don't worry about it your makeup without the most important thing you are the most important thing and you look gorgeous inside and out so may God bless you continually and I'm so happy to be your friend and I'm so happy you asked me for my tips and may God bless you bye-bye see you in your wedding day right you

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