what about next wedding we go as best men in bridesmaid – what would got this baby gonna be Schmeling oh that's to get real rowdy up and we'll find a couple to marry our doesn't want to live in America there's so many couples I think even an invader war fits me in math they're in it dare to the end Thomas will you be just as bright maybe so quite a good people obviously no but if there's any place on this money oh sorry what were you saying sellers it always happen I'm still very appreciated I might say this is good well Thursday is another kotas gonna walk up just it rubbed me great Oh if there's any place on earth where this would work its biggest like you know others didn't or India so I think if you go to the chaplain find somebody that's already like planning on getting married just say hold off for a second we're like put something amazing Tory together okay I think we can find someone that we can just like convince convince I need to get marry a premier right now I love the buzz what are we doing today getting a couple of everything so we're going to go find a couple for this way and it seemed that they take very seriously here like we thought wedding love they use a condom joke but people take it very seriously as you can see from the reviews on Google pressured very very okay politely be like we can create the best wedding excuse ever we're at the first Chapel and I'm starting to figure out that this will be a lot harder than we thought and it's seriously like convincing a couple that's like very intimate and just getting married to hang out with eight random dudes yeah like how do you convince them that you're normal it would be easier if we find a couple that's like younger just like partying and yeah and maybe let's find that open all right keep walking down I guess hopefully the more we walk down others go otherwise we're going to have to go convince the couple to get married just straight up yeah we want to get married hey Jake how are you today we're working on a project where you're climbing a couple and what we're looking for is a limo put them there any way we can do it like a stretch limo for 30 minutes no worries read it out okay I will I'll take that now okay go ahead corners are out on Monday she's looking into it she's very interested are these the couple is getting very little up they'd be the best friend's a Hedley or bridesmaids oh that's maple pudding screams it great so mrs. Rene giblets normally we don't allow like outside viewing okay yeah but again up to the couple booked so on their phone numbers right here in Laguna : we got the contact for a couple that is getting most of it and contact them to see if there she's there down okay good all right you're going to move on on to the Magnum yeah on the example today's adventure is I'm a sophomore getting a that so most badass might have some books get a limo for there tonight percentage would be Delta that I'm gift card write down your name little Whitechapel optimist popular chapel in Las Vegas and we are attempting to get to strangers that we don't know married and be in discernment math and I are best man Thomas and Aaron our bridesmaid too will soon enough food rested on well the reason we're doing it is because a lot of these couples just come by themselves they can't afford to have their families come out here so we want to show up and be the family for them good vibes that they remember the state forever these things we just have no idea what couple pics book you guys getting married Manjit they just got married maria maria' by risking their necks put on addresses and people will know good people will laugh so hard to get to your destination for sure what we're supposed to do people know they're scared but let me just tell you one upstairs groupie Concha – look up there we've gone to come to know that they're amazing there was to find a couple avoid either getting married renewing their vows and be a part of this family and say I'd like to take you out tonight do something fun – party bus Linda previous or we go to dinner at 5:30 and then that you're still seven probably and then to go to a show why don't we give you the right to the show yeah we have two dresses for this guy [Applause] [Applause] listen Colonel suit pants with it so good [Applause] love a cater to like out all good to me [Applause] right awoken on me up ah I hope Oh no idea if this would work and good intentions there was so happy that we went into so just you guys [Applause]

Michael Martin

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  1. 5:12
    Ammar"Did you guys just get married?"
    Ammar"AWWWW SHUCKS MAN!"😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in this very chapel this year!!!
    Coincidence? No, Joe-incidence.

  3. You once in my country (Pakistan) me and my friends went into a random wedding just for fun and turns out my teacher was the brides father so we got to stay

  4. Amazing….. What he said was right, you can do this in India without any worries, I have crashed into like 3-4 weddings and it's literally do easy…… And again you guys are just the best…. Really love you guys.

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